Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight July 23, 2012

As I’ve said before, I sometimes struggle to raise Tripp.  However, he does NOT use slurs.  On the most recent episode of Life’s a Tripp, the Huffington Post is reporting that my son said the word “f-gg-t.”

This is not true.

Let me be clear.  I’m not proud of what he did say.  Sadly, he used a different “f word.”

Lifetime filmed over 12 months (on and off) and they caught a moment on film that would cause any parent to be red in the face.  Tripp is always surrounded by adults – around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies.  He’s apparently picked up some language that I’d prefer he not use. On national television or at home.

I do oppose gay marriage, as I’ve written about before (and the HuffPo points out).  I guess the temptation to label my three year old son is just too great for the lefty papers to resist.  However, one of my new Twitter followers made an excellent point.

He tweeted that the left tries to hold my three year old son more accountable than their adult spokespeople.

In the meantime, my #IBuiltThis video is going viral — with its message of real hope and classic American self-reliance.  If you care more about the fate of our nation and culture than the verbal slips of a three-year-old, please watch.

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  • I wouldn’t let them get to you. Kids say things they hear. Thats how they learn.

    Although, I do support Gay marriage but it doesn’t change my feelings on the Palin family.

    • jgbr

      “Kids say things they hear.” That’s exactly the problem.

  • Jenni

    Bristol I applaud you for stepping up and letting the public into yours and Tripp’s life. I love your new show! You can tell it is really truthful. I am also a single mom and have a 5 year old son. My son’s father lives less than an hour from us and yet has chosen to NEVER lay eyes on his son. It is difficult to raise him on my own but I am very careful who I let him around. We attend church 3+ times a week and I am VERY strict on what I let him watch. Please know that he is the future of this nation and we must install values into them. You must start young when disciplining them because once they are at a certain age it only gets harder. Use time out, spanking or what ever works for him but do it NOW before it’s too late!

  • ally pliska

    It’s so sad that you have to defend yourself for a word Tripp Said! In today’s society no matter how hard you try children are going to pick up language that they shouldn’t. There is no way to avoid it, just to improve their actions and tell them why it is wrong. Bristol you are an awesome mom and a great person! Keep up the amazing job that you are doing!

  • irwin

    I watched that latest episode yesterday, and I think I was more dissapointed with the fact that you (or what was taped) let him get away with saying such a thing by laughing it off. Obviously he needed soap in the mouth or timeout or spanking…something. You should probably talk to those adults that you surround your son with to not say such foul words. Sure slip ups happen, but it obviously seems like ‘f-word’ is used pretty frequent around him for him to clearly say it the way he did.

  • Amanda

    This is perfect!

    And Bristol, you are no different from every other parent. We’re all fighting a battle with these unavoidable things. What people don’t seem to understand is, they act hypocritically when THEY THEMSELVES stoop so low as to call people whom disagrees with them hateful words. These are the people who are teaching their children to automatically dislike certain people just because of politics. How wrong is that? A balanced parent teaches their child to accept people as people and not to judge others even AFTER they meet them.

    The liberal media just doesn’t get it. They can’t blast you for 1 slipup and keep Bill Maher on the air.

    • crash43

      Bill doesn’t have 3 yrs old on his show using F- words. It’s called parenting leave it out of the show.

  • At age three, my cousin once piped up during a car ride, “Look at those “g–d— cows!” The female relatives in the car were shocked. My grandpa — from whom she presumably picked up the word — thought it was the funniest thing ever.

    Kids are tough. 🙂 Hang in there, Bristol.

    • Lisa G

      hahahahahahah This made my day. When a kid says something new for the first time, of course it’s funny. It shows they’re not vegetables and that they can understand the world around them (we just have to teach them what’s inappropriate and ok) I have no doubt Bristol does this. Most of her show is a postive experience. I’m glad she kept the negative in because it shows what’s real about life, that no one’s perfect.

      The funny thing, no can can actually justify calling Bristol a bad person because no one is perfect.

    • Fallon

      My hubby very rarely swears but one day he dropped a hammer on his foot and our 3 year old daughter heard it. She walked around the house dropping stuff and saying “Dit!” over and over again. It took a lot not to laugh at her and she eventually stopped saying it. Hang in there, Bristol. You are a survivor, a strong person in your own right and a great mom.

    • sodakhic

      that’s funny, Gina.

  • Amanda

    To continue, it’s plain as day from the majority of your episodes that Tripp is a lively, loved little boy. You two are precious together. What a brave lil man! It made me smile big to see him give a huge grin to your mama in an earlier episode. They’re adorable together. And to see Tripp run to your dad when he enters a room… Only a mentally imbalanced person ignores all the positive moments to distort the few negative ones. I’m going to go out on a limb and say these people either aren’t parents or are incredibly unhappy people.

  • Paula

    Bristol, just think if Sarah was VP. The world would look at you & your life & say,” WHAT THE F@@@?” PS: It is not the “F” word you think.

  • Tabathia Gates

    I would not let it bother me, everyone knows that every 3 year old says at least one dirty word , even if he had of said the word they are referring to , don’t mean he got it from his mom. Kids pick up words from a tv in a store or from the group of kids setting behind you in a restaurant. He definitely does not know what it means. He is a normal 3 year old. You are a wonderful mom doing a wonderful job raising your son.

  • BlueVA

    I’ll agree — it’s quite possible that Tripp used some other word (Hey, who knows what he’s hearing around the upstanding folks in Palinland). But what strikes me is the way Bristol giggles and holds her head in her hand when she says to Tripp, “God’s watching you!” Even she realizes how stupid it is to threaten a 3-year-old that way.

    • Lisa G

      I think she was laughing at his cuteness after the fact. Tripp obviously knows he’s not supposed to say it because his “anger” subsided and he smiled. Toddlers do that. Being taken aback at the word coming from such a cute face would illicit that response from certain people. When my oldest was about 4, he screamed at the television, “Fucking Christ Mets! Cmon!!!!!!!!”

      The entire room erupted into laughter for about 5 minutes. Go to youtube. Type in toddler cussing. Look at how many viewers have watched those types of things.

      Even political bias is not a reason to attack one person for something everyone experiences.

  • Ava

    man, I just feel so utterly sorry for this little boy. on a positive note, I guess this show may teach a few how NOT to raise their child. don’t folks up there know not to use such language in front of children?? very sad indeed.

    • Truth

      Oh please, you sound silly.

  • WTF

    As usual Palins cry wolf!!!

    Faggot of Fuck, a child should be uttering these words.
    Not once but twice he said the F word, and what did Bristol aka Mom do GIGGLES!!!!!!


    Your family should get off doing reality TVs , go to school, get a real job and take care of ur child and discipline him.

  • hesnotmypresident

    Bristol, these people need someone to bash, and a three year old who can’t defend himself is the perfect target. What a buncha losers. They would really have been upset when my son told a Dem trying to pander for votes around here to “Make sure mommy votes for him.” and my son said “No cause Dem suck” due to my husband and I now wouldn’t they? lmao

    • Cookie

      Are you not a USA citizen? Papers, please!

      • crash43

        This is how Rill Amerika raised their kids. People are commenting on Bristol’s poor parenting and how she handled it on her show..SHE DIDN”T.

  • Jinky

    Family values!!

    You can’t keep blaming others for your lack of discipline….he will be grown soon and then what will be your excuse? I’m sure you have a million of them….woman up and start taking responsibility. What about the times he is hitting Willow on multiple episodes….where is he seeing that play out?

  • Jellybean

    The word was faggot. Fuck is not a six letter word ending with an ot sound. You lie bristol.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Agreed Jellybean. And its well documented that Willow uses this word which is probably why she found it so funny when he said it. Maybe the Palin’s should spend more time actually reading the bible rather than hitting everyone over the head with it.

    • Truth

      The word was fucker you complete hateful dumbass.

      • Jellybean

        The word was faggot. Watch the clip, no way was it fucker. The word ended with an it sound. Not a er or ck sound. Lifetime can lie to cover her ass all they want. The kid said faggot. Now take it like a man truthy. You don’t have to defend your true love all the time.

    • Firelight

      Life’s a Tripp showrunner Matt Lutz wrote in at Mediate to say that Tripp’s bleeped expletive was “f*K” and not “faggot.” Lutz says that he was in the room at the time, and that he has reviewed the raw footage several times.

      If you bothered to look at the subtitles you will see that they only used four letters. They used F*** in the sentence. They did not use 6 letters or 6 characters in replace of letters. You need to do your homework if you want any credibility. The network has verified what Tripp said, Bristol has verified what Tripp said, at this point you are now slandering a 3 year old. Are you proud?

      • crash43

        Did Sarah make a phone “say it’s the F-bomb and not faggot’…what the heck difference does it make which F-word was used..3 yr olds don’t say it unless they heard it more than once…Bristol needs to watch what she and her friends say around little kids who are repeaters. They must have thought it was funny cause they left it in the show..figures!!!

      • Maleena

        Firelight, thank you for trying to explain that to some people. However, even in the face of truth, they hate the Palin’s so badly they cannot see the truth!

      • Jellybean

        He’s lying to cover her ass.

  • Sue

    It must be nice to have these comments filtered. That way you can post the ones that you like. I know this is true as I have written negative comments & they did not get through. I turned around within 30 minutes & told you how wonderful you are & how I admire you, & they get posted in real time.

  • Michelle


    • Jellybean

      No can do michelle. I will call out this whiny, crybaby, self rightous, bigoted, crazy, lying, hollier than thou family whenever I want. If they want to expose themselves on reality shows, that’s their choice. If they think that they’re only be showered with praise from brain dead, rabid palin fans, they’re nuts.

      • liberty


        • crash43

          Wow, how Christian of you. Typical Palinbot, always calling people who comment names.

        • Jellybean

          Thanks liberty, I was feeling rather ignored by you. It’s an honor to have this great palinbot use her one-line comeback on me. And in caps too! That’s extra special.

      • crash43

        That’s right, they put themselves out there, if they can take the heat stay HOME. The Palin’s could strangle a kitten on tv and you would all make excuses for it.

      • sodakhic

        Hey Jelly let’s hear you defend Obamas high school drug days.

      • Michelle

        Then do it on your own page. You make yourself look disgusting & stupid.. If you TRULY knew Bristol then you wouldnt think these things.. I live in Wasilla & personally know the Palins.. They are good, honest, true people.. You need to get your facts and stories straight.. Just by commenting on this shows how immature & stupid you truly are.. If you truly feel this way about Bristol, I feel bad for you.

        Grow up.. BACK offf. LEAVE THIS PAGE ALONE YOU STUPID STALKER.. Dont watch her show..

  • Rob

    I thought it was funny. It’s VERY hard not to laugh. You just have to teach him that it is not acceptable. I love The show and EVERYTHING Palin.

  • greenbean

    “Tripp is always surrounded by adults – around the campfires with cousins and their friends, at the shop with my dad and his snowmachine buddies. ” Well just blame it on your family members & your Dad!!!

    • crash43

      She’s going to blame Tripp and everyone except herself..she’s the victim again, WWWAAAAAA

  • Mary

    Last I heard, f*ck it out if a toddler is SIX letters long and ends in and et sound…

  • kelly cristian

    Bristol is the best mother ever. Whismy would have let me curse my Aunt. But nooo, that was not allowed & us children knew it. Bristol encourages Tripps behavior.

