Is Pope Francis an Evangelical Catholic?

Here is my latest article for Aleteia in which I suggest that Pope Francis is the model for Evangelical Catholicism. Last week news broke of his unprecedented informal video message to a group of American Evangelical Pentecostal leaders:

In his message, Pope Francis greeted the American Evangelicals warmly, recognizing a shared love for Jesus Christ and the need to share the good news with the world. In doing so, he reaffirmed his own credentials as an Evangelical Catholic. George Weigel’s book, Evangelical Catholicism, offers a good definition and description of this manner of living the faith. Put simply, Evangelical Catholicism brings together the riches of two thousand years of Catholic religion with the basic missionary zeal, simple Gospel message and active social ministry of the Evangelicals.

Evangelical Catholicism is “more Christianity,” not just “mere Christianity.” It brings together the beauties of traditional Catholic worship with a historic understanding of the faith. It is rooted in authentic Biblical scholarship, enlivened by a relevant social message and active ministry in the community.

The New Evangelization is dependent on the whole church catching the Evangelical Catholic spirit–one that is faithful to the church’s teachings, active in dynamic catechesis and apologetics, fervent in social ministry while worshipping the Lord in the beauty of holiness.

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