British Girls Raped By Muslim Gangs

Rotherham, England

Rotherham, England

Rebecca Hamilton writes powerfully here about the Islamic sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England.

This is NOT about racism, Islamophobia or any other politically correct battle.

This is about the rape, torture and abuse of young women by Muslim men.

The politically correct crowd can yak about “racism” and “Islamaphobia” all they want. What we are dealing with is violent and vile misogyny of almost mind-boggling proportions. And it’s not just the rapists who are misogynists. Whole countries — entire nations — are willing to sacrifice their girls to the dragon of politically-correct lies.

Furthermore, Rebecca chronicles the catalogue of such cases not only in other English cities, but around the world.

I’ve been reading for months about ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, kidnapping Christian girls, and raping them and selling them into sex trafficking. Boko Haram kidnapped almost 300 school girls for the express purpose of selling them into sex slavery.

In other news, we have the Sidney gang rapes of Australian girls by Australian nationals of Lebanese Muslim descent, and the gang rapes in Holland by men of Turkish and Moroccan descent.

Does anybody see a pattern here?

Last week I observed in this post a disturbing thought:

The fact that this sex abuse ring was perpetrated by Asian (Pakistani) men forces one to ask whether the crimes are somehow linked to their culture and religion. The police and social services were useless precisely because they thought the behaviors were linked with the Pakistani culture and religion, and why did so many in the Asian community turn a blind eye to what was going on?

I suspect it is because the abuse of women is not only part of Asian culture, but part of the Islamic religion/culture.

The post goes on to explain the Islamic attitude to women. When you read it you can understand that kidnapping, torture, rape and slavery of women is a part of some Islamic-based cultures. It also explains why it was British girls and not Muslim girls who were abused. That’s because they were infidels and it is okay to do what you want to unbelievers if you’re Muslim.

Rebecca lets rip further:

Spineless and misogynist British cops who allow savage violence against young girls, and the gangs of Pakistani rapists/pimps in Rotherham who are supported and enabled by politically correct bullies, are certainly bad enough. But they’re just the little finger on the left hand of the whole truth.

We also have a pattern of one particular group of people — of whom the Rotherham rapists are a part — engaging in terror tactics against helpless civilians in a number of places around the world. Not only do they kidnap/rape/enslave and sell young girls, they burn, behead and annihilate whole populations.

Finally, I wonder why the secular media are so mute about the problem. Why the silence, where is the outrage?

Why is it Catholic women who are the ones who are standing up for the rights of these poor women around the world?

Could it be linked with the abuse of women in our own culture?

Pornography, promiscuity, date rape, divorce, free sex, contraception and abortion all treat women like dirt.

Maybe the secular sexular humanists are silent in the face of the horrible abuse of British girls not only because they’re scared to death of being racist….

…but because they don’t really care much about women in their own societies.

the above practices make that plain.