  • bellagrazi

    The left is just trying to get to you through your son, Bristol. Just as they try and get to your mom through her children. It’s a cowardly thing to do. And it’s despicable that they would use an innocent 3-and-a-half-year-old to do so. HuffPo knew very well that Tripp dropped the f-bomb. But facts don’t seem to matter with these people. I’m glad that one of the guys who worked on Life’s a Tripp came to Tripp’s defense. (Life’s a Tripp showrunner Matt Lutz wrote in to say that Tripp’s bleeped expletive was “f***” and not “f*****.” Lutz says that he was in the room at the time, and that he has reviewed the raw footage several times.) Now let’s hope that your post and Matt’s defense go viral, as well. Although, I’m not counting on it considering the MSM is mainly liberal. Now, about that f-word – It’s very common for children to use a word they know will shock their parents. Don’t beat yourself up over this, Bristol. To be honest, that scene makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it! Hahaha Tripp’s f-bomb, the reaction of you and Willow – Flippin’ funny! On a side note – Congrats on hitting over 70,000 Likes on your official FB! Awesome!

    • GrizzlyMom

      You do realize Bella that the only way the “left” knows about this incident is because Bristol agreed to put her life on display for all of America to watch. So playing the victim card is pretty silly here. Also can you imagine the outcry if one of the President’s daughters had made such a slip? But if it happens on the right its a “scene that makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it”. Why is that?

      • Truth

        You do realize Gizzlyjerk that if you don’t like it leave.

      • BlueVA

        “You do realize Bella that the only way the ‘left’ knows about this incident is because Bristol agreed to put her life on display for all of America to watch.” Rock on, GrizzlyMom. These assholes think that Bristol’s show isn’t broadcast into “leftie” homes and that we pirate our cable to watch it. (What? “Asshole” isn’t acceptable? Oh, maybe because I’m not Tripp…)

      • liberty

        You know SATAN sent his first set of demons they came and went so now he has sent his 2nd wave of demons in grizzlymom and the rest of her DEMON friends go back to HELL where you belong.

        • crash43

          Must have touched a nerve, you are so hateful.

        • Jellybean

          You go liberty! You go girl! You are a great palin fan. One of the best.

          • liberty

            yes I am a fan of SARAH she loves this country and doesn’t want to see it go down the crapper which is where Obama is taking us along with the repub establishment.

        • BlueVA

          liberty, you’re so very weird. Truly. Westboro Baptist Church put out a APB on you.

  • Emma Lora

    My children when young surprised us often with expressions and words that were picked up, but not understood. It is humorous when we are shocked by a little person’s surprise verbage, but teaching will take repetition and consistency simply because the child will hear these things often when growing up. He is an adorable little boy and a gaffe now and then is to be expected. It will happen again. Those that are going tsk, tsk, tsk over the incident are pristine :), but will get over it. Forget them… They were waitng in the wings for such a thing so they can have a “bothered moment”.

  • conanobrian

    No one is calling Tripp homophobic. He reflected what he heard from a family that seems to pride itself on its way of talking and what they believe. A mother’s job is to teach her child what is appropriate for kids to say, and it isn’t always what they hear grownups say. (The other F-word is no better choice than what HP reported). Tripp doesn’t need to be in the company of adults all the time. He needs to play with other kids. But, if that’s how he behaves and talks, other mothers won’t want their kids to play with him. If he goes to school or any kind of activities and drops the F-bombs, he is going to get a reaction all right, and it won’t be sweet words of praise from Bristol’s fan club.

    Bristol, stop defending Tripp’s behavior. Your job is to help him grow up to be a well adjusted adult who contributes to society. Part of that process is teaching him good table manners, washing his hands after he goes to the toilet, how to dress himself, and what is appropriate language, especially when he with other people. When you had the cameras rolling, Tripp was going to be shown before millions of people. If you think that was acceptable behavior, then you seriously need to go to a parenting class. People on reality shows and Jerry Springer type shows may swear a blue streak and get bleeped on TV, but it’s not cute, and it is especially not cute coming out of the mouth of a three year old who doesn’t understand what he is saying. He is just reflecting what he hears around the shop and the campfire, and that’s a pretty ugly picture of your family. You don’t like the criticism and people talking about you. Why don’t you think about how other people feel before you insult them. You claim to be a Good Christian. Practice what Christ taught: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

    • Truth

      Go back to HuffNutPost you kook.

      • Jellybean

        As per usual, the warped minds of the rabid palin fans, and the palins themselves think that the left is picking on a 3 year old. Idiots, all of you nutjobs. This has nothing to do with the kid, it has to do with the adults in his life, you know the good christian role models we are told they are.

        • Truth101

          The left is a bunch of pathetic weirdos and you are one of them. It is none of your freckin business who is in Tripp’s life.

          What part of that don’t you understand, you weirdo?

          • crash43

            Bristol put her family on TV , no one forced her..we all see exactly how he is being raised, 2 silly girls trying to raise a child..babysitter gone bad.

          • Jellybean

            Uh, sorry truthy, but bristol made it our business, you know, by doing a reality show. Duh!

        • Its PRESIDENTObamaURubes

          I stopped by and I’m never coming back, this blog is truly demonic Bristol and her fans are NOT real Christians the palin fan commenters here sound like truly vicious mean people, my question what are you and other sane normal people doing here? You will not change any of these malevolent minds.

          • Jellybean

            Because it’s fun to mess with their pea-brained heads.

    • crash43

      Totally agree and if the Palin’s thought it was wrong at the time why was it left in the show?

      • Emma Lora

        producer decision I would think

        • crash43

          Sarah had full control of this show and she kept it in because it’s cute, never thing about the back lash.look it took a week for Bristol to bring it up..

      • liberty

        IT’S called a reality show which means real life you TOOL .

        • crash43

          Reality shows are real you are a fool.

    • Colleen Snow

      My delightful, intelligent darling daughter was driving down the road with me when she was four years old. She in the backseat in her toddler boost seat, me in the ftont driver seat. U glanced in the rearview mirror to see my angel flipping everyone off! I teach school in a small town, so that is not a gesture that I used. I asked her what she was doing. She said I don’t know. The kids at preschool weredoing it. I told her that she was not to use the gesture again.
      Fifteen years later, my delightful daughter graduated as Valedictorian of her high school class, with academic and athletic scholarships. She does not curse or drink and makes wise decisions. She made the academic honor roll this past year as a freshman in college.
      My point? Kids hear things and repeat them, whoever they are quoting, they will hear it. You love and quide them, Don’t criticize a young parent. Kids don’t come with instruction booklets. Tripp is well loved, Bristol will find her way.

    • Its PRESIDENTObamaURubes

      Nice post, too bad is wasted here.

    • FloridaGramy

      Bristol is raising Tripp exactly the way she was raised….as hillbilly trailer trash. It’s really sad and the boy needs to0 be taken away by child protective services before he turns out like the rest of the Palin clan.

      • liberty

        FloridaGramy were you looking in the mirrow when you said hillbilly trailor trash.

    • Patricia

      @conanobrian You will be hardpressed to find a kid these days that doesn’t use one or both “F words”. If you restrict your kids from playing with kids who use bad language, they won’t have many friends. It’s a sad but real fact of life.

      Guessing by your judgemental remarks, you’ve never had one of your kids (assuming you have any) say something inappropriate that does NOT reflect what they are taught in the home? My sons picked up many bad words from others, for example older kids on the school bus. They were taught what was inappropriate but you can’t correct them until they make the mistake.

      • crash43

        liberty sounds like Kristy.. the all day every day troll from IM.?

    • section9

      The kid is effing three years old, you progtard Nazi.
      Jesus, I know World War II was hard on your family, especially when your grandfather fell out of the Guard Tower at Bergen-Belsen.

      • crash43

        Typical C4P’er.

      • crash43

        I have a 21 yr old Grandaughter who is a single mother who is more mature than Bristol will ever be., I don’t think her little girl with be using F-words when she’s 3 and if she did her mother would not be sitting their giggling like a 14 yr old. She doesn’t run around whinying about being a single mother and claiming she a victim either. Mature parents don’t allow friends and family to use cause words around their young children and Tripp has heard this more than once..notice how he smiled like he did a good thing. Time for Bristol to grow up and for all the bot to quit making excuses for her, it’s not helping her..

    • liberty

      how do you know if he heard it from family they do go out and about they are not like you who lives in their parents basement and never leaves. conano IDIOT

  • Truth

    Brist0l, When I was watching the show I knew Tripp said the other F-word and not the slur. Leave it up to a left wing kook to trash a 3 year old child. These people have no moral values at all. Most of the lies that are spreaded about your mother and family are written by the kooks that reside at the HuffPost.

    The Life channel should sue the left wing kook that wrote that at HuffNutPost. These left wing kooks like to sue and it is time to give it right back at them.


    • crash43

      No one is trashing Tripp..he only repeats what he hears. Doesn’t make it any better if it is the other F word. Why was it left in the show?

      • Truth101

        He is a 3 year old child and there is no reason for anybody from the sick nutjob site to be writing about him.

        Are you a freckin nut too?

        • crash43

          If they can’t stand the heat stay home. They were writing about his immature mother.

          • section9

            Dear clueless f*ckwit.
            Bristol Palin is in her twenties. Willow is 18.
            Expecting them to act as if they are in their thirties is a bit much, and I would have expected even a ProgNazi to have figured that out.
            But since you put your ideology ahead of your common sense, and have obviously never been young, you have yet to figure that out.
            Now I’m sure that there’s a book burning your missing somewhere.

        • crash43

          You sound like you could be Willow..hehehe

    • Jellybean

      Really truthy? You are an idiot.

      • Truth101

        You are a freckin nutjob.

        Bristol is a young woman. Young people hang around with young people. The young people of today have nasty mouths becauase of Hollywood, TV, and rap music. The f-word and other words are everyday words to them. And if you say otherwise than you are a liar.

        All Bristol can do is have a nice long take with her friends and ask them to watch what they say when around Tripp.

        • Lacy

          I’m sorry but I have a 3 year old who has never used any bad language. Why is no one holding the palin family accountable? and not everyone who disagrees with this is a nut job.

  • chelsea

    Its great to know that we have people like you to voice how others feel because you can be heard! I love reading what you have to say! Well done!

  • M P

    Huffpo relies on this type of story to satisfy their bored readers. IMO people who read anything less than enriching instead of going out to live their lives is a sad waste of human space. But, that is their choice. It seems pointless though, the unnecessary ignorant judgment. People need lives. If the average person who spends their days trashing others on blogs and huffpo actually went out and made their lives better, there’d be less envy and hate toward successful people in the world.

  • Tina Sweet

    OMG the child is three! The Huffington Post goes after a three-year-old?? Whatever happened to responsible journalism? I agree, you don’t need to defend his behavior, he’s a little boy doing little boy things. You need to teach him right from wrong and what is proper to say. Sadly children have a habit of saying things in the worse possible time whether it’s the wrong word or something said about a person you’d prefer to have kept private. They are like little sponges and pick up everything they hear. Most people are growing weary of hearing the media criticize your mother and your family. They know it’s lies and attacks on the children are especially disliked. Hang in there.

    • FloridaGramy

      No one is going after Tripp….the problem is Bristol who is a horrible influence on the kid.

    • BrushClearer

      Tina the media wouldn’t criticize if Bristol didn’t put her life on TV to make money. I don’t hear the Kardashians, and the Housewives constantly whining about how they are portrayed. Bristol had to know what she was getting herself into. Her mother thrust her into the spotlight 4 years ago at a very inopportune time. Bristol also participated in her mother’s failed reality show. Stop making excuses for the Palin clan. They are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

  • Kristen

    Bristol you are deranged. No one is upset at your child for what he said, they are upset with you. Especially the fact that after you child did use an inappropriate word, you just laughed rather than disciplining your child. That is just bad parenting no matter what way you look at it.

