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Asterisked posts are old Blogspot papers drawn from Internet Archive. Be sure to allow a minute or two for them to load, and select versions from July 2015 or earlier.






Fr. Bart Brewer’s Initial “Reason” for Ditching Catholicism [8-15-00] 



The Inquisition Killed 4.9 Million? (John Bugay’s Whoppers) [6-4-10]


Pope Benedict XVI and Eucharistic Adoration: A Response to the Libel of the Holy Father by the Lapsed Catholic Controversialist, John Bugay, and Others (Paul Hoffer) [4-25-11]

Do Catholic Sexual Scandals Disprove Catholic Truth Claims? [11-10-11]


New Low in Anti-Catholic “Humor”: St. Thérèse of Lisieux as Hitler / John Bugay Tries to Justify it Based on Historic Anti-Semitism [11-24-11] *

Jack Chick’s Lies: The Real Alberto Rivera Exposed (including a letter from an Alberto supporter and counter-reply) [7-9-03]


Dialogue on Development of Doctrine (Esp. the Papacy) [2000]

Reply to a Protestant Counter-Response on Development of Doctrine (Particularly with Regard to the NT Canon and the Papacy) [2-26-02] *



Debate: Church Fathers & Sola Scriptura  [8-1-03]

Ten Church Fathers & Sola Scriptura: Reply to Jason Engwer’s Catholic But Not Roman Catholic Series on the Church Fathers [8-1-03]

Refutation of a Satirical “Pauline Papacy” Argument [9-30-03]

Judaizers: “Proto-Catholics”? (Alleged Works-Salvation) [12-14-09]

Exchange With Protestant Apologist Jason Engwer on the Scriptural Relationship of Faith, Works, and Judgment [12-16-09] *

Reply to Protestant Apologist Jason Engwer’s “The Canon and Church Infallibility” (An Alleged Disproof of Catholic Development of Doctrine) (+ Pt. II /Pt. III / Pt. IV) [1-15-10] *

Dialogue With Protestant Apologist Jason Engwer on the Rule of Faith in the Church Fathers, Part One (Papias) [1-18-10] *

Papias, Scripture, and Tradition (Round Two): Dialogue With Protestant Apologist Jason Engwer / Sadly Typical End of Discouse with Anti-Catholics [1-14-10] *

James White is Correct About One Preferable Aspect of Oral Debate (Relevant to Jason Engwer’s Recent Systematic Fleeing from My Opposing Arguments)
[1-14-10] *

Proof That Anti-Catholic Apologist Jason Engwer Ignores an Average of 80% of Catholic Opponents’ Arguments (Four Exchanges With Bryan Cross and Myself) [1-14-10] *

Evidence That Anti-Catholic Apologist Jason Engwer Mostly Ignores Catholic Arguments in “Debate”: Exactly What He Cited From Two of My Recent Papers
[1-14-10] *

Debates with Anti-Catholic Jason Engwer [compiled on 4-21-16]


Inaccuracies of Anti-Catholic Foxe’s Book of Martyrs [2-10-11]

White’s & Hays’ Anti-Catholic Analyses of My Catholic Conversion [Dec. 2004; added dialogue from 2-21-17; additional citations added on 2-24-18]
Debate on Masturbation (vs. Steve Hays) [1-6-07]




“Romanists” Killed 100 Million? David T. King & Other Geniuses [6-29-00]

Was Cardinal Newman a Modernist? Pope St. Pius X vs. Anti-Catholic Polemicist David T. King (Development, not Evolution of Doctrine) [3-6-02]

Chrysostom & Irenaeus: Sola Scripturists?: Refutation of Anti-Catholic Polemicist and Reformed Protestant Pastor David T. King [4-20-07]

Mary’s Assumption vs. Material Sufficiency of Scripture? (Refutation of Anti-Catholic Polemicist & Reformed Protestant Pastor David T. King) [4-22-07]

“Podunk” & Self-Publishing Efforts of Leading Anti-Catholics: David T. King, William Webster, and Eric Svendsen [4-17-09]

John Henry Newman’s Alleged Disbelief  in Papal Infallibility Prior to 1870, and Supposed Intellectual Dishonesty Afterwards (Classic Anti-Catholic Lies: George Salmon, James White, David T. King et al) [8-11-11]

