Scientific Evidence for God?


In an article published last Christmas Eric Metaxas points out how our increasing scientific knowledge points increasingly to the existence of God. The existence of the God of the Bible isn’t revealed by scientific lab tests. Instead, Metals points out how we are gaining more and more information about the uniqueness of life on earth, [Read More...]

The Terminator – Will the Machines Take Over?

Rise of the Machines?

Just last night I was talking with the sixteen year old about the sci-fi possibility that the machines will take over. Will computers take over? Will the Terminator scenario–the rise of the machines really happen? In this article from the Daily Telegraph Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak suggests just that: “Computers are going to take over from [Read More...]

Celebrate Divine Mercy Weekend With Johnette Benkovic

Johnette Benkovic is coming to Greenville, SC to Our Lady of the Rosary parish for a Divine Mercy Weekend. Join me and Johnette and EWTN Radio  host Steve Wood on Saturday April 11 and Sunday afternoon April 12 for a conference on Divine Mercy and the Family. Go here to our new website for all [Read More...]

Why Is Something Sinful?


It’s Lent. It’s a penitential season. So off we go to confession to confess our sins. But why is something sinful anyway? Most of us believe things are sinful because someone has told us they are sinful. “Don’t sleep with a girl before marriage.” “Why  not?” “Because it’s sinful.” “Why is it sinful?” “Because the [Read More...]

Who Am I to Judge?


“Who Am I to Judge?” will probably go down in history as Pope Francis’ most quotable quote. The context of his quip is well known. On the plane back from World Youth Day in Brazil he was asked about the so called “gay lobby” in the church. He replied, “When I meet a gay person, [Read More...]

Martin O’Malley: When Catholic Politicians Get Creepy

Martin O'Malley

Martin O’Malley is the latest Catholic politician to come out as a duplicitous “Catholic.” Deacon Kandra posts an excerpt here from an interview in which O’Malley displays some amazingly twisted thinking to support homosexual marriage–even though he’s a Catholic. As far as I can make out his belief goes like this: “the child of a homosexual [Read More...]