  • louiseharas

    I thought it was cute. I hope that the rest of the shows are just as funny. I have some great ideas for next season’s shows. I think that Gino should bond with Tripp and they could have belching and farting contests to see who can make the most noise. Then, Gino and Tripp can have pissing contests, like all of the guys do. I think that it will be fun to see Tripp go off to nursery school or kindergarten and call the teacher a bitch. She is taking government money. Then, he could call his class mates cute names too, like “you bastard.” No, on second thought, that’s not a good one.

    • Jellybean


  • Thomas Hubbard

    Well we have another self appointed (above) spotless person giving advise again, maybe he should take a good look at himself!

  • crash43

    Every single one of you who are agreeing to these type of words coming from a 3 yr old are agreeing to this type of parenting..giggle and say “god’s watching you”, trashing your child’s father in front of him, letting Tripp hit people, telling him about the swimming pool, then saying drunk kids are down there (how does Tripp know what drunk kids means), letting your sister use bad language in front of him, fighting with Willow all the time..none of this is Tripp’s fault, he’s only 3 yrs old.

    • Whatevah

      Wow. Your kids must be angelic. At least I hope they are because it would be awfully sanctimonious of you to come here and browbeat Bristol Palin because her three year old dropped the f bomb — something for which the young lad was roundly chastised by both his mother and his aunt. But, golly, I’m sure your kids would never ever ever say a bad word. And, of course, your kids have never acted up or been disobedient or made a mess at the dinner table. As for why it was left in the show, I dunno maybe because it’s a reality TV show and it was kind of interesting and it was something for which most parents have had to deal with.

      Remember this scene….

      • crash43

        So laughing and saying “God watching you” is called chastising him…I don’t know any kids 3 yrs old who use the F-words..he repeats what he hears, plain and simple. My kids did use curse words when they were older and they were taught right from wrong the minute it happened. Problem is she didn’t deal with it..that’s why it on the front page of HP and 10 other sites.

        • Truth101

          It is called abortion.

          • crash43

            What are you talking with it= discipline not abortion..shows where your mind is..

        • Whatevah

          If Tripp Palin grows up to be a drug addicted mass murder, I’ll grant you that Bristol is a bad mother. But a little kid dropping the f bomb because he heard some construction workers or someone say it when they didn’t know he was listening is hardly an outrage and doesn’t impugn Bristol’s parenting skills. (And the fact that she laughed at first is proof of how out of the ordinary his behavior was. It was startled laughter at the incongruity of her 3 year old son saying a word that was clearly outrageous to his normal behavior and upbringing.) Since you are so fond of giving Ms. Palin advice, how about if you take some yourself. I respectfully suggest you take the plank out of your own eye before you blather on about the splinter in hers. There is almost nothing more annoying than preening self-righteous busybodies. People like you make the world a worse place. I believe Jesus called you whited sepulchers.

          • crash43

            So now he learned it construction why is it so hard for you to know I’m not criticizing Tripp, it’s how his mother handled it or should I say didn’t handle it..don’t try and tell me this is the first time he’s said such words, just listen to Willow and you can see part of the problem. I’ve noticed there are a lot of Christians namecalling on here..what you say?

          • Whatevah


            You win, honey. You’re the bestest person in the whole wide world. You’re so far above us all we’re just like ropes dangling from the Goodyear blimp. You’re right. We’re wrong. I’ve finally seen the light. Bristol is a bad, bad, super-bad mother because her son said a swear word. She is the root of all evil in this world. People, we can’t let this outrage against humanity stand. She must be punished! We must drive out this evil from our midst. Everyone grab your pitchforks and torches! We’re heading to Wasilla to burn her at the stake. Hanging’s too good for her.


        • Whatevah

          One more thing: the reason why this story is on the Huffington Post and other sites is because the lunatic left (of which you seem to be a charter member) tried to smear Bristol Palin by accusing her 3 year old son of using an anti-gay slur. It was a lie. They want to shut this young woman up simply because a) she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter, b) she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman (which, silly her, is what humanity has believed since… oh… FOREVER), and c) she’s got her mother’s knack for schooling Obama (aka “Dear Leader” to you progressive drones).

          By the way, since you’re outraged by Tripp’s use of the f bomb, I’m sure you’re equally stunned and outraged that Obama’s single mother abandoned him and let him drift into heavy drug use. Right?

          • crash43

            She has no room to school Obama or anyone else..maybe if she paid attention Tripp wouldn’t be using curse words…wonder if her goes to Sunday school and uses those words and hits people. Why don’t you go over to the smear site and stand up for her, not many are.

          • GrizzlyMom

            Sarah Palin hasn’t schooled President Obama in ANYTHING. She’s a joke. I wonder if she was fat and ugly if she would be as popular with your idiots.

    • Truth101

      Get lost you dougebag. Ricky Hollywood is the scum of the earth. Bristol went easy on that lowlife scum.

      • crash43

        But Sarah thought he was good enough to go on stage and said they were getting they must have thought highly of him at the time to cover for their daughter then kicked him to the curb. And wasn’t Bristol engaged to him a second time also too. Ricky Hollywood, talk about the pot calling the kettle black..whole family of Hollywood wanna bees.

        • liberty

          Crash 43 did you hit your head because you sound like a RAVING LUNATIC

          • crash43

            Yep, Bristol is being called a terrible mother on how many web sites and you are calling everyone names and I’m the are a funny one.

          • Truth101

            Hey crash,

            Bristol being called a terrible mother on liberal web sites that abort their babies is a badge of honor.

          • Cookie

            While you are the voice of reason.

        • Truth101

          That was before the lowlife scum picked money over his own son. Only a freckin loser would do that.

      • crash43

        That low life according to you is lucky he got away from that family..they can’t seem to keep men Gino still hanging around, Willows boyfriend is gone and she’s moved on to another one.

        • Jellybean

          crash43, when section9 replies to you it’s because you’ve gotten under his thin-skin. Be proud of that. He’s a hardcore palinbot that must defend the honor of his fantasy woman.

          • crash43

            Don’t worry I know exactly who he is. C4P is a fantasy site.

        • Truth101

          Hey crash, Where is that freckin loser now? The dumbass is living in his drug addict mom’s basement. What happen to all the money that lowlife made trashing the Palins?

          • crash43

            You know nothing about Levi except what the Palins tell you..He has his own home and a beautiful girlfriend who is a preschool teacher and is expecting a baby girl. Seems Bristol made lot her money trashing Levi and selling cover pictures and wouldn’t have made any money if it wasn’t for Levi..she should be thanking him. Apparently his lawyers were working both side of the fence, long story that you wouldn’t believe anyway ..he has a new one and is going back to court..this show will diffidently help his case in court. Exactly when did he ever trash Bristol??

    • section9

      No, you Nazi scum, we recognize that Bristol is a young person of her generation, almost all of whom talk like China sailors.
      If you don’t get that, you need to get out more often.
      Now go shine your jackboots. There’s an Obama For America meeting your late for.

  • tina

    Bristol,I knew they would try to tie you and Willow to that nonsense.Yeah it was bad to use that word but it was wrong for them to misquote your son. Immoral Minority started this whole crap and Gawker follow.It shows how many letters was quoted and the still use the word f—–.Shame on them messing with the Palin family.I thought they didn’t like your show.

    • Jellybean

      Watch him say it in the clip. It doesn’t matter what letters they put on the screen, he said faggot, but pronounced it faggit.

      • Truth101

        He said fucker you lowlife scum.

        • crash43

          Where you there? Did you hear him? You just believe what you are told to believe.

          • Maleena

            Crash Were you there????? That question can go both ways. There was someone there who said he did not say that BUT oh no he is lying also. So, does it really matter if someone was there? You will believe the negative anyway. As shown here.

    • Cookie

      Immoral Minority has some nerve! “Gryphen is a foul-mouthed piece of garbage who has profited off the Palin name for years.

  • Lisa

    It doesn’t matter which f-word he said. The point is that after he said it, you laughed and did nothing. You are teaching your kid that it’s okay to disrespect people. When I was four, I called my mom a “stupid idiot” and was sent to bed without dinner. I never called her that again.
    If you’re hanging around other people who say “fuck” in front of Tripp, that in itself is bad parenting. I didn’t hear that word till I was eight, and it was from a classmate. As a parent you need to teach him right from wrong. You didn’t do that in this clip, you simply laughed it off like it was nothing. Don’t try to blame this on other people Bristol.

    • liberty

      Go anywhere the store the movies walking on the sidewalk in a park a playground people all around you hear people swearing maybe he heard it in those settings but I guess you wouldn’t know that since you never leave your parents basement you tool.

      • Lisa

        It doesn’t matter where he heard it, the point is that Bristol didn’t tell him not to say that word. He now thinks it’s okay to use and will probably continue using it.

        • Truth101

          I am sure Bristol had a long talk with Tripp and her friends about what they say around the child.

  • aaron krohn

    I thought it was adorable when Tripp said that word.
    It was innocent because he doesn’t know the real meaning of it.
    Kids tend to say some controversial things…….at least controversial to adults!!
    To them, it’s the same as saying “doggy” or “the” or “no spinach!!”!!
    Let him be what he is….a great adorable 3 year old!!

    But one thing: Was he saying that word to Willow?? Seemed like he was.
    Interesting that Willow got much more upset when Andy called her the “B” word in that restaurant, than she did at Tripp!!
    But of course, how can you get angry at a 3 year old??!!

    Wonderful episodes….#’s 9 and 10.

    • FloridaGramy

      If you think that kind of behavior is adorable, then you’re as warped as the Palin clan.

      • sodakhic

        Hey, Gramy, Have you seen Obamas high school drug antics? Adorable. It’s a wonder he didn’t do jail time. Mark Levin said he should out his drug dealer.

        • crash43

          Why are you trying to deflect this to Obama..and I notice you didn’t leave a link.

  • Vickie

    Anyone with a name like jellybean should always be ignored! Who is jellybean to call anyone out? Really? Jellybean showed their ignorance and intolerance with such hateful comments!

    • Jellybean

      You are free to ignore me vickster, as is anyone else. So tell me, I know you love the palin clan, but what do you think of President Obama, his lovely wife Michelle and their 2 beautiful daughters. Do you think that President Obama is a bad father, like bristol does?

      • liberty

        Yes jellyidiot the bamster is a marxist communist so that makes him a bad father because he is teaching his children to hate America just like he and Moochell do and you are a obama loving ZOMBIE TOOL.

        • Jellybean

          You forgot a few buzzwords liberty like Kenyan, socialist and pals around with terrorists. And last but not least, SATAN! You’re slipping liberty.

          • Truth101

            First you trash Bristol and now you are trashing Obama.

            Get back on your meds.

          • Jellybean

            Add reading comprehension difficulities to your long list of flaws truthy.

          • liberty


          • Jellybean

            You’re welcome liberty. I know you havve the same beliefs as the palins, so I didn’t want you to miss those. Have you had an excorsism like sarah has? If not, you better do that soon. You wouldn’t want satan sniffing around you. I’m sure sarah can set you up.

  • Kaitie Smith

    I would think that, as his mother, you would have more of a disciplinary reaction to Tripp saying that word-whether it was the slur, or the swear word. I don’t think either are appropriate for a 3-year old to be using (or hearing, for that matter), and you giggling about it afterwards makes him think it’s funny and/or cute for him to say that. Perhaps if you had reacted differently, the public’s reaction to the moment would be different.

  • Bill Metzger

    God Bless you Bristol! It is amazing that some these ‘compassionate’, free thinking, barely touch the ground when they walk, Liberal types are ready to punce on you and your Mom and Dad because a little child slipped up. These folks are the phoniest people one can ever come across! But you are strong and they cannot touch you or yours with thier disgusting phony judgemental crap… oooohhh Libs… I used a bad word…. oh dear me!