Answer to Sola Scriptura “Prooftexts” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 & Romans 16:15-16 (vs. Reformed Pastor David T. King) [6-26-12]

David T. King and William Webster: Out-of-Context or Hyper-Selective Quotations from the Church Fathers on Christian Authority: Introduction to the Series [11-8-13]

David T. King and William Webster: Out-of-Context or Hyper-Selective Quotations from the Church Fathers on Christian Authority: Part I: St. Cyril of Jerusalem [11-9-13]

David T. King Ignores Sola Scriptura Biblical Disproofs  (Incl. lengthy analysis of 2 Peter 1:20: “no prophecy of scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation”) [11-13-17]


Debate: The Anti-Catholic “Pope as God” Argument  (vs. Paul Mansbacher) [1-1-99] * 
What Year Did Popes Become Antichrist? (vs. John Calvin) [3-11-10]

Six Anti-Catholics Challenged: “Is Catholicism Christian?” Wouldn’t a real debate be nice for a change? (All Declined) [in effect, S&S declined on 10-27-07 by saying “amen” to “Turretinfan’s” decline and giving no indication otherwise after five previous related comments (one / two / three / four / five) ] [10-8-07] 


Dialogue: Are Dissident “Catholics” a Disproof of the Church’s Claims of Doctrinal Unity? (vs. Dr. Eric Svendsen, James White, Andrew Webb, and Phillip Johnson) [May-June 1996] *

Dialogue on the Logic of Catholic Infallible Authority [6-4-96] *

Apostolic [Quasi-] Protestantism?: Dialogue with Eric Svendsen [6-26-96]

Debate on the Nature of the Church and Catholicism [7-5-96]


Dialogue on “Tradition” in the New Testament [1996]

Dialogue with Protestants on Various Aspects of Development of Doctrine (Particularly Concerning the Canon of Scripture) [vs. Jason Engwer & Eric Svendsen] [3-19-02] *

It’s Greek to Me: An Illuminating Encounter With Eric Svendsen [October 2003] *

Eric Svendsen: Catholics Raise Mary to the Holy Trinity [4-2-04]

Luke 1:28 (“Full of Grace”) and the Immaculate Conception: Linguistic and Exegetical Considerations [2004] *

What is it With Anti-Catholics & Written Debate? (The Sad Case of Eric Svendsen as a Typical Example) [10-4-04] *

Eric Svendsen Sez Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr. James Dobson Betray the Gospel and R Lousy Evangelicals, in Distinct Danger of Damnation [4-28-05] *

“Podunk” & Self-Publishing Efforts of Leading Anti-Catholics: David T. King, William Webster, and Eric Svendsen [4-17-09]

Anti-Catholic Luminary Eric Svendsen: Is His Active Online Presence Kaput? A Fond Remembrance of His Antics and Follies [4-25-10] *

Debates with Anti-Catholic Eric Svendsen [compiled on 5-11-16]



Counter-Reply: Martin Luther’s Mariology (Particularly the Immaculate Conception): Has Present-Day Protestantism Maintained the “Reformational” Heritage of Classical Protestant Mariology?(+ Part II | Part III) [4-26-03] *

Second Reply Concerning Martin Luther’s Mariology [6-28-03; massive rebuttal! After this, Swan personally despised me] *

Dialogues With James White (+ Questions About My Editing of Dialogues) [3-1-04] *

Dialogue on My Critique of James White’s Book, Mary — Another Redeemer? (+ Part II) (particularly with regard to the differing views on early Mariology of Protestant Church historians J.N.D. Kelly and Philip Schaff) (vs. James Swan and “BJ Bear”) [3-15-04 and 9-7-05] *

“The Lost Liguori”: The Nefarious Protestant Conspiracy to Conceal St. Alphonsus’ Christocentric Mariology [3-26-04] *

My Use of Luther Biographer Roland Bainton: Does it Exhibit an Undue, Unfair Bias?: Part I: Introduction and Questions About the Older Luther (Including His Nasty Language & Intemperance) [9-19-04] *

