Calvinism & General Protestantism: Catholic Critique (Index Page)

Calvinism & General Protestantism: Catholic Critique (Index Page) October 28, 2011
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Calvinism: Tiny Minority Historically & Demographically [2-10-22]






Dialogue on God’s Middle Knowledge & Foreknowledge (vs. Dr. Alexander Pruss) [1997]

John Calvin: Only God Knows Who is Numbered Among the Elect [1-5-06]


Reply to a Calvinist: Hardening of Pharaoh’s Heart (vs. Colin Smith) [10-14-06]

Catholic Predestination, Molinism, & Thomism in a Nutshell [3-27-08]

Bible vs. Double Predestination (No Reprobate Parallels) [4-22-10]

Romans 9: Plausible Non-Calvinist Interpretation [4-22-10]

Is God the Author of Evil? (vs. John Calvin) [Oct. 2012]

Reply to James White’s Exegesis of James 2 in Chapter 20 of His Book, The God Who Justifies [10-9-13]

God “Hardening Hearts”: How Do We Interpret That? [12-18-08; expanded on 1-4-17]

Does God “Want” Men to Sin? Does He “Ordain” Sin? [2-17-10 and 3-16-17]

Luther (Unlike Lutheranism) Taught Double Predestination [1-11-18]

Atheist Ignorance of Christianity: Typical Example (Calvinists make up only some 5% of all Christians, so why do atheists so often think that Calvinist double predestination is the only accepted view in Christian theology?) [12-12-20]

Hays’ Calvinist Prooftexts #1: “Hardening Hearts” [10-23-21]

Hays’ Calvinist Prooftexts #2: Eli’s Sons (1 Sam 2:25) [10-25-21]

The Lord “Bringing Evil” Means Righteous Judgment [10-25-21]

Hays’ Calvinist Prooftexts #3: Absalom’s Judgment [10-27-21]

Hays’ Calvinist Prooftexts #4: Judgment of Assyria [10-27-21]


“Certainty” of Eternal Life? (1 John 5:13 and John 5:24) [5-8-02]

Total Depravity: Reply to James White: Calvinism and Romans 3:10-11 (“None is Righteous . . . No One Seeks For God”) [4-15-07]

Calvinist Total Depravity: Does Romans 1 Apply to All Men? [4-10-08]

2nd Council of Orange: Sola Gratia vs. Total Depravity [1-5-09]

Dialogue with a Calvinist Regarding Falling Away from Grace or Salvation [7-28-09]

Books by Dave Armstrong: Biblical Catholic Answers for John Calvin [3-11-10]

Gospel = Total Depravity, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace? [4-6-10]

Dialogue: Double Predestination, Total Depravity, & Limited Atonement [4-14-10]

Bible vs. the Reformed Doctrine of Total Depravity [October 2010]

Bible vs. the Reformed Doctrine of Limited Atonement [October 2010]

Calvinist Irresistible Grace vs. the Bible [October 2010]

Calvinist Dialogues with Ghost of Plato [10-31-11]

Should We Pray for “All Men” (1 Tim 2:1) or Not? (Bible and Calvin Say Yes; Anti-Catholic Calvinist Ron Van Brenk Sez No) [11-16-11]

St. Francis de Sales: Bible vs. Total Depravity [11-24-11]

A Biblical Critique of Calvinism (Dave Armstrong): Introduction [10-1-12]

Total Depravity and the Evil of the Non-Elect (vs. John Calvin) [10-12-12]

Refutation of Calvinist Total Depravity [10-12-12]

Can Only Regenerate Men Perform Truly Good Works? (vs. John Calvin) [Oct. 2012]

Books by Dave Armstrong: A Biblical Critique of Calvinism [10-23-12]

Calvinist Irresistible Grace: Biblical? [2013]

Exchange on My Humorous Meme About Calvinism (vs. Dr. Glenn Peoples and William Tanksley, Jr.) / How Satirical Humor Works  [1-6-14]

Good Works and Men, God’s Grace, and Regeneration [National Catholic Register, 8-6-20]


Perpetual Virginity of Mary: Held by All Protestant Reformers [1-27-02]