    • crash43

      Boy you people are’s not about Tripp slipping up, it’s about how Bristol handled it and why it was left on the show…think about that for a while.

  • Carol Wilson

    Oh, come on, Bristol … you’re such a liar. Go back to the video and look at the caption. Lifetime knows exactly what your kid said, and captioned/dubbed it appropriately.

    Two pieces of advice – go to a parenting class and keep you kid away from your sister. She’s almost as bad an influence on him as your horrific parenting skills.

    • Whatevah

      They captioned it as a four letter word — which precisely corresponds to the word that begins with f and rhymes with puck. But like a typical leftist you spin reality to fit whatever scenario you want.

      Oh and, Carol, two pieces of advice — go get a life and mind your own business.

      • crash43

        You know you Palinbots are nastier than 90% of the commenters on HP. Advice..stay here and comment because no one else care what you have to say..the Palins are done anyway..when a kid saying a curse word is the only way they can make the front page anymore, now they can go home and enjoy their life..

    • liberty

      WHAT does the BIBLE say before you look at the speck in someone elses eye look at the log in your own eye Which means you are a RAVING HYPOCRITE. CAROL WILSON.

      • kblah

        That same logic applies to you. And if you’re concerned about following the Bible, you may want to review some of your posts here, and then have a talk with God, as you may then realize that you’re committing the same wrong act you accuse others of committing.
        “Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven…”

        “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor? “

  • Edwiena Wyatt

    Your son is just learning what he has heard; a normal part of growing up.
    Your only difference is that you are in the public eye.
    Plz, know that you are doing your very best. I feel you don’t have to explain to nobody. You have confidence like your Mother. Just teach Tripp about Jesus when you can; that helps you learn about Him too!
    Love you hon,

  • Robert Reed

    Bristol is trailer park trash who has won a temporary reprieve out of the trailer park.
    Her kid shows every sign of following in her white trash footsteps. No news here.

    • Truth101

      You sound like a jealous nutjob.

      • Josh

        Oh, I’m sure people all over are clamoring to be Bristol Palin. Jealous indeed.

      • liberty

        Pay no mind to ROBERT REED he is just up visiting from HELL.

  • Whatwhywhenwherewho

    Bristol, your three year old referring to anyone as a f@***t or a f*c**r is inexcusable. You child is bright, beautiful and from a well resourced family in a free country. By dint of birth he has been dealt a statistically brilliant hand. Why are you hell bent on destroying that? I understand you feel obliged to hammer home this ideological message that children cannot be disciplined without fathers present but exploiting your child to do it is unforgivable.

    • Leslie

      Well that was a nice attempt at grammar.

  • Leslie

    It isn’t poor parenting that caused him to say this. Kids do it. When my brother was four he asked my parents (who NEVER swear. Can’t think of one time when they have) to “please pass the f****ing butter”. And my neurotic cousin who would die if she heard a swear word has a two year old son who said “oh sh*t” the other day. Just being around anyone kids can and will pick it up. Adults sometimes forget when children are around. Tell me any of you haven’t accidentally sworn in front of a child, even if it were just on the streets. It’s a part of life, it isn’t a big deal. Get over it. Anyone who’s saying it’s bad parenting, I would like to see your medals for parents of the year.

    • Scott in Chi

      Look, “f***ing” and “sh*t” are one thing. “f*gg*t” and n*gg*r” are quite another. The first are just exclamations. The second are value judgments about human beings. If you excuse the family because the kid says f*gg*t, then stop and think whether you’d be surprised if a 3 year old said “you’re such a n*gg*er!” I know I’d be shocked and want to know who in the kid’s environment is complaining about n*gg*rs. We already know the aunt says, “your (sic) such a f*gg*t” on Facebook without a second thought, and her mom made a bunch of political capital on anti-gay hatred, so the link’s pretty obvious.

  • jared

    If you’re so adamant that he did not use the despicable F-word gay slur, please tell us what he did say.

    • Truth101

      I think it has more to do with a freckin nutjob at HuffNutPost lying about a 3 year old. How disgusting is that?

  • James Peron

    Don’t worry, it’s not just lefties who are unimpressed. We libertarians aren’t impressed either.

    • Its PRESIDENTObamaURubes

      Nor most Conservtives nor Republicans..the only ones hell bent on defending this trash are trashy folk regardless of political affiliation. That’s why Sarah Palin is not invited to the RNC nor will she ever be taken seriously as a politician or Fox pundint.

      • Truth101

        You are freckin trailer trash you disgusting nutjob. Go and cash in your food stamps.

  • crash43

    Bristol is more worried about which F word he said instead of worrying about her 3 year old saying victim this time own this!

    • Truth101

      Bristol should sue that nut at HuffNutPost for lying about her son.

      Only a sick nutjob would write an article about a three year old.

      • crash43

        What’s the matter with you? He said it on Public Television not in the privacy of his home and whoever was in charge let it stay on the show instead of cutting it out. Stop blaming everyone else for the Palin stupidity…Bristol owns this and she better deal with it instead of playing the victim.

        • Truth101

          I am talking about that nut at HuffNutPost lying about the little boy. Who the hell does that? I know, I know – A freckin scumbag lowlife liberal nutjob.

          If you don’t like the show than stop watching it you freckin kook.

          • crash43

            Can you tell me why Bristol is always saying she has such a struggle raising Tripp..she has money, a home, family to help, she doesn’t work or go to school..what’s her problem?

      • Cookie

        Your family should sue the quack who put you on the wrong anti-psychotic meds, you are frightening.

        • Cookie

          That was for truth101 and Liberty this blog’s psychotic foaming at the mouth rabid attack dogs.

          • crash43

            All the Palinbots are rabid attack dogs..Sarah loves them that way..They are the same on all the web sites, they represent Sarah’s Rill Amerika.

  • Misty

    I saw the episode and he obviously didn’t say what the article stated. However, it was obvious that he’s learning the f word from family or Willow (she said it several times in the episode) and he was saying ‘I hate you’ way too often. Which, he gets from you guys saying it to each other. I was dissapointed in your reaction. You just laughed behind your hand, and that was it. But, he didn’t say the word claimed in the article.

  • Jellybean

    Why do you lie bristol bay? Fuck is a one syllable word. The word your kid said had 2 syllables and ended in an “it” sound. Faggit, faggit, faggit. Willow is such a great role model for him. We know she loves that word. Have the raw video released and prove me wrong.

    • Alina

      possibly, he could have said f*** it? instead of f*gg*t???

  • Pat

    Bristol bristol bristol. Please stop lying.

    Please explain to us how Tripp pronounces the “FU” with TWO syllables and a clear pronunciation of the letter “T” at the end of it?

    Your “on second thought” articles aren’t such a good idea. Sometimes it’s just better to be quiet than keep digging a deeper hole for yourself trying to cover up and explain stuff away.

  • Ron

    Really? Since when did the “other” f-word become two syllables and end with an “ot” sound? It’s quite clear what f-word he used.

    A child needs to hear a word several times and with the correct usage to understand the context. He may not understand what the word actually means, but Tripp using it as an insult clearly shows he hears the word in his environment and he knows it’s a word to be aimed at people he doesn’t like, so there’s only the parent and the other adults around him to blame for this.

    All of this from the “family values” family that almost became leaders of our nation.

    • Truth101

      Please don’t tell us what a child needs because you don’t have a freckin clue so get lost you freckin scumbag loser.

      • liberty

        Ron just came up from HELL.

    • Kara B.

      It was bleeped out, so how do you know what it ended in? Also, the subtitles said F***.

      • Jellybean

        Ya didn’t watch the clip did ya Kara. You can clearly hear the ” f” then a bleep then an ” it” or “ot” That’s 2 syllables for all the palinbots out there that failed 2nd grade.

    • Emma Lora

      The most “knowledgeable” about children and judgemental about rearing them are the ones w/out children. Of course kids “say the darndest things”. and adults laugh about it. That doesn’t mean the kids are not taught over a period of time… yrs. Those who are the most bothered and self-righteous about this scene are the ones who have used trashy abusive language on this blog often.. If you are so concerned and bothered… do you also make your concerns known to recording studios about the offensive lyrics? Do you avoid movies that have xxx rated language? How are you in public arenas with your peers. Were you as offended by the nasty verbally abusive man in the bar in the first show? No you were not. My guess is that most of you trashers are older than Bristol and of course Tripp … and while you have such “good” advise for Bristol concerning this scene… you yourselves have not yet learned verbal manners and are still angry bullish trashers. How ironic is that.

  • Nightbird

    These comments seem to be full of people who have absolutely perfect children. Don’t let them get to you, Bristol. It’s just left spewing. They never liked you or your family in the first place and can’t pass an opportunity to take another swat. There was never any love there left to lose. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • Jellybean

      And you palinbots say such lovely things about President Obama and his family. Bunch of hypocrites.

      • Maleena

        Actually, Jellybean, I do not speak about Obama’s children. Because they are children. So, no hypocrite here, dear! Do I have positive things to say about Obama? NO, but I do not go to his page and bash him every single day or everytime he puts up a new status. Just not my thing. I actually have a life and better things to do than to belittle those I do not care for to make me feel better about myself. Call me trashy, a Palinbot or whatever you want it really does not matter because from your post you are no better than anyone else on this blog. So, enjoy your life sitting infront of the computer waiting on one of the Palin’s to say something so you can pounce. Boy what a happy life you must lead.

        • Jellybean

          I do live a great life, thanks maleena. And guess what, the host of this blog did say something about Obama’s kids. And people like rush limbaugh, sean hannity and glen beck have all said nasty things about Michelle. Bristol loves those 3 men, so does her mother.

          The palin clan hate President Obama and his family and have said terrible things about them. It’s probably jealousy. They have great kids, a great marriage and have class.

          Finally Maleena, bristol makes money off of this blog, so she doesn’t care if there are negative posts. The more posts, the more cash in her hand. So, I could be much nastier and she wouldn’t have the posts deleted as she would loose money. What does that tell you Maleena?

          • Erick

            It tells Maleena..Bristol good, whosoever disagrees

          • Maleena

            What it tells me is that by you posting here you are putting money in her pocket! Gotta love that!!

  • Adam

    Is that how you set an example, Ms. Palin? “It’s OK if my three-year-old says ‘fa**ot’ (or ‘fu**er’) because some people on the left use it, too.” Let’s see–how to put this simply. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And a three-year-old who uses that term in a derogatory manner without recourse will use it again in elementary school, junior high, and as an adult. Yeah, it’s kinda funny the first time, unless you don’t do anything about it except try to further your status as a fauxlebrity.

    • teflon warrior

      Adam, You that are without sin, cast the first stone. H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e, we know who & what YOU really are!

      • Adam

        Err.. What I really am is a well-spoken, intelligent, out and proud gay American, but I didn’t want to blow my own horn. Now, if I had used a series of derogatory epithets to refer to Ms. Palin, then, yes, I would be a hypocrite, because I would be guilty of the same sin as Ms. Palin. However, the term ‘fauxlebrity’ (if that’s your point of objection) is more a statement of fact, as Ms. Palin’s fame has nothing to do with talent, skill, or intelligence, but merely by accident of birth and a demonstratedly aggressive desire to leverage that into a career instead of, say, getting an actual job.

    • liberty

      Adam go back to HELL.

      • Erick

        Bad Grandma, bad! Jesus no likey.

      • Adam

        Really, “liberty”? I wouldn’t want to barge into your house unannounced.

  • Bilol589

    I noticed among the comments here a strong positive correlation. Judging by the comments: The more Bristol is known, the more she is liked. The ones that truly do not know her at all, are the most hateful. I believe I have seen this before. PDS just might cover all of the P family.