My Use of Luther Biographer Roland Bainton: Does it Exhibit an Undue, Unfair Bias?: Part II: Luther and the Artist Lucas Cranach [9-21-04] *

My Use of Citations From Luther Biographer Roland Bainton: Part III: Luther’s Views on the Death Penalty and Persecution [9-22-04] *

My Use of Citations From Luther Biographer Roland Bainton: Part IV: Luther and the Bigamy of Philip of Hesse [9-23-04] *

James Swan’s Opinion and Suggestions Concerning “Lengthy Papers” [9-24-04] *

Anti-Catholic James Swan’s Unique, Ambiguous Use of Religious “Anti” Language [12-29-05] *

Dispute Over the Word “Ass” as a Supposed “Swear Word” (Even Though it is in Calvin, Shakespeare, & the Bible)  (+ Part II / Part III) [April 2007] *

Swan vs. Historical Fact: Luther’s Advocacy of the Death Penalty for Anabaptists & Mixed Record in the Peasants’ Revolt of 1525 [Nov. 2007] *

The Ghost of Martin Luther Interviews James Swan About Dastardly, Wascally Luther-Basher Dave Armstrong (satire related to Swan’s critiques of my use of Luther biographer Roland Bainton) [3-26-08] *

My Comments Deleted from the Boors All Blog For No Reason / Doe’s Ludicrous Double Standards Regarding “Banning” Documented [6-8-10] *

Four Open Letters to Doe, Proposing Mutual Removal of Posts (+ Documentation of His Avalanche of Insults) [6-30-10] *

Anti-Catholic James Swan’s Goofy Anonymous “Reviews” of My Book [6-30-10]


Luther and the “Immaculate Purification”: Tao & John Q. Doe Score Some Points In-Between Attacks But Luther & Doe Adopt Blasphemous Semi-Nestorianism [10-2-10] *

Doe Still Obsessed With My Work (98 Posts!): Pretense of a “DA-Free” Blog, Removal of My Name, & Anonymous Book Reviews [11-18-10] *

Doe Insults Catholic Apologist Scott Windsor, Then (When It Suits His Polemical Purposes) Sez He is a “Man of Integrity” (Esp. Compared to Me) [11-23-10] *

Doe Thinks His Cronies “Turretinfan”, Phil Johnson, & Frank Turk “Crave Popularity” Due to Their Blogger “Followers” Widgets [12-16-10] *

Blistering Anti-Catholic Attack on Lay Catholic Apologetics (Matthew D. Schultz & all the Usual Suspects at Boors All) [1-22-11] *

Humorous Interlude at the Anti-Catholic Boors All Blog [4-11-11] *

Luther’s Lie About the Supposed Utter Obscurity of the Bible Before His Translation and Luther “Expert” John Q. Doe’s Usual Erroneous, Revisionist Opinions [6-15-11] *

Doe’s Tired Intellectually Dishonest Sophistry (His Anti-Catholic Luther Research and its Nefarious Methodological Tactics) [6-15-11] *

Swan’s Glaring Double Standards Regarding “Self-Published” Books (Such as Those by Cronies William Webster & David T. King) [7-18-11] *

“Luther / Esther / Canon” Polemics and Swan’s Attempts to Solely Blame Catholics for a Questionable Luther Citation Passed Down by Three Protestants: an Editor, Major Compiler of Luther Works, and Admiring Biographer [8-20-11] *

Swan Continues His Ridiculous Blaming of Catholic Apologists for Protestant Mistakes or Honest Scholarship, With Regard to Luther’s View of the Canon [8-27-11] *

Am I a Psychotic Madman? Diagnoses from Reformed Protestant Anti-Catholic Polemicist James Swan [2-8-13]

Viral Anti-Catholic Cluelessness: A Classic Example [Facebook, 4-14-13]


James Swan’s Swipes at Paul Hoffer, Ethical Hypocrisy, and the Catholic Answers Forum Suspension Controversy [Facebook, 9-9-14]

Satire on Swan’s Banning Policies: A Must to Avoid [9-10-14] *

Martin Luther’s Belief in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary (+ Reformed Apologist James Swan’s Belittling Contempt of Luther) [9-23-14]

