Bizarre Anti-Catholic Junk Refuted (Series)

Bizarre Anti-Catholic Junk Refuted (Series) April 7, 2016

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The papers below are drawn from my large back-catalogue on Blogspot. I have linked to Internet Archive versions. Be sure to allow a minute or two for them to load, and select archived versions from July 2015 or earlier.



The “Adolescent Theory” of Pervasive Anti-Catholic Mindsets and Behavior [10-4-07]

How Anti-Catholics Often Argue (Massive Use of Ad Hominem, Personal Insult, Smear Tactics) / My Humorous, Satirical Retorts [2-24-10]

Anti-Catholic Luminary Eric Svendsen: Is His Active Online Presence Kaput? A Fond Remembrance of His Antics and Follies [4-25-10]

Frank Turk and Phil Johnson Reply to My Critique With Christlike Examples of Charity and Reason / James White’s January 2001 Resolution to Avoid All Interaction With Me (!!) [7-21-11]

Should We Pray for “All Men” (1 Timothy 2:1) or Not? Bible and Calvin Say Yes; Anti-Catholic Calvinist Ron Van Brenk Sez No / Van Brenk’s Website Devoted to Deviant Sexuality [11-16-11]

Anti-Catholic TAO Compares Catholics Who Want to Help Pal John Bugay During His Financial Distress, to the King of Sodom (While John is Similar to Abraham and the Prophet Elisha); His Sophistical Bible Butchery and Eisegesis Exposed [11-24-11]

Dishonest, Illogical Sleight-of-Hand (From Anti-Catholics TAO and Ken Temple) in the Accusation of Alleged Catholic Idolatrous Worship at Mass [4-11-11]

New Low in Anti-Catholic “Humor”: St. Thérèse of Lisieux as Hitler / John Bugay Tries to Justify it Based on Historic Anti-Semitism [11-24-11]

Anti-Catholic “Rhology” (Alan Maricle) Mocks Catholic Pro-Lifers and the Rosary: Says it Makes Demons “Laugh Uproariously” [2-7-13]


Interacting With Sophists: Reflections on “Debates” With Anti-Catholic Polemicists [11-27-00]

My Pal Talk Runaround With Anti-Catholic Apologist Matt Slick [9-2-03]

What is it With Anti-Catholics & Written Debate? (The Sad Case of Eric Svendsen as a Typical Example) [10-4-04]

Live Chat Debate With CARM Founder Matt Slick: “Is Catholicism Christian?” to Occur Soon / Oops! No it Won’t After All [3-12-07]

Six Anti-Catholics Challenged: “Is Catholicism Christian?” (All Declined) [10-8-07]

Chat Room Debate Challenge to “Turretinfan”, “Saint and Sinner”, and Gene M. “Troll” Bridges: “Is Catholicism Christian?”  [declined to debate as proposed on 10-27-07, after lengthy ruminations and maneuverings (Link One / Link Two); see additional related puerile inanities] [10-8-07]

“Turretinfan’s” Utterly Ridiculous Rationale For Refusing to do a Chat Debate is Laid Bare on The Supplement Blog [1-27-08]

Clarification of Why I No Longer Attempt Debate With Anti-Catholic Protestants [7-4-09]

My Basis For Refusing to Debate Anti-Catholics Any Longer Exactly the Same as James White’s, For Refusing to Debate Certain Catholics [7-7-09]

“Turretinfan” Goads and Baits for Debate / Double Standards of Anti-Catholic Reformed “Moderator” Rev. Reed DePace, Who Now Classifies Me as a “Swine” [6-8-10]


Did the Catholic Church Change the Ten Commandments to Bolster its Alleged Gross Idolatry? (vs. Eric Landstrom) [9-4-04]

Quasi-Anti-Catholicism & Baptism as Minimalist Cause of Catholic Inclusion in the Covenant / Mary to be Promoted to the Godhead? (vs. Douglas Wilson) [11-7-04]

Eric Svendsen Sez Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr. James Dobson Betray the Gospel and R Lousy Evangelicals, in Distinct Danger of Damnation [4-28-05]

Zwingli, Bucer, and Oecolampadius Said Martin Luther and Lutherans Weren’t Christians [1-10-08]

Why Many Apologetics Books (Including My Own) Do Not Carry the Imprimatur / Profoundly Desperate Anti-Catholic “Arguments” [5-30-08]

On the Sincerity and Good Faith (and Profound Ignorance) of Anti-Catholics [10-7-08]

Anti-Catholic Calvinist “Turretinfan” Sez That God “Wants” Men to Sin; “Ordains” It [2-17-10]

“Turretinfan” Calls a Statue of Our Lord Jesus an “Idol” While His Buddy Bishop James White Praises the Statues of Calvin, Farel, Beza, and Knox [6-8-10]

Young Earth Creationism Among Leading Online Anti-Catholic Protestants [9-18-10]


Anti-Catholic Lies and Deceitful Propaganda: Did Pope St. Pius V Claim to be God? Did a Bishop Say Pope St. John Paul II Was God? [2-11-11]

“Pope is God” Charge: Similar Examples of Supposed “I Am God” Statements from Protestants Martin Luther and Heinrich Bullinger [2-24-11]


Self-Publishing and “Podunk Publishing” Efforts of Some of the Leading Anti-Catholic Authors (King, Webster, White, Svendsen) [4-17-09]

More On Self-Published, Momentous Anti-Catholic Books (Such as Those by William Webster and David T. King) [7-18-11]


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Meta Description: Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong’s many outlandish & outrageous encounters with anti-Catholics over 20 years documented.

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