Occupy Lovitz

Occupy Lovitz May 24, 2012

I frequently get comments below my blog posts which go something like this:

Why do we care what you think?  Aren’t you just some girl in Alaska?

(Okay, so usually there’s more profanity in the comments I receive!)

In other words, people question my ability to have a political opinion simply because I’m not some pundit living in Washington, DC.  And they’re right – I am just a girl. I don’t eat, breathe, and live politics like some.  I’m actually glad my life doesn’t revolve around political debates and the latest on CSPAN.

However, I am seeing a trend.  I’m beginning to see normal, every day people speaking out against what’s happening in Washington.  You know, people who aren’t supposed to have opinions.  People like me.  People like Jon Lovitz. Have you heard this famous Saturday Night Live alum talk about the President?  It’s a powerful statement against President Obama, and this is coming from a man who actually voted for Obama in 2008.

(Warning: Language!  He uses more F words than you might hear in a year, but it’s nothing new for those of you who have been reading my comment threads lately!)


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