Did John Calvin Believe in Mary’s Perpetual Virginity? (Debate with Tim Staples + Swan’s Usual Unsavory Tactics and Nonsense) [10-12-14] *

Anti-Catholic Polemicist James Swan Bolsters His Reputation as a Dense Amateur Church Historian and Hypocritical Nitpicker Yet Again [Re: Melanchthon and the Bishops and Princes / Facebook, 2-4-15]

The James Swan Insultapalooza Post [Facebook, 2-17-15; the massive hypocrisy of his condemning insults: many of which are actually, rather, true statements about his own inveterate lying about Catholics and Catholicism]

Luther & Veneration of Mary: James Swan’s Revisionism (His Anti-Catholic Nonsense with Regard to Martin Luther’s Mariology & Also My Related Research) [4-22-16]



Dialogue on the Alleged Semi-Pelagianism of the Catholic Catechism  [5-8-02] *

Frank Turk and Phil Johnson Reply to My Critique With Christlike Examples of Charity and Reason / James White’s January 2001 Resolution to Avoid All Interaction With Me (!!) [7-21-11] *



Six Anti-Catholics Challenged: “Is Catholicism Christian?” Wouldn’t a real debate be nice for a change? (All Declined) [Tao Declined to debate as proposed on 10-27-07, after lengthy ruminations and maneuverings (Link One / Link Two); see additional related puerile inanities] [10-8-07]

I Never Define the Word Christian? Huh?!?! (More of “Turretinfan’s” Ceaseless Nonsense) [10-8-07] *

Final Exchange with TAO on the Silliness of His Debate Refusal and Also James White’s Refusal [1-31-08]

A Discourse on The Discourse on the Holy Theotokos (Anti-Catholic Distortion of St. Athanasius) (Paul Hoffer) [4-10-09]

TAO’s Continued Use of the Pejorative Papist (+ Part Two) (Paul Hoffer) [6-23-09]

Anti-Catholic Calvinist “Turretinfan” Sez That God “Wants” Men to Sin; “Ordains” It [2-17-10; posted to Facebook on 3-16-17]

“Turretinfan” Calls a Statue of Our Lord Jesus an “Idol” While His Buddy Bishop James White Praises the Statues of Calvin, Farel, Beza, and Knox [6-8-10; posted to Facebook on 2-7-17]

“Turretinfan” Goads and Baits for Debate / Double Standards of Anti-Catholic Reformed “Moderator” Rev. Reed DePace, Who Now Classifies Me as a “Swine” [6-8-10] *



“Podunk” & Self-Publishing Efforts of Leading Anti-Catholics: David T. King, William Webster, and Eric Svendsen [4-17-09]

David T. King and William Webster: Out-of-Context or Hyper-Selective Quotations from the Church Fathers on Christian Authority: Introduction to the Series [11-8-13]



The material formerly listed here has been moved to a new page: Bishop “Dr.” [???] James White: Anti-Catholic Extraordinaire



Anti-Catholicism: The Curse of “Papists” [1-25-91] *

Classic Anti-Catholic Polemicists (Chick, Boettner, & Hislop) [1-25-91]

Anti-Catholicism: Classic Catholic Replies and Retorts [1-25-91]

Are Catholics Christians? (vs. James White) [May 1995]

“Xmas” & the Christian “Fish”: Etymology & History (vs. Matthew Bell) [12-22-98]

Sophistry: Reflections on “Debating” Anti-Catholic Polemicists [11-27-00]

Development of Doctrine: Anti-Catholic Gross Ignorance and Disparagement of Cardinal Newman and Historical Development of Christian Doctrine [3-19-02; posted to Facebook on 3-20-17]

How Anti-Catholics Can be Catholics’ Brothers in Christ [4-18-02] *

Books by Dave Armstrong: Twin Scourges: Thoughts on Anti-Catholicism and Theological Liberalism [June 2003]

Quasi-Anti-Catholicism & Baptism as Minimalist Cause of Catholic Inclusion in the Covenant / Mary to be Promoted to the Godhead? (vs. Douglas Wilson) [11-7-04] *

The “Moderate” Heinrich Bullinger: More Evidence of Rabid Anti-Catholicism in the Protestant Founders [1-16-07; posted to Facebook on 2-6-17]