  • Tim

    The comments here are sickening. Why do the Palin’s leave a trail of disgusting hatred everywhere they go? (As if the question even needs to be asked. Everyone knows. You’re 15 minutes will be up sooner than later Bristol. Milk it for what it’s worth while you can.)

    • teflon warrior

      Tim, your self-feigning righteousness is what’s sickening, go back to your mommys basement

      • Jellybean

        That has to be the most original putdown EVER.

    • liberty

      TIM take your DEMON brethren and go back to HELL.

      • crash43

        I can’t believe this is suppose to be a Christian website with all the hate and name calling you so called Christians are just wow!

      • Jellybean

        liberty, are you the woman from the documentary Jesus Camp. You know the one about the brainwashing of kids at a camp in North Dakota. I think you are, you sound just like her.

        • crash43

          I’m done with these holier than thou so called Christians, hypocrites and hiding behind the Bible with their heads up Palin’s a$$. They absolutely see nothing wrong with what Tripp said and how Bristol handled it..she has such a struggle raising that little boy..she has money, her own home, family to help her, doesn’t go to school or work but it’s just sooo hard…..poor little victim. Thank God it won’t be long before we never hear of them and they can go home and raise their kids.

          • Axe

            Thank God it doesn’t matter who you’re “done with.”

    • Emma Lora

      Strange queston you asked… Palins don’t leave hatred behind…. haters follow them. Question should be why do haters follow them? She draws a large enthusiastic crowd that love her. So yeh… why do haters follow them? You are prime example of this.. .. if you are disgusted why hang around. So you see… you can leave…. but you follow them with YOUR hate…. Very strange.

      • GrizzlyMom

        Not so Emma. The Palins are extremely disrespectful. Sarah Palin never misses an opportunity to use a mocking tone when speaking about anyone on the left….that combined with her constant need to play the victim is what turns people off. Its also hard to stomach a family who wraps themselves up in the flag all the time while selling out to the highest bidder. If she would knock that chip off her shoulder and lose the condescending tone she might win some people over with her ideas. She is her own worst enemy.

        • Adam

          Well said, GrizzlyMom.

  • adam

    BP…. I am calling BS on your statement. Feel free to release the uncensored clip in order to prove it, because everyone knows exactly what your son said. Where do you think he learned that word…. The Left?

  • Truth101

    Bristol, Some of the liberal that are posting here seem to forget that the show is about a young single mother raising her child. Those of us who didn’t abort our babies know that children hear things and will repeat them. Those of us who didn’t abort our babies know that when we hear our child say a bad word for the first time the first reaction is shock and some laugher and finally where did that come from.

    Look on the bright side, it took the liberal fans 5 weeks to find something to attack you on. Looking on the dark side that pathetic person at HuffPost had to make something up about a 3 year old child. That is plain evil.

    I hope the people at the Life channel are filing a lawsuit against HuffNutPost.

    Keep on showing the ups and downs of being a very young single mother.

    Good luck!

    • Cookie

      Guess what “truth” I’m not a liberal and neither are my family and most of friends and acquaintances and NOT ONE fails to feel embarrased by Sarah Palin and miffed by the damage she has done to the our Party and sane Conservatives but I can see by reading your mind-numbing idiotic posts how you are incapable of rational thought and unable to think in terms other than blanket statements and juvenile comebacks.

      • Emma Lora

        LOL Cookie, you poor poor thing. How awful to put up w/ the Palins especially when you really don’t have too. Do you actully feel superior or do you have a terrible need to feel superior and this is how you do it? Watch a show and read the blog that is so beneath you. Here is a problem Cookie… why do you choose to torture yourself? How bright is that?

    • Chill Out

      um im a liberal but if i got pregnant i wouldn’t abort my baby….i don’t think many people say hey I’m a liberal so I’m going to abort my baby i think its generally a little deeper then that…just saying…

  • Lily

    All the same, you shouldn’t make such a claim that children are generally raised better by a man and woman than by two men or two women (especially without providing hard facts). It is also not very mature to frequently bash your son’s father in public as well as his soon-to-be second child and any future children he may have. As much of a deadbeat he is, you’re a mother.

  • laura b

    Bristol-I think you need some parenting classes or you can read a book-many new parents read child rearing books for advice-especially if there was not a good role model for you growing up-do whats right for your child-not your paycheck from hollywood……

  • 10th amendment

    This is my first time visiting this site. Actually, I found it quite by accident. But a little analysis of the opinions posted here is interesting. The persons who post the most hate filled opinions are interesting. They seem to despise Bristol, and perhaps the entire Palin family, and yet they watch the show in a very studious manner. I have not seen the show so I cannot comment on the word used by the child. The opinions though seem to have a very similar tone and style.
    Is it possible that a group, which is opposed to the beliefs of the Palin family and the American Constitution, freedom and independence the Bristol’s mother speaks often about, is monitoring the site and doing whatever they can to keep the Palin family busy with these foolish attacks? Why else would they be watching the show so intently? Why take notes and examine the statements of a 3 year old? If they were just casual observers with a different political belief, wouldn’t they just change the channel? This seems more of an orchestrated effort rather than just unsolicited opinion.

    • Robert Reed

      LOL- I dont suppose it ever occurred to you that people are responding to a clip posted on the Huffington Post?! I dont spend a lot of time thinking about the Palins; the thing is, the Palins spend a lot of time trying to get their faces in the news, by having this endless stream of “reality shows” and gabbing on Faux News. So, if they continue to try and get in my face, I’m going to tell them what I think of them. Pretty simple stuff.

      • Jellybean

        That’s right. I saw it on the Huffington Post. Yes, I have posted negative things about the palin’s and their loyal minions and I will continue to call them out on their bs. Too bad, so sad. They like to create division in this country because division puts money in their pockets. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters to the palins, the paycheck.

    • Cynthia

      Hello there, Tenth,
      I am glad you put it so well. This is the first time I have read this blog and am quite facinated by the hate filled comments from folks who seem to follow this blog and hate themselves for it. Wouldn’t they rather read something else?

  • Ginny Morgan

    Yes kids do say the darnedest things. But at his age (3 ?) he was very likely repeating what he has heard around his caregivers I.e. his uneducated and foul mouthed mother and aunts. It is not the three year old’s fault. It is his mother’s and those around him that are responsible for his behaviour. One can clearly see the amused reaction of the mother and the aunt after having heard a word that should not be coming our of no child’s mouth. And it was clear that he was using this word to express his anger at being denied. He might not have known what the word exactly meant but he knew it was a bad word. And that is why he used it. I can only feel sorry for this kid who has been unfortunate enough to be saddled with this ignorant and lazy woman as his mother. I this his mother should spend less time preaching other people and spend more time educating herself and helping her son

    • Pete

      Well probably get banned for pointing out the painfully obvious truth. They can’t handle negative criticism. Prepare to be bashed by the Christians and labeled HATER.

      • idesign

        Looks like you’re still here lib…:)

  • CurliQ

    Goodness gracious! Only in this day are we debating which is worse…faggot or fucker… said from a 3-year-old who knows the ramificaions of neither. EVERYTHING must be political. Pathetic.

  • Chill Out

    really people are freaking out over this? people use those words on a regular bases and don’t care what others think including young children i works a birthday hostess and i have seen so much worse with parents that don’t care. i was saying bad words at a very young age and i believe most children do at that point it is up to the parents to correct it. Bristol has said she has a hard time disciplining him. at least she can admit it and is trying to figure out a balance. so saying anything negative about this small thing is really just out of line in my opinion. and to anyone who thinks I’m some Palin lover defending them i strongly disagree with there political views but that does not make them bad people at all. so how about the whole world not freak about this? as for you bristol yeah you probably didn’t handle the situation the best but I’m in no position to judge and all you can do is learn from your mistakes so don’t listen to all the hateful people on here.

  • Soap is not for your mouth!

    The “Adult Spokesperson” you write about is The President of the United States, nice how you aren’t even able to have enough finesse to address the highest office by the proper title. But then should we be surprised after all your family and friends are still calling your mother Governor…of what, hmm her bank account I suppose?

  • Pete

    Bristol, here’s the thing, your very young son was censored on national television because he used language that was deemed inappropriate by Broadcast Standards and Practices. Tripp’s choice of “F” bomb is irrelevant because he would have been censored by the network either way. But he’s just a little kid. You’re the adult Bristol so you need to stop making excuses and blaming everyone else for your problems. I’m sure Tripp learned that language from all the people that take care of him for you but let’s be honest, you and Willow have a history of using offensive language, have you forgotten your hate filled face book posts, those were laced with “F” bombs. You and Willow proved to be the very definition of Cyber bully. As a parent you need to take responsibility for your child. When Tripp dropped the “F” bomb you giggled like an immature school girl, maybe if you stopped behaving like a spoiled brat and learned how to be a responsible parent you wouldn’t struggle so much. Just saying. Oh and could you please stop whining and complaining all the time, you have it so much better then 99% of single moms. Buy a book on parenting for heavens sake, I’m sure they have Parenting for Dummies, that’s about your speed! Hey, you wanted to be in the spotlight Bristol, so you have to take the good and the bad. If you’re getting a lot of negativity that’s only because you’ve been putting it out there, you reap what you sew. I didn’t feel like watching your video because I know you don’t care about the nation, you thrive from being divisive. Another major reason you receive negativity. Just saying. Tripp says “I hate you” to people a lot more than he says “I love you.” That’s so sad.

    • Truth

      How in the world do you know what Tripp’s say the other 47 hours and 20 minutes in a day?

      You really didn’t write that bullcrap did you?

      • Truth

        In liberal time.

      • heavencent

        OMG—-DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT A DAY=24 hours?

    • Chill Out

      she also says how thankful she is for her family and how good she has it and how she can’t imagine how hard it is for other single moms without that…for her situation she doesn’t do to much whining i think she has good balance on being thankful and being stressed with situation.

  • Whatevah

    I just love being lectured on child rearing by liberals who have no problem sticking a fork in a baby’s head as it leaves the birth canal but think it’s a crime against humanity for a little kid to drop the f bomb.

  • homer

    You oppose gay marriage? Well I oppose unwed mothers appearing in stupid television shows so I guess we are equal. Well, honestly, I’d rather be gay than be a judgmental little bitch.

    • jojo

      seriously get a life

  • Denice Hocott

    Bristol don’t listen to all these people bashing you and your family….Your family is amazing and people just need someone to hate. Kids hear things every where they are has anyone thought he might have heard this from Levi? You are a great mother and the first time a child says something like that it shocks you. Take care and know you are doing a great job!

    • Jellybean

      Yeah, that’s the ticket, blame Levi. We know willow uses that word in her facebook posts and we know auntie willow is around the kid all the time, but blame the father.

      • Tim

        Why doesn’t Levi t paid child support ?
        He has garnered a reputation as a ‘dead-beat dad’ after owing $38,000 in child support to Bristol Palin, the mother of his three-year-old son Tripp. Now he is ‘penniless and living with his mother after squandering $1million on guns, boats and cars.

        • crash43

          Why doesn’t Bristol do something about it if he owes that much child support? 1 million squandered, do you believe everything you read? If he’s penniless how did he buy his own house? Where do you suppose they got the info for that article?

          • Truth

            A basement doesn’t cost that much money.

