Therese Koturbash — A Rejoinder

Therese Koturbash

To the readers of this blog: below please find a comment from Therese Koturbash of

To be perfectly honest, after listening, watching and praying about the question of women’s ordination for about ten years in the Church of England I do not have much appetite to continue the discussion in the Catholic Church.

Therefore, using the facility of the combox, referring to papal teaching, Scripture and church teaching and making sure to retain a courteous and charitable tone, I invite readers to answer Ms Koturbash’ comment and pose questions in reply.


Dr. Fr. Longenecker,

Archbishop Welby speaks with wisdom.

There is nothing in scripture, Catholic Tradition or theology that supports the exclusion of women from sacramental priesthood in the Catholic Church. Many conclude that this is why the Vatican has forbiden conversation about the subject. Though many think of the Catholic Church as ‘never changing’ or ‘always the same’ (semper idem) in fact this is not true. One only has to turn to its history on slavery for example to see this borne out in fact. Truth cannot be suppressed by prohibitions on discussion. The arc of history bends toward justice. Much to the dismay of those who would rather not see it, women will be ordained in the Roman Catholic Church.

Truth in the end belongs to God and not to the men who happen to be running the heirarchy at the moment.

with my eyes fixed on Christ,

Therese Koturbash
International Ambassador,
Communications Coordinator, Women’s Ordination Worldwide (

UPDATE: For all readers who are interested in this conversation, I encourage you to take the time to read the relevant Vatican documents. The first is Pope John Paul II’s statement in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis.  The second is a clarification issued by Cardinal Ratzinger in 1996. The third is a letter clarifying the issue further. They can be found together here: Please read these documents as they take us to the crux of the matter and help us to avoid mere opinions.