Luther’s Mariology: Have Catholic Apologists Exaggerated It? (And Has Present-Day Protestantism Maintained the Classical “Reformation” Protestant Mariology?) [4-26-03; rev. 7-15-20]

Protestant “Reformer” Zwingli Denied Original Sin [5-27-06]

“Moderate” Heinrich Bullinger: “Reformation” Anti-Catholicism [1-16-07]

Zwingli: Protestant “Reformer”, Fornicator, & Vow-Breaker [12-20-07]

Zwingli, Bucer, Oecolampadius: Luther & Lutherans Not Christians [1-10-08]

Mary’s Assumption & “Reformer” Heinrich Bullinger [4-6-08]

Mary Mother of God: Protestant Founders Agree (Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and Bullinger) [10-10-08]

Protestant “Reformer” Martin Bucer: Death for Adulterers! [9-18-09]

Turretin & Bullinger Accepted Mary’s Perpetual Virginity [1-5-10 and 6-1-10]

Zwingli’s Belief in Mary’s Sinlessness [9-30-10]

Mariology of “Reformers” Zwingli & Bullinger [4-28-16]




My Respect for Protestants / Catholic Ecumenical Principles [2001; addendum: 1-8-03]

The Real Diet of Augsburg (1530) vs. the Protestant Myth [3-3-04]

Regensburg (1541) & Poissy (1561): Protestant “Ecumenism”? [4-27-04]

Zwingli, Bucer, Oecolampadius: Luther & Lutherans Not Christians [1-10-08]

John Calvin: Authoritative Council Needed to Unite Protestants [1-18-08]

What I Like About Calvinism and Calvinists [June 2009]

John Calvin Rebukes Lutheran “Beasts” and “Evil”, Calls Luther an Idolater [Facebook, 3-23-10]

Total Depravity and Salvation Outside the Church (vs. a Calvinist) [4-4-17]


Protestant Inquisitions: “Reformation” Intolerance & Persecution [June 1991; rev. 10-31-03, 3-7-07, 9-14-17]
“Graven Images”: Unbiblical Iconoclasm (vs. John Calvin) [Oct. 2012]

Protestantism is Too Man-Centered (Extreme Over-Emphasis on the Pastor) [Facebook, 1997]

My Respect for Protestants / Catholic Ecumenical Principles [2001; addendum: 1-8-03]

Catholic Critique of Anglicanism and the Via Media [11-12-01]

Books by Dave Armstrong: Protestantism: Critical Reflections of an Ecumenical Catholic [May 2003]

Protestantism Was Not a Revolt? [6-2-03]

Clerical Celibacy: Hostile Protestant Commentary & Catholic Replies [2-21-04]

The Revised Fundamentalist Baptist Version (RFBV) [5-18-04]

Early Protestant Hostility Towards Science [7-9-04]

Word “Protestant” Stemmed from Intolerance of Catholic Worship [2-8-06]

Why Write “Bad” Stuff About Protestant “Reformers”? [5-22-06]

James White Deacons-Elders-Bishops Controversy (Original title: “Dumbbells and Deacons: Does No Protestant Denomination Whatsoever Regard Deacons as the Equivalent of Pastors and Elders — or Even Bishops?) [6-16-07]

Catholic “Both/And” vs. Protestant “Either/Or” Dichotomies [2-4-08]

George Washington’s Religious Views [5-23-08]

Erasmus vs. Luther Disputes Documented [Feb. 2009]

Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Philip Melanchthon Wax Astronomical and Geocentric, Oppose Copernicus [2-5-09]

Calling of St. Paul & Church Authority: Dialogue w Calvinist [10-24-11] 

Books by Dave Armstrong: The Quotable Wesley [5-2-12]

Dialogue on the Term, “Protestant Reformation” and Proposed Alternatives Like “Era of Reformations” and “Protestant Revolt” (vs. Anglican historian Dr. Edwin W. Tait) [1-7-14]

Protestant & Catholic Holiness, Miracles, & Reform [9-23-14]

Comments on the Question: “Are Protestants Heretics?” [vigorous Facebook discussion on this topic and about anti-trinitarianism, 10-10-14]