  • conservativemama

    Bristol, it happens. Sadly people use all kinds of language in public situations. Like you, I’d rather my children not here it but they did. I’m sure you’re doing what I did, making sure Tripp understands, especially as he gets older that some language is not appropriate, especially around children. The society has coarsened, any honest person will tell you that. We jjust have to make sure our children know what we expect.
    Raising children, especially the first child, is so much trial and error. As long as you are clear about your expectations and love your child, you’re ahead of the game. There’s a lot of hate expressed here and I find that pathetic. What is the purpose of coming here to attack you? To make you feel bad? Think about that. People come here to spew their contempt for you and your family. They take time from their day to engage in that behaviour. You’re not a politician, you’re a young woman living your life. Accepting responsibility for your actions. No one has to watch your show or follow the news about you. Yet they do, to feed their hate.
    Keep it up Bristol. You seem like a nice young woman doing the best she can. You love Tripp. You gave him life. You’re doing well.

    • conservativemama

      “hear”, not “here”

  • Heather Laurin

    Bristol, kids are like sponges. They soak up everything they see and hear. Just remind Tripp that his words and actions have consequences in the form of punishment. I would also say to ignore the libnut media morons who want a 3 yr old to be held accountable for his words, but not supposed adults like Bill Maher.

  • Obviously, many of the comments written here came from people who never raised a child nor babysat. Kids pick up things from so many places and people, it is hard to keep track of all they hear and see in the course of one day. Yes, we can control what they see and hear on the tv or radio by changing the channel but how many of us have had a program on and someone blurts out “a naughty word” that catches you off guard? If we re-act with shock or disdain, some kids pick up on the fact that that word got a rise out of the grownup and think that they should use that one again.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Eileen I think the difference in reactions from Tripp saying “I Hate You” and the F word he used are very telling. They don’t laugh when he says I hate you…they immediately reprimand…its not funny to them. The other word…the clip speaks for itself.

      • Emma Lora

        There are many choreographed hypocritical puppet-posters here. Many are personally bothered by a 3 yrs old’s remark w/ a word they assume is f-g-t because Huff-pst said so. Many of these same trashers enjoy adult comedians(?) that are far worse with their hate-language against the Palins but hypocriticly laugh with them A kid had many yrs ahead to learn, but the adult comedians have yrs behind them but still have a filthy mouth and hide behind.. “but it is comedy”. The uproar over this is much greater than the uproar over the nasty abusive adult male in the bar (show #!). Why? No one there stood up against the dirty mouth. Why? So you are so self-righteous about his incident that clearly surprised the girls. Why not assume she later talked to him. The trashers are not credible with their hue and cry over this. Their is too much baggage with their offense

        • GrizzlyMom

          Your making an awful lot of assumptions there Emma. How would you know what adult comedians I like? And if you will read my post again you will see I said NOTHING about the 3yr old. I commented on his mother and aunt’s reactions. Of course you conveniently glided right over that part and attacked. Why?

  • Britney

    I wish you would stop blaming everything on the left. It just makes it seem like you’re playing the victim card, despite your claims. I also hope you don’t make it a habit to respond to criticism by focusing on the most negative, hateful comments you get while conveniently ignoring the handful that are actually credible.

    • TBR

      Well, Britney, if the “left” wouldn’t print untrue things (continuously) then no one would have to set the record straight. I hope you don’t make a habit of thinking it’s OK to let outright lies be said about you or your children without at least some opposition.

  • crash43

    Bristol, what did you call your son at :45 on the video that was cut out…you’re such a …, you cut that out, it must have been bad, but you kept in the F word. WHY?
    If you do that again, if you do that again..please go to parenting classes for Tripp’s sake.

    • Megan M

      She said “he’s such a punk” – she didn’t use any offensive language about her son.

      • crash43

        No Megan, she said “you’re such a … ” right before she said “God is watching you”. Whatever the word was, it was cut out so how on earth do you know what was said?

      • Maleena

        I don’t think anything was cut out. I think she just said “you’re such a..” and stopped. I am quilty of doing that myself.

        • Maleena


    • Emma Lora

      Ask the producer why

      • crash43

        Blame everyone, the producer, the construction guys, Levi, Todd’s buddies, the left, the caregivers, random people on the street, anyone else you want to blame? The point isn’t what Tripp said, it’s how it was handled on the show, Bristol could have made it a teaching moment but instead they sat there giggling and saying “if you do that again” over and over. If she had any sense as a mother she would have demanded this be cut out of the show.

        • Emma Lora

          The whole incident lasted a few moments at the most. What she did hrs or days after is their business. Why should she handle it on TV. so you can judge how she does it? Do you have children? If so are you so judgemental with them, blaming every chance you can get.. if so that is worse then Bristol giggling at a surprise verbal no no that will occur many times and can be taught many times. I’m sure at your age you have by now mastered a gracious, slur free, curse free vocabulary, How do I know….because you are so concerned with how a few moments on the show are handled.

  • CrustyB

    At least Tripp didn’t call his female family elder a “typical white person” like a certain adult-aged racist we all know.

  • Jellybean

    I am so happy this trash family never made it anywhere near the whitehouse.

    You want everyone to treat you with respect, yet you refer to President Obama as, “the adult spokesperson.” You are such a child, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You are just like your mother, and that’s not a good thing. And now you are raising your kid to be a bigoted homophobe like the rest of you.

    • crash43

      And they did it all to themselves..they will never be anything more than tabloid gossip. Even the Republicans are staying away from them.

  • Dee

    Seriously, so because some of you do not like the Palins you automatically blame Bristol and her family for something that Tripp supposedly heard “from one of his caregivers”. Come into this century folks. We never said the “F” words around our kids but after attending public schools, etc. they would call kids faggot, etc. . There are people everywhere that use this language he did not necessarily pick this up from his relatives. Tripp is to young for school you say… well I know that, but they do take him to public places, playgrounds, etc. they are not standing on top of him every second of the day. Grow up people. I wonder how some of you would react if this was a liberal complaining that the conservatives were saying the same thing about them. … Katie bar the door! The liberal newspapers need to just keep their thoughts to themselves. If they are looking for news why not look at the government, plenty to write on what is going on there instead of picking on a single mom and her 3 year old son. Really…. Hmm… lets see what is said on Modern Family or what kind of messages that show and several others send. Point being it is everywhere live and let live cool it Huffington Post why don’t you try doing some real reporting for a change.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Ha ha ha ha. Your side is telling people to “live and let live”? Hilarious.

  • crash43

    Grow up Bristol..they are holding YOU accountable not your little boy..he only repeats what he’s learned. I can’t figure out why you left that on the show…but of course you never comment to anyone on your Facebook or your you even read any of the comments?

  • Joe Pryor

    I love the show! Takes me back to when I was young. I like the fact you are willing to go for the gusto in life be careful with being partners with Gino you won’t like the results. You are correct your mother is a rock star and fearless at that. You both seem to drive liberals crazy, they talk a good game about women’s rights but don’t like strong women? Go figure. Keep up your great spirit it will take you far famous or not.

  • MiddleRoader

    First of all, I know you’re trying your best to be a good mother. It’s a learning experience for all of us. However, as I’m sure you realize after watching the clip, laughing at a child’s inappropriate behavior is not the best parenting choice. I don’t really care that much what word he used, but you cannot unequivocally say Tripp does not use slurs, because if not this time, there eventually be a time. As you yourself state, he is exposed to all kinds of people (and that’s a good thing!) I’m a special ed teacher, and let me tell you, some of these kids who I’m sure have been on the receiving end of what I call “intellectual capability slurs,” and whose parents would never use such words at home, call each other those words. And they don’t use them innocently; they use them to hurt the other person. So you need to prepare in advance what you will say when he uses hurtful terms and inappropriate language.

  • Truth

    Maybe Tripp heard Vice President Joe Biden say ‘This is a big fucking deal’ on all the major TV networks. I like how the good liberals at HuffNutPost reported it.

    “Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps overcome with excitement”

    You liberals are pathetic people.

    • crash43

      Last time I saw Biden on the news he wasn’t 3 yrs old. People don’t normally turn in to a family show to listen to a 3 yr old get bleeped and his mother laughing at him. Wonder what the Duggers and Kate think ..I’ll bet their kids weren’t picking up F-words when they were 3.

  • Carol

    Obviously this would be an appropriate time for Daddy to come home, but Bristol threw him out with the trash. Big mistake. The boy is deparately in need of his father.

  • crash43

    The biggest mistake here was Bristol allowing this to be part of her show but maybe it was done on purpose to CAUSE a controversy trying to draw more viewers to her low rated show.

    • GrizzlyMom

      DING DING DING! We have a winner! I completely agree crash. Bristol LOVES that this got picked up and is generating some buzz for her barely watched show. And then she capitalizes on it and plays the victim card. Maybe they aren’t as stupid as they look.

      • crash43

        Why do you think she never said a word about it until the day before her show..probably planted the HP article.

  • Patsy Carlisle

    Every parent has had a child that slips up and says something that makes you blush and embarrassed. Bristol and Tripp are no different. Every time she blogs there are a few of the same people who try and make something terrible and berating. They are so pathetic in their attempts to bring down a young mother and son. Too bad their parents didn’t teach them to be nice.

    • Jessica

      Too bad Mamma Grizzle Sarah didn’t teach nice to Bristol. Now she sprends hate to her young child that doesn’t know any different.

      • Truth101

        Jessica, You need to look in the mirror and you will see what hate looks like.

  • susan


  • Dennis McHale

    The haters will hate, a lesson learned, lets move on.

    • Erick

      How old are you? Only middle schoolers say “haters” as a response to opposing views.

  • john

    …why is this tart even on tv?

  • Taylor

    I wonder why some commenters are even here, i.e., Crash43 and GrizzlyMom. You really believe this was contrived by Bristol? Get a life. It happened. I raised a son myself as a single mother, and he said the darndest things whenever. Personally, I admire Bristol for what she is doing in raising Tripp. She seems to have a pretty good thing going with Gino, and he truly cares for Tripp. I say good job, Bristol. Keep up the good work, God bless you and your family and carry on.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Taylor of course this is contrived. The entire show is setup. Bristol has no real talent. She has no education. She clearly wants to be a celebrity while simultaneously bashing anything and everything Hollywood. She makes political statements like she has something to back it up with other than the fact that her mother was a Governor. If this were anyone else…say Tara Reid…and she was making political commentary while filming a ridiculous reality show you guys would be crucifying her.

    • Jessica

      Yea why are you on here? And your not on TV… The public holds her to a higher standard then you!

  • Iowagal

    What I don’t understand is why they are even reading this blog (Crash43, GrizzleyMom & Carol) You obviously don’t support Bristol or her family, so why read what they have to say? It makes me laugh at all the people who have nothing but bad things to say about Bristol and her show yet they took the time out of their day to read her blog? Anyway, LOVE the show Bristol! I think you’re doing a great job with Tripp.

  • Tawny Jones

    You don’t have to be politically correct or nice to limp-wristed liberals, Bristol. We love you and we think Tripp is very cute.

    • Jellybean

      Another bigot in the palin posse fan club! Are you proud that you are a homophobic bigot tawdry?

  • Lea

    This situation reminds me of my co-worker who isn’t very smart, but is a pathological liar. The combination of the those two traits results in her lying about everything to get out of trouble but not being smart enough to realize that everyone knows she’s lying…teach that poor child how to love and respect instead of how to lie poorly.

  • cristometh palin

    So now its the left making things up. Bet they crawled in your window and taught your brat to say those things. Get an education and take parenting classes dear. Btw the huff wasn’t the only one reporting it that way. Check your facts first moron. Your followers are just like you, inbred uneducated bible thumping idiots

    • Jellybean

      He said faggot, no doubt about it. Bristol is a liar.

