Muslims and Catholics: What I Did Not Say…

My post asking whether Muslims and Catholics worship the same God was probably the most mis-understood post I have ever written. I’ve had a good number of comments from people who understood and appreciated it, and a good number of comments from people who did not seem to understand what I was saying at all.

What I said:  Christians and Muslims worship the same God because there is only one God. However, the Islamic understanding of the one God is defective.

What I did not say:

  1. Christians and Muslims believe the same things about God.
  2. Christianity and Islam are much the same
  3. Because Christianity and Islam are the same it doesn’t matter which one you choose
  4. Islam is an admirable religion
  5. I like everything about Islam
  6. The Koran is equal to the Bible
  7. Sharia law is okay by me
  8. Muslims and Christians agree on just about everything
  9. I am in favor of a one world religion called “Chrislam” and Pope Francis is it’s prophet
  10. Muslims are all people of peace and our brothers in the faith
  11. We are all climbing the same mountain we are simply going up different paths
  12. All you need is love….Love is all you need
  13. Imagine no religion
  14. All we are sayin’ is “Give Peace a Chance.”