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Editor's Choice

Under the Ancient Oaks

Beltane: An Inclusive Ritual That Works

Denton CUUPS Beltane was traditional and current, inclusive and polytheist. That’s not always easy, but it can be done.

Dirt Heart Witch

An Inclusive ‘Great Rite’ Blessing

Bless the knife and cup and cup and cup and knife and knife and every combination thereof! "We bless in our souls the sweet reflection of our Gods’ wild Beauty, Power, and Love..."

A Witch's Ashram

May the First

The first of May is full to bursting with reasons to celebrate!

A Word to the Witch

Beltane Dreams Against the Kyriarchy

I haven’t written much lately.  Part of it is end-of-semester hullabaloo and work load, and part of it is that there are things going on in the world that I wanted to say something about, but my own head was full of my own personal work (outer and inner) and I just couldn’t come up [Read More...]

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