    • Rebecca

      So I will be the first to say I’m not one to judge someone and how they live life behind closed doors but when you put your life on t.v giving me the right to have a opinion on how you did choose to handle a problem .First let me say your a young mother and I can see your trying your best and fully give you credit for that however when your son is sitting holding someone who he loves and considers a father calling him daddy and crying to keep him around I understand people who fight and sometimes it can happen in front of the children but you could have just left well enough alone rather than breaking Tripps poor little heart,as well as Gino and yourself keep your personal relationship away from that poor boy his real father is A BUM, and the one man he does adore and knows should be respected and always looked at in a great light.Do I think your a bad mother NO HOWEVER this whole episode broke my heart for both boy’s as I said I do NOT know what you and your bf have been through but let that baby have a choice as to keeping a man he loves around.As for”Meth” Your seriously going to call her a inbred please take a look at your response on these blogs really you are the one who is narrow minded .Go back to school and learn something worth writing about . Oh also try to pick up a few manners along the way they teach you those in Kindergarten so please feel free to tag along with the youngest member of your family ,maybe if you say please they will share a snack but remember MANNERS!

    • Colleen

      How sad that you have nothing to do but post nasty things on a conservative young woman’s blog. I am always amazed at how the left contains some of the most bitter angry people I’ve ever encountered. Bristol has a positive message, and by the way, I am not inbred, as our family is ethnically and racially diverse, I am most definitely educated, and I’ve never thumped a Bible, as nearly as I can recall. Is there such a thing as a tolerant liberal? – I think not. You have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with you; there’s no place in your tiny limited world for differing views. What a hypocrite you are – you are the one who needs an education, and I’m not talking about post secondary and post grad degrees either. You need an education in decency and good manners.

  • As a wanna-be parent who has not yet been blessed I must admit that my best friend has taken me to task for using certain language around her daughters … they are very attentive and learn new language quickly … to all others who may read this, please keep in mind that we are used to using such language not being around children so we must be very careful when we ARE around children so that we don’t give their parents problems like this

  • cristometh palin

    Truth101 and liberty….lmfao. you 2 pathetic jackasses don’t even know the meaning of those words. Shove your heads back up your asses. That’s where they belong.

  • Realist

    I cannot believe that we are still even speaking about gay marriage. We live in a country that you can pretty much do what you want when you want to and at least attempt to follow your dreams. Bristol Im going to be honest with you I think that you still have a lot of growing up to do before you are able to tackle these subjects. Wasilla is a small town in Alaska and you need to see more of the world and actually integrate yourself into other cultures prior to making statements that spark so much controversy. I have seen your show and how quickly you left LA and your reaction to the drunk at the bar who made a bad statement about your mother. President Obama is simply stating something that is true most people of his generation are not as accepting or do not understand Gay relationships. For many years being gay was considered a mental illness. I am Jamaican and I come from a multiracial family, I also have a PHD in psychology and im 35 my work is primarily with children and adults with disabilities. I have seen it all and I know what it is like to have a child with a disability so I can sympathize with your mother and Trigg and all the negative things people may say. But you are still very young and it shows in your anger and the manner in which you spout off when people attack your beliefs. As a christian woman I get it I understand that what God says is law and that not because you are a christian and a woman doesnt mean your husband controls your life. What you need to understand is that as you make your way into this world and I do see you running for office because you have the passion for it be slow to anger and listen then you will know how to deal with things in a manner that is calm and coming from a place of contemplation and good common sense. I love Tripp he is so cute and not to worry he will be fine you are a great mom!!!! 🙂

  • Realist

    People he is 3 years old are you serious??? Let me put my 3 year old god son on TV I would be apologizing every day.

    • Elaine

      I hear you. With the every day language of people these days, it’s difficult to “shield” kids from that. Get OVER it. Don’t ever expect a child to be “politically correct.” My 4 year old daughter told a woman, who was telling her she was “cute” in the grocery store, that she had BAD BREATH! 🙂 Kids say the darnedest things, even LIBERAL kids, so please don’t teach your own kids to be as HATEFUL as you are. Some of these comments really show your IGNORANCE and INTOLERANCE for anyone elses views.

    • Judson

      Me and my siblings didn’t act that way. Out of two sets of cousins, one group acts this way, and the others are perfectly behaved. Kids don’t do this unless the parents are bad at their parenting.

      • Colleen

        Are you serious? Obviously, you have no children of your own. I have raised 3 in a solid stable home with two parents, and we left no stone unturned in our efforts to raise our children well. Even so, kids deal their parents plenty of humbling moments along the way. Anyone who says his/her children are always “perfectly behaved” is either delusional or a liar.

        • TinaMarie

          Amen Colleen! My son says things to me sometimes that I NEVER SAY! That doesn’t make me a bad parent and whatever Tripp said on this episode is no fault of Bristol. I can be flipping through the television and a bad word goes by, I don’t even notice it and twenty minutes later my son will say it. She was probably giggling because she was embarrassed and honestly has no control over what is shown on television.

  • Jud

    If you don’t like what Bristol says then stay off of the blog. Grow UP!!!

  • Lynn


  • I think you are a strong chick for taking the time to really stand up for yourself. Just stumbled upon this blog of yours and i am happy I did. You go girl!

  • Ahmed

    No one is attacking your son, Bristol. The issue is that he clearly picked it up from you or other members of your hateful brood. Maybe you can work past the persecution complex and focus on getting him through high school, an accomplishment not shared by you or any of your rotten siblings.

  • Bristol

    First your sons cars eat wasn’t strapped in properly because it was leaning(on the last episode of your show) second you wonder why you can’t even get your son to not run into traffic, maybe he is not listening to you because you are telling him things like your going to get him a new daddy. Who says those things to a little kid it’s hard enough that he doesn’t see his real dad then you go and have him start calling a new guy daddy then just as soon as he’s getting used to that one your gonna take that away from him too . And don’t blame it on being a single mom your not the first person to raise a kid by yourself there are thousands of people that do it everyday with less money and less help than you have and guess what they still manage to raise well behaved and very well mannered kids so maybe you need a reality check and you should go to parenting classes so you can learn that what you’re doing to Tripp will leave him emotionally scared for the rest of his life

  • Demy

    Bristol, I love watching your show and look forward to it every Tuesday. I’m democrat, but I don’t let that affect me while I’m watching your show. Except it really does hurt me when you bring it up there or as you did in this blog. Just leave the politics out of it please. If you want to “set the record straight”, then do that. But there’s no reason to involve the political part in it too. It hurts your left winged viewers and I would love it so much more if you just left it out 🙂

  • Charli Chad

    I love you! You’re always helping others and doing greatness for the world instead of harm. It starts with one. and that Twitter follower is right. Stay strong, God bless!

  • shellee

    So, I hope you see this Bristol – it will be one of the comments that really meant as support – instead of stoning you with with judgmental comments that have no wisdom or light, Anyway, i was a single mother of one little boy at the exact you are right now. I am further down the path now, and I can look back and see what turns and potholes that could have saved me a lot of heartache, if I had just. I could send u books and books of why you should and what you shouldn’t do as far as love is concerned – but I will only give you two – first of all Gino: whether things work out with you two, or with anyone … please don’t put Trip in the middle. It broke my heart how he held on to Gino, and begged you not to kick ‘his daddy out.” That only makes your baby not trust you – he trusts that Gino will always keep him safe. And over such an not important subject makes our kid think that if they do something the mother doesn’t like, the mother will throw them away if they do something wrong too. too. I hope you see that…that is really important as a mother. If Gino had done something that warranted throwing him out on the curb, would be one thing, but he didn’t, and Trip knew it enough to stick up for his ‘daddy’ … u should listen to that baby – they only know right and wrong. That u told that baby you would find him a better daddy – when you were the one throwing the daggers at Gino is not a way to teach trust to a kid. He already trusted Gino. There is an old Indian proverb – ‘ don’t sweat the small stuff … and everything is small stuff.’ You have seen the horrors of this world; at least I hope you have…there are people raping babies in this terrible world. Women can make or break men. One is selfish – one selfless. Why waste your good life on a simple comment that ended up scaring your baby and hurting the wonderful guy who has done nothing but try to please you. Children are so incredible Bristol … they don’t know how to be confusing. Everything for them is black and white. Gino represents security for Trip – yet you left that safe place for Trip in the middle of street in the middle of nowhere? If Gino had slapped you, or was cruel – truly cruel, then you would have had every right to do what u did. Gino would never do that. Really, good men don’t require a lot … just to be loved and respected…that’s all we really want. All in all, this is what I have learned about love … love as a mother and love as a woman – I new I had finally grown up when I could love the son and love the man more than I loved myself. That is mature love – when u put someone above yourself. Things still might not work with man – but at least you will be able to look back at your life and know that you did all you could for loves sake. I wish you the best of life and hope that you can selflessly pass it forward.

    • Diane

      I hope you read this Bristol and keep an open mind. I agree with Shellee about your relationship with Gino and your son. I enjoy watching you show and your son is beautiful. I was never a single mom but had a husband who travelled for long periods of time for work. There were many times I was alone with the kids for weeks at a time and it is very difficult to be alone as a parent. On your show, it appears Trip’s biologic father is not involved on a consistent basis with him. It broke my heart to see him hanging onto to Gino when you made him get out of your car in the middle of no where. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a child to be become attached to an adult who treats him as well as Gino appears to and have that adult ripped from his life. I do know that if my husband and I argued when my children were young it upset them very much. We worked hard not to argue in front of them but children are very sensitive and even recognize tension between a mother and father (or father figure). Please think hard about allowing any man into your life until your son is much older. It has to be very hard for a child to develop attachments to a boyfriend and then loose that person in their life. Trip should come first before your needs. Sorry, but that is what happens when you become a mother. You put your needs behind that of your children. I realize you are young but you are growing up quickly. I wish you and your son all the best gifts of life.

    • james

      stfu… please.

  • Magic Eyes

    Douchebag.” Or maybe it was willow, I don’t know. It was very clear. So, if this is the language used in front of Tripp, then we can assume the women use foul language in general and a child picks up on it.

  • Marissa

    Just wanted to say that I think you are a WONDERFUL mother and ignore any rude comments. Half these comments probably come from people that don’t know what a challenge it is to raise a child. I have a 9 month old little boy who I have been raising on my own for the past 6 months while my fiancé is in Afghanistan and it is not easy. You’re an inspiration and someone I look up to!

  • Courtney

    F bomb or faggot, both should not be coming from a three year old’s mouth. You might laugh (even in a shocked way) at how funny it sounds when Tripp says it, but he sees you laughing and thinks noone will do anything about it. I just want to say that I am a single mom, not to a boy, but a girl. So it is a little easier for me. I do remember someone telling me, “Laugh now but cry later.” I try to keep that in my mind when my daughter acts up.

    Another thing, I was REALLY insulted in one of your episodes where you shot Levi’s book with the shotgun and said “This is for all the single moms.” I was insulted. I would never want to do that. That was not one of your brighter ideas. Very irresponsible. And immature.

    I happen to agree with EVERYTHING that Shellee says. She hit it spot on. I also believe that you should listen to Willow more. She’s got her head on straight, and has smarts too. Dont treat her like a child, she’s growing up emotionally. (Somewhat. XP)

    I don’t agree with everything you do, but I really hope the best for you. Its obvious Levi isn’t around (at all??? who knows..) so you have to be a mom and dad to an emotional 3 year old. I do hope for the best for you, and you handsome son. He is so adorable, btw.


    Hi Bristol, just wanted to write you a little message and tell you as an older 38 year old mother of two, a 20 year old and a 3 year old i love watching your show on Tuesdays. I am on pins and needles waiting anxiously for next weeks episode. I really hope and pray that you and Gino get back together and make it work. I’m sure you’ve seen the ups and downs of relationships and of course you don’t have to settle but from what i see of Gino he is a very good guy and he really does love and care for your son. Maybe i’m speaking to soon because i haven’t seen the whole show yet but him acting the way he did when you left him on the side of the road spoke volumes, he mentioned you but his focus was on your son and how much he would miss him. I guess something to think about would be if you don’t plan on seriously being with someone it might be best not to have the baby around that person so much. I was a single mother for 15 years so i do speak from experience of being a young mother and the difficulties of juggling everything life throws at you. Your a great mother and I love how your son is always your main priority. Keep up the good work and remember NO ONE is PERFECT not even Gino or Bristol. Good Luck and God Bless!

