Can You Get Catholicism Gradually?

treeHere is an article for the editorial stream at Patheos which explores the problem of different religions–all of which make truth claims.

Should we merely be tolerant of all religions? Should we seek to amalgamate them all?

The Catholic solution is unique:

If the modern multicultural world is to be understood, then the world’s religions must be understood, and the only way forward for those who are enlightened, and who are seeking the way of peace, is to reject religious exclusivism wherever it appears and also reject the spineless way of tolerance or syncretism, and to embrace gradualism—an approach to interfaith dialogue that respects and admires all religions while calling all to come “further up and further in” to the fullness of God’s truth as revealed in Jesus Christ. Catholics should offer this invitation with joy and zeal—never seeking to convert by use of physical, psychological, intellectual, or emotional force, but always seeking to live out that fullness of truth so that others might see in them Jesus Christ, the fullness of truth alive in the world today.

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