The Angels of Advent


I’m of the opinion that angelic encounters are far more frequent than many people think. It’s just that who talks about it? Who was aware that what happened was an angelic interruption? Maybe that meaningful dream you had, that close call you had in the car, that accident that didn’t happen, that chance meeting that [Read More...]

Here’s Why You Hate Round Churches


Have you noticed that nobody loves modern churches? Nobody. I mean NOBODY. Seriously. Have you ever met anyone who sees a church like this and and heard them whisper, “I just love that church! It is so inspiring!”. No. Never. Have you ever gone into a “worship space” like this and heard someone say how [Read More...]

Catholic Churches Bouncing Back from Wreckovation


I have written several posts this week about the brutal iconoclasm that took place in American Catholic churches over the last fifty years. I was therefore delighted this afternoon to be taken on a tour of some central Missouri country churches where pastors and people are restoring beauty and dignity to their old churches. The [Read More...]

Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell?….So What.

Memento Mori

Deacon is busy publishing parish letters on the Four Last Things for the Sundays of Advent. Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. But it seems to me that the response of most people in our society and our church is a careless shrug of “So what.” Not long ago I was looking at a picture of [Read More...]

Two Arms of the Church: East and West


This week’s article at Aleteia comments on the Pope’s recent visit to Turkey and quotes Patheos blogger Billy Kangas on what the East can learn from the West and vice versa. Both Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew would agree that the Christian faith is more than simply helping the poor and working to end war [Read More...]

Atheists Promote Belief in Santa?


Last year there was some wisecracking atheist Christmas billboard which also featured Santa. This year’s edition is now out. It is pictured here, and features a kid writing to Santa saying that he doesn’t want to go to church because he’s too old for fairy tales. This is a hoot. The kid’s too old for [Read More...]