Old website editions of the Anti-Catholicism Page preserved at the Internet Archive (much material later deleted or modified: choose from between the dates of 6-11-04 and 2-11-07)

Prayer For Our Non-Catholic Brothers and Sisters (Especially Those Who Do Not Regard Us As Their Brothers and Sisters in Christ) [6-2-07] *

The “Adolescent Theory” of Pervasive Anti-Catholic Mindsets and Behavior [10-4-07; posted to Facebook on 3-16-17]

Zwingli, Bucer, and Oecolampadius Said Martin Luther and Lutherans Weren’t Christians [1-10-08] *

Why Many Apologetics Books (Including My Own) Do Not Carry the Imprimatur / Profoundly Desperate Anti-Catholic “Arguments” [5-30-08] *

On the Sincerity and Good Faith (and Profound Ignorance) of Anti-Catholics [10-7-08; posted to Facebook on 3-16-17]

“Podunk” & Self-Publishing Efforts of Leading Anti-Catholics: David T. King, William Webster, and Eric Svendsen [4-17-09]

Clarification of Why I No Longer Attempt Debate With Anti-Catholic Protestants [7-4-09] *

My Basis For Refusing to Debate Anti-Catholics Any Longer Exactly the Same as James White’s, For Refusing to Debate Certain Catholics [7-7-09] *

Mary as a Guide & Model of Holiness: Mutual Monologues with Several Anti-Catholics + One Real Dialogue [10-14-09]

Is the Anti-Catholic Myth of Total Catholic Apostasy Analogous to the Jewish-Christian Split in the 1st Century? [12-8-09]

Judaizers: “Proto-Catholics”? (Alleged Works-Salvation) [12-14-09]

Amazing Grace: “Anti-Catholic” Hymn? [11-1-10]

How Anti-Catholics Often Argue (Massive Use of Ad Hominem, Personal Insult, Smear Tactics) / My Humorous, Satirical Retorts [2-24-10] *

Young Earth Creationism of Notable Anti-Catholic Protestants [9-18-10]

Should We Pray for “All Men” (1 Timothy 2:1) or Not? Bible and Calvin Say Yes; Anti-Catholic Calvinist Ron Van Brenk Sez No / Van Brenk’s Website Devoted to Deviant Sexuality [11-16-11] *

High Praise from a Protestant Critic of Mine [sarcastic title: Facebook comment on an anonymous critic who claims that no Protestant apologist takes me “seriously” at all; 12-22-11]

C. S. Lewis’ Belfast Childhood & Contra-Catholicism [6-26-12]

Pitting Paul Against Peter (Pathetic, Pitiful Pedantry): Reply to Failed Anti-Catholic Protestant Attempts to Tear Down St. Peter and His Papal Authority [8-10-12]

Dialogue on Newman’s Kingsley / “Apologia” Controversy [11-27-12]

Dialogue on Jihadist & 16th Century Calvinist Iconoclasm (vs. David Scott) [9-27-13]

Multiple Meanings of “Paradise” in Scripture and Anti-Catholic Cluelessness About Literary Genre  [see also the accompanying Facebook discussion][12-1-14]

Bizarre Anti-Catholic Junk Refuted (Series) [compiled on 4-7-16]

Debates with Anti-Catholic Polemicists [compiled 4-20-16]

Brief Exchange with an Anti-Catholic Regarding Whether Catholicism Teaches a False Gospel [Facebook, 3-18-17]

A Friend of 34 Years (Who is Anti-Catholic) Would Rather End Our Friendship Than Read and Discuss One of My Papers [Facebook, 8-11-17]





Eric Svendsen’s & Other Anti-Catholics’ Inconsistent Use of Anti-Evangelical as a Description of Catholics [6-4-04]*

Ironies of Anti-Catholic Reformed / The Loaded Term “Papalism” (Revised) [11-19-04] *

On the Objectionable Use of the Terms “Romanist” and “Papist” [11-20-04] *

The Strange Saga of James White’s On-Again, Off-Again Use of the Pejorative Terms “Romanism” and “Romanist” [5-19-05] *

I Love the Word “Popish”: Steve Hays and Bigoted Anti-Catholic Titles [6-10-05] *

