Belle Knox — Why Not?

Porn star Belle Knox has revealed herself to be a freshman student at prestigious Duke University Law School. She went on the Piers Morgan show to reveal her name and defend her decision to pay for her law school tuition by acting on porn movies. She might be a student in North Carolina. A Southern Belle she’s not.

Normally I wouldn’t comment on such trash, but what struck me about the interview was how this pretty, bright and articulate girl (who is majoring in women’s studies) defended her decision. She pointed out that she had chosen to do this, she was not being exploited, that everybody she had met in the porn industry were nice, polite and professional people, and furthermore, she hoped to open a charity in the future to help abused sex workers.

The morality (or lack of it) in her arguments show just how depraved and sadly idiotic our world has become. Her moral judgements are made according to the fact that the people she meets seem nice enough. They’re polite and professional. Her choice must be okay because she’s going to be a lawyer one day and start a charity to help people. What she does with her body must be beyond all judgement. It’s her body after all, and she’ll do what she wants.

What got me thinking most of all was that Piers Morgan and the rest of the worldlings in the secular media can’t really have any argument against her. For that matter, the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t have any argument against her. Those who have no Christian faith or morals accept that sexual promiscuity is totally okay, so there is no argument there. The college freshman who considers sex to be like tennis (pretty much fun as  long as you have a good partner) has no problem sleeping with as many men as she wants, and she’s only living out the standard that her peers take as normal. For that matter, from what I can make out in talking with college aged kids and their parents, most American parents don’t have a problem with their kids enjoying recreational sex.

So if this girl decides to get paid for her hobby why should anyone have a problem? Why is her decision any different than a person who writes as a past time trying to get paid for a short story? Why is it any different than an amateur basketball player getting an offer to go professional?

Still, many people will be “offended” but are they really? No. It’s just the “yuck” factor. They think porn actors and actresses are all trashy people from the wrong side of LA. So it’s only a matter of taste? When a nice, middle class, smart college girl turns to porn they’re not sure how to react because they thought it was only those yucky people who did that sort of thing.

So as long as the girl is sleeping around everybody’s good with that. Sleeping around with a camera man present and the porn exec counting out some loot…that’s not so nice for some reason.

Belle goes on to point out the hypocrisy of most people who are objecting. Loads of other “nice” people spend hours watching porn, so why should they have an objection to her making porn and getting paid for it?

Of course I am not defending her position, just admitting the logic of it all. If you don’t have a Christian set of beliefs and morals, if you don’t have any real belief in the sanctity of life, the value of marriage and human sexuality; if you don’t believe in the laws of God, a heaven to win and a hell to pay,  then why not pursue the lust of the flesh wantonly, and if you’re doing that why not get paid for it?

That our country and our young people have come to this, is one thing, but that there is no real objection to it is even worse. Piers Morgan and the rest of the progressive non believers can have nothing to say to Belle Knox except to raise their tasteful eyebrows in surprise and chutter some sort of incomprehensible and unintelligible objection, for in the end they can have no objection at all.

In our depraved society sex has been a free for all for some time now. So why not make it pay?

The reason why not is completely tied to what sex is for, what marriage is, and what a human being is. G.K.Chesterton said every argument is a theological argument. The reason why Miriam Weeks (for that is Belle Knox’s real name) should not be a porn star and not sleep around is because she is a child of God and not an animal. Her reproductive system was designed to give life, not just give pleasure. Her choice to live only for pleasure and not for life means she is denying life and if you deny life you choose it’s opposite.

So Belle Knox–why not? Because it’s a matter of life and death–and not only for this poor girl, but for all who profit from her and gain empty pleasure from her.