Pope Francis the Devil and the End Times

Russell Shaw writes here at OSV online about Pope Francis’ clear teaching about Satan, the anti-Christ and the End Times. It’s a good article because it shows how Francis steers through the maze of private revelations, hysteria about “false prophets” and the anti Christ and manages to encourage the faithful while also encourages us to be on guard and to fight the good fight.

To most of the world, Pope Francis is the pope of the poor, foe of unrestrained free-market capitalism, reformer engaged in shaking up the Roman Curia, ecclesiological innovator committed to consultation, collegiality and decentralization in the governance of the Church.

Francis is all that, but he’s also more — something his image as a social activist and agent of structural change might not lead you to expect.

In short, this pope is a believer in the end times who’s convinced they aren’t merely coming but are, in a sense, already being played out before our eyes. This, likewise, is someone who believes the devil is real and perceives a demonic hand at work in current events.

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