James White’s Use of “Anti” Terms & More “Tired” Rhetoric and Anti-Catholic Terminological and Ethical Double Standards [6-15-05] *

More Examples of Eric Svendsen’s Hypocritical Double Standards for “Anti” Language [6-27-05] *

Does the Term “Anti-Catholic” Have a Proper Theological Application (as Opposed to Social)? (+ Part II) (vs. Frank Turk) [9-22-05] *

James White Outdoes All With His “Anti” Language [10-10-05] *

Reiterating the Meaning of “Anti-Catholic” With an Anti-Catholic and Getting Nowhere, As Usual (vs. Peter Pike) [9-21-06] *

James White: Anti-Intellectual? (Double Standards in “Anti” Language Yet Again!) [7-12-07] *

James White’s Continued Idiotic Opposition to Catholic Use of the Term Anti-Catholic [8-3-07] *

Anti-Catholic “Turretinfan” Joins His Cronies in Exhibiting “Anti” Language Hypocrisy and Double Standards [9-23-07] *

Our Friend “Carrie” and the Difference Between a “Protestant” and an “Anti-Catholic (Protestant)” [5-7-08] *

Steve Hays and His Band of Merry Mockers Join the “Anti-Catholic” / “Anti-Calvinist” Terminological Hypocrisy Bandwagon [5-13-08] *

Scholarly Use of the Term “Anti-Catholicism” in Precisely the Way I Habitually Use It (the Theological Sense) [7-8-08] *

The Legitimacy of the Term “Anti-Catholic” as a Noun as Well as an Adjective [8-4-08] *

Defense of Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s Use of “Anti-Catholic” in Their Testimony Book, Rome Sweet Home [7-10-09] *

The Term Anti-Catholic is Widely Used by Scholars of Many Types — Including Non-Catholics (Will Anti-Catholics Ever Comprehend This?) [1-14-10] *

Anti-Catholic vs Anti-Catholicism: Is There an Essential Difference? Turretinfan’s and Steve Hays’ Double Standards and Equivocation [9-13-10] *

James White Lies About His Supposed Non-Use of “Anti-” Terminology, and in so Doing Commits Blatant Hypocrisy, Exhibits Serious Log-in-the-Eye Disease  [9-15-10] *

Dialogue with Baptist Ken Temple About the Equivalence (in Intended Purpose) of the Terms “Anti-Catholic” and “Anti-Calvinist”  [9-2-11] *

Debates on the Term, “Anti-Catholic[ism]” [compiled on 5-11-16]





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  • Hi, Dave, it's me, Pito.

    I'd like to know whether there are online Catholic responses to Joseph McCabe's anti-Catholic writings, as he appears very challenging to the Church in some respects.


  • I don't know anything about him; never heard of him. The way to find out would be to do a search of his name and "Catholic" and "replies," "responses," etc. That ought to bring up anything that is out there.

  • I think McCabe is an atheist so you might look at protestant sites as well and find a rebuttal of his stuff.

  • I'd like to do some more interaction with atheist arguments in the near future. I get in the mood for that every couple of years, and occasionally, some excellent dialogues can be had (in-between all the silliness and insults that usually occurs).

  • McCabe, who died in 1955, is not worth bothering with. Hardly anyone would take him seriously nowadays. He was a pro-Stalin kook, as this excerpt from his "Atheist Russia Shakes the World":

    "They have been compelled to acknowledge that out of the horrible miseducated Tsarist Russia, further demoralized by six years of war and two of terrible famine and disease, the "Godless Bolsheviks," as the Catholic press still called them only six month's ago, have created the greatest civilization of our time; that the magnificent spirit of the atheistic Russian people is in as stark a contrast as is conceivable to the cowardice, evasiveness, tortuousness, and self-seeking of the Black International that poisoned the world against them."

    The "Black International" is the Vatican/Catholic Church.

    This ludicrous screed begins with the following observation about the attack on Pearl Harbor:

    "On the very morning on which I begin to write this little book the news comes that Japan has attacked America. It completes my case against the Vatican."


    I don't think Joseph McCabe is "very challenging to the Catholic Church" in any respect.

  • A real nutcase. Thanks for the info. I don't waste my time on kooks.

  • .

  • .