Ancestor Remembrance Project, Part 3


Blessings of Samhain!  I have so enjoyed doing this project with Ambaa and getting to know more about her spirituality and cultural traditions. This week, we decided to answer questions related to death and dying and ancestor remembrance. We both contributed to the questions. 1) What are some of the rituals by which your religion honors ancestors?Ambaa: There are last rites and purification rituals when someone dies, but I'm more interested in the rituals that some do for long dead … [Read more...]

Ancestor Remembrance Project, Part 2

Maleficent costume

   Here is our second round of questions! I am enjoying getting to know Ambaa, my partner for the Ancestor Remembrance Project this month; her Patheos blog is The White Hindu. Part One of our exchange is here.   I wrote this week's questions! 1) Did you celebrate Hallowe'en growing up? In school, at home, or both? Ambaa: Yes. I enjoyed Halloween a lot as a kid. I remember going to a school party when I was in first grade and I won a skull flashlight. Winning something was so exc … [Read more...]

Ancestor Remembrance Project, Part 1


My partner for the Ancestor Remembrance Project this month is Ambaa, whose Patheos blog is The White Hindu; welcome Ambaa! We decided to take turns coming up with questions around a theme, and post our answers together. The idea is to compare different spiritual and family traditions related to our ancestry. Ambaa created this week's questions. Next week, the questions will be themed around Hallowe'en, and death/dying. Check out Ambaa's post on her blog she will have more photos!Ambaa’s I … [Read more...]

AHS FREAKSHOW Podcast discussion: TONIGHT!


We've been having difficulty getting Google Hang Out to host our video chat (the new phone-based app's upgrades are affecting connectivity in a very bad way); so, for the time being, we'll be doing our chats on the radio! BlogTalkRadio, that is. Tune in tonight at 11 pm EST to hear me and Lilith Dorsey discuss the first episode of this new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW on BlogTalkRadio. (ETA: Here is the link to our chat; the first one had to get deleted so this is brief (15 … [Read more...]

The Media Witch is Back! And so is AMERICAN HORROR STORY…


Didja miss me?I have been on a lengthy hiatus due to an extremely busy autumn...but, I am back just in time, as the witchiest month of all begins to heat up...(insert gratuitous cackle here)Hot on the heels of that amazing lunar eclipse, we had the premiere of a cray-ray new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY, this one about a creepy carnival, naturally enough, called FREAKSHOW. The amazing cast is back and from the looks of things, ready to rock...check out the inimitable Jessica … [Read more...]

New Arthurian film series: Guy Ritchie, SOA’s Charlie Hunnam…yes, please


Some exciting news this week! announces a new film series about the Arthurian saga helmed by director Guy Ritchie (best known for his debut film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its companion piece which is very smiler, Snatch, as well as the steampunky Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey, Jr and Jude Law--also was Madonna's husband for a few years). The King Arthur series is rumored to be in the works as a SIX-PART series; whoa! (Here is a thought, Guy; why not do it as a TV … [Read more...]

A Fitting Memorial for Margot Adler… a Bench in Her Beloved Central Park

Photo of Margot Adler in Central Park, NYC (photo from NPR)

Just saw this on Facebook, via Margot Adler's page. One of Margot's friends from NPR is spearheading an idea to get a bench installed in her name in Central Park, near where she lived. For those who don't know, Margot walked in Central Park as often as she could and was an avid birder (she even reported on birding for National Public Radio).The message was as follows: "From: Ken Barcus, NPR. Many of you have asked about ways to honor Margot’s memory. After discussions with a few of her clos … [Read more...]

Shocking and Sad: Rest in Peace, Margot Adler

This recent photo of Margot is from The Wild Hunt blog.

I have just learned of the passing of NPR journalist, author of the important book Drawing Down the Moon and practicing pagan Margot Adler. Margot was a friend to me and to many. Her intelligence, warmth, humor and passionate curiosity were shared with any and all who knew her personally or who enjoyed her writings or reports on NPR.Her son Alex posted this today on her Facebook page:"Old friends, long time fans, today at 4am Margot breathed easily for the first time in two weeks. Later … [Read more...]

Has Pagan Environmentalism Failed? Yes, Yes, A Resounding Yes.


I mean, DUH.The modern pagan revival, birthed in England in the early 1950s and making its way Stateside by the mid-1960s (more or less), occurred at a time of social upheaval and turbulence unequaled in the 20th century. Despite neo-paganism's emergence in England within a fairly conservative sociopolitical population, its equivalent in the United States was seen as an outgrowth of increasingly liberal social mores: the Civil Rights movement, the women's liberation movement, the sexual … [Read more...]