  • Michael

    I watch your show religiously (because I adore the palin family!!!) and you can plainly see that Tripp said ‘f*ck’.
    Bristol, don’t beat yourself up, kids constantly test their limits. It’s part if being a kid. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. All kids do it! And don’t stoop as low as the liberals. They want a rise out of you.
    Your solid supporters will look past your faults as we know everyone has them. And we will understand the saying ‘kids say the damnedest things!’ haha! Take care and God bless you and your family!!!

  • Realist

    I think all you guys who are criticizing this 20 year old girl that dead beat Levi left to raise this little boy on her own really suck. If you are not a single mother shut up and stop the madness what you all need to be doing is fighting against single parenthood and holding these men accountable for their mess. They sleep with women like they use the toilet they flush and walk away. I want to see how men are going answer to God for all they have done to women who he created for them sad. Bristol at the end of the day like I said yesterday you are doing a great job and I train parenting for a living.

  • becca

    I think that it’s easy for all of us to judge when we are not in someones place or shoes. I think she does the best she can and has created a good life for her son. It isn’t easy with kids and nobody is perfect and everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. I guess I just don’t understand why people come on here to hate. If you are that upset about this blog or the show then don’t watch. Otherwise don’t pass judgement like you know the person. This girl is doing a great job and she doesn’t deserve the negativity for actually sticking up for her beliefs and her family. I wish I heard of more people that did that!

  • Michael

    Oh Jeez, Bristol! Your 3-year old said a word he shouldn’t have said. I guess that means you’re a pathetic excuse for a mother and Tripp is doomed to becoming a delinquent for the rest of his life. YOU MUST BE ASHAMED!!

    (You get the sarcasm, don’tcha??) If the worst thing that happens is that your son occasionally uses inappropriate vocabulary, I’m betting he (and you) will be just fine!! Keep up the good work.

  • Senior Citizen

    Forget what a 3yo boy said. Consider how the supposedly “adult” Palin girls behaved. They giggled and smirked like 3yos themselves. And is anyone surprised? Will anyone be surprised when the 3yo grows up to be a partying high school dropout like his mom?

    • Piscean Gal

      Won’t surprise me at all…

    • YippeeK

      I’ll bet you’ve never giggled like a 3yo. You were probably born an old sourpuss.

  • Raising sons’

    Bristol-I have watched a few episodes of your show and I think that you are doing a great job with raising your son, especially with Tripp not having an involved Father. Anyone(not looking for a reason to bring politics or discrimination to attention), watching that episode where Tripp used a foul word would be able to plainly see that he innocently used the other “F” word. I am LDS and also don’t support gay marriage, but it doesn’t mean that I am discriminating against those that choose that lifestyle. I feel that we can all believe and stand up for what we independently believe is right. Having the ability and privlilege to vote in this awesome country is a huge blessing and we all need to remember that.
    Again, on the note of you raising Tripp…I have two son’s of my own and I even have a wonderful Husband “front and center” and it is still super hard! Boys will be boys and you keep doing what you are doing, keep him grounded and he will turn out just fine.

    • texasace00

      Hate breeds hate..

    • areyouserious

      If you do not support gay marriage, that is discrimination. If I were to prevent you from marrying your “front and center” would that not be discrimination? Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. You are entitled to your opinion, but I just want you to understand that it is still discrimination to not support the “choice” of the gay “lifestyle”. Really? Bristol is doing an excellent job of raising her children? It’s just a slip-up that her son said the f-word? No, you’re wrong. Levi should have custody.

      • Lissa

        Wow, that is an amazingly stupid, judgmental comment about Tripp using the f-word. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to go outside your home these days and not hear that word used – in the grocery store, on the street corner, etc. Obviously, you have no experience with raising children if you think that the fact that a young child has repeated that word makes someone a bad parent. When it happens, you deal with it and correct the child, but unless you raise them in complete isolation, it happens sometimes. Maybe you should look at that oft-used word “tolerance” and learn what it really means.

      • YippeeK

        Descrimination is NOT “the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things”. That sounds like a definition invented by PRIDE or NOW or some other revolutionary leftist extremists organization that doesn’t believe in truth they haven’t made up and approved as beneficial to the revolution. Look the word up in dictionary (you know a scholarly repository of word definitions). Discrimination is actually vital for human survival. Speaking of human survival, if everyone on the planet were gay, the human race would die out. Right there is your natural evidence that the homosexual lifestyle is a harmful deviation from normal healthy human behaviour. History has proven that people who discriminate between healthy and harmful living and choose healthy living, those people live longer statistically. People who “tolerate” harmful living and behaviour tend to suffer more harm than those who don’t. See? Discrimination, when properly used, is good and tolerance is bad. Get a brain (and a dictionary).

  • samiam

    I myself I gay friends and family members, but do not condone their lifestyle, but do believe the government has no right to decide (or a church) who can get married and under what conditions, LOVE IS LOVE) So my views come purely from love. I know many children who will say things at any age that is inappropriate, and their parents and strangers and the adults and even kids around them will react the same way Bristol and Willow did in this situation. No matter what F word was used, or how her parenting skills are, the only reason anyone is questioning her ability and skills is because of her mother and her fame. Would you like it for her to judge you? No! Another problem with our country is that we don’t support our fellow American’s, she just admitted that she has a rough time raising/punishing Tripp, and your going to criticize her for something she just admitted to? Shame on you. Why not give her some advice without being mean? If you are a parent, or have been hurt by hearing a F word than explain to her how not to expose him to that language. Bristol when he is in this environment and it happens just say “little ears are here” continue doing a great job, stand firm on your beliefs and love and your son will know where he belongs and where to go in life. As for the rest of you I hope you all of a guardian who has someone who does the same for you. EAT PRAY LOVE! :d

  • PhillipP

    Perhaps you should be more concerned with getting an education and a real job and less concerned with being on television.

    • Senior Citizen


  • TG

    Boy Oh Boy! Those of you who are parents and bashing this three year old needs for someone to sit in your house or follow you and your kids around with a camera and lets see if they say anything they aren’t supposed to. Or don’t you want people knowing that you don’t have perfect well behaved children? Because as a parent myself I know that there have been times when my children have said said or done things that I just wanted to climb under the nearest chair,couch,or building because of what they said like instead of the word TRUCK “It was look mommy a F*ck” and the looks you get from surrounding people is insane like their kids would never say that. Plus everybody bashing this kid for being an (an unwed mother)where do you people get off?!! You know what she’s not the only unwed mother out there who had to drop out of school to raise her baby so this makes her *dumb and stupid? No it makes her human I know others who have dropped out for no reason at all at least she had a reason and if you think she’s dumb and stupid maybe it’s not her you should be bashing but our educational system that makes it hard on unwed girls to finish school before during and after having and keeping a baby.What’s the matter not enough news going on or are you people just not that creative to be able to find a story that’s not all about bashing a 3 year old and his mother. I’m sure if you follow Obama around and his kids and wife you’ll find something to report on.=)

  • acrannymint

    Most adults I know try to avoid using profanity around young kids. Maybe it’s different in Alaska

  • sarah

    It’s sad how quick people are to judge Bristol, especially those of you who profess to be religious.

  • Tina Johnson

    I saw that episode and Tripp definitely did NOT say fa**ot. He most def used the F and so what that she giggled.. I distinctly remember being shocked and lmao when my 5 year old dropped the f bomb.. Kids will be kids and they repeat what they hear.. and if ur a parent u know that when u think ur kids arent listening, trust that they are!! lolAs long as they r corrected she did her job. Bristol u are an amazing Mommy and a VERY smart, articulate young woman.. Im a Democrat and have obvious different political views BUT I love you and your family.. you all are funny, smart, articulate, determined people and I respect that.. I happen to support gay marriage and I support our President BUT for ppl to be rude and hateful to you for speaking your opinion is very childish and wrong.. This is America, we r all entitled to our opinions and beliefs.. OH! and Jenni JWOWW Farley is an illiterate and rose to fame as a drunken lush slut, who the hell is she to challenge anyones beliefs? lol.. Bristol would wipe the floor with her in a debate.. I would PAY to see Im excited to see you back on DWTS Bristol!! Im a huge fan! Dont worry about these haters, just keep following ur heart and stay true to urself always.. I hope you and Gino stay together! U 2 are so cute together and Hes so awesome with Tripp…PS, tell Willow to be nicer to Andy.. I feel so bad for him.. 🙁 LOVE u Bristol!! I think ur awesome!!!!!!

    • Debi Florez

      Thank you Tina Johnson for proving that not all democrats viciously object to opposing views.
      I am a registered Independent (leaning Libertarian) and even though I don’t always agree with Republicans on everything ,we can have a lively,civil discussion on any topic
      I almost always disagree with liberal democrats on nearly everything and that is not likely to change when their answer to every discussion is to make vicious personal attacks instead of trying to use facts to convince me I am wrong. However,Tina,I would love to have a lively debate with you anytime 🙂 you give me hope there are more like you out there.
      You are also right about Bristol’s reaction to her son dropping the F bomb,I reacted the same way when my daughter was small–clamped my hands over my mouth to smother the laughter until I could properly correct her without laughing lol Of course,when she tried it again,I kept my promise and washed her mouth out with soap and that ended that…………..I know that the libs will accuse me of child abuse for it
      but Oh,well it never hurt me or anyone else I know AND it works,once you have tasted it you never want to again lol————to the libs……..we DON”T make them swallow it,just getting the taste of it is enough to make them think before using foul language again
      Tina, I agree with ALL you said about the Palins,Gino and poor Andy 🙁
      Can’t wait to watch Bristol strut her stuff on DWTS, GO BRISTOL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Juanita

    As a woman who found herself pregnant at 17, is a Christian, and am a very active Republican I began watching your show. I cheer for your mom, and family as I believe our Nation has taken on this attitude of what is right is now wrong and vice versa. However, I write this not because of Tripp’s language trip, but because I find it sad how on one hand you and your sister talk about God and what he wants for your lives and in the next breath she/your boyfriend and friends use language on TV that is appalling and not befitting a Christian (I’ve heard you a few times). Perhaps as young woman who profess a faith, you would consider another form of communication that befits God’s children. People are watching YOU all!!! Something to think about….not just for the TV audience, but your son is watching you and those around you to and is (as you know) mirroring all of you. Stay strong!

    • annaed

      Aren’t Christians supposed to wait until they are married to have sex? I’m no fan of the moronic Palin family, but you start out saying that you are a hypocrite, then blast Bristol for her hypocritical behavior. You really have no leg to stand on, so zip it.

  • Paula

    Bristol, I am about as liberal as I can be. I fully support gay marriage. However, I have watched every single episode of your show and love watching you. I think you are an excellent mother and it is clear that Levi is no father of the year. I am an attorney and I have been referring a lot of pregnant teenagers to your show/book so that they can get a realistic view of what to expect. The places in the show where you have talked about the fact that you initially believed Levi would be a good father are incredibly powerful and need to be seen by young mothers-to-be who are making custody decisions. I know very few people with children who haven’t heard them say a curse word occasionally. It is also funny. It’s funny because it is a cute voice saying something it shouldn’t. Laughing does not make you a bad mom. Again, I disagree with you on most political topics, but I love you as a person and I respect you for voicing your opinions.