“Who Cares About Early Protestant Mariology?” [10-16-14]

Broad Exchange with a Former Catholic, Bible-Only Protestant (vs. John Hallman)  [4-13-15]

“Why Convince Protestants to Become Catholics?” [4-30-15]

Debunking the Mythical Invisible Church [9-14-15]

Arbitrary Bias in the NIV Against “Tradition” [9-18-15]

“Armstrong vs. Geisler” (Series of Ten Mini-Debates) [Facebook, 3-2-17]

Why Do Atheists Almost Always Prefer Protestantism to Catholicism? [Facebook, 10-25-17]

Critique of Ten Exaggerated Claims of the “Reformation” [10-31-17; its 500th anniversary date]

Series of Critiques of Kenneth Collins’ and Jerry Walls’ Book, Roman but Not Catholic: What Remains at Stake 500 Years after the Reformation (Oct. 2017):

My Amazon Review (good overview of #1-#10 below) [10-21-17]

Defense of My Amazon Review [10-23-17]

Odd Trio: Jerry Walls, Ken Collins, & Anti-Catholic John Bugay [10-24-17]

#1: Newman’s Mariology [10-17-17]

#2: Queen of Heaven [10-18-17]

#3: Necessity of Immaculate Mary? [10-18-17]

#4: Mary “Not a Genuine Human Being”? [10-19-17]

#5: The Church “Gave” the Bible? [10-19-17]

#6: Assumption, Queen Redux [10-19-17]

#7: Unbiblical / Non-Patristic Purgatory? [10-19-17]

#8: Heretical Tobit? (Alms & Salvation) [10-20-17]

#9: “Apocrypha” (Jerome, Athanasius, Etc.) [10-21-17]

#10: St. Peter & the Papacy [10-21-17]

#11: Good & Bad Monothelite Heretics [10-22-17]

#12: Salvation (Soteriology) [10-22-17]

#13: “Reformed” Censorship & Intolerance [10-26-17]

Why Not Become a Protestant, Due to the Sex Scandals? [3-7-19]



Dialogue on the Logic of Catholic Infallible Authority [6-4-96]



Denominationalism and Sectarianism: An Anti-Biblical Scandal [1996]

Sacramentarian Controversies (Calvin vs. Luther vs. Zwingli) [3-29-04]

33,000 Protestant Denominations? No! [9-4-04]

“Absurd” Protestant Divisions: Calvin’s Revealing Lament to Melanchthon [2-6-06]

Philip Melanchthon’s Agony Over Protestant Sectarianism [2-8-06]

Bible vs. Denominationalism and Against “Primary / Secondary” Doctrines [8-18-06]

Melanchthon in 1530 Longed for Return of Catholic Bishops [11-30-07]

John Calvin: Authoritative Council Needed to Unite Protestants [1-18-08]

Unbridled Sectarianism, Sola Scriptura, Luther, & Calvin [6-24-09]

Short Dialogue with a Presbyterian and a Baptist on the Definition of “Fundamentalist” [Facebook, 1-7-10]

John Calvin Rebukes Lutheran “Beasts” and “Evil”, Calls Luther an Idolater [Facebook, 3-23-10]

Melanchthon’s Agonized Tears Over Early Protestant Divisions [6-15-11; additions on 10-11-17]

Bible on Submission to Church & Apostolic Tradition / Biblical Condemnation of the Rebellious & Schismatic Aspects of the Protestant Revolt [8-27-11]

Early Protestant “Unity”: Calvin vs. Westphal vs. Luther [11-6-11]

Bishop Bossuet on the Schismatic Nature and Internal Difficulties of Protestantism [Facebook, 1-4-12]

33,000 [?] Denominations & “Thankful” James White [2-20-16]

Church Authority vs. Rampant Sectarianism [9-22-16]

Orthodoxy and Heresy: Biblical Notions? [9-23-16]

“Reply to Calvin” #4: “Primary” & “Secondary” Doctrines [4-3-17]

Catholicism is True and Denominationalism is Anti-Biblical [National Catholic Register, 6-27-17]

Sectarianism & Denominationalism: Reply to Calvin #6 [12-19-18]

Does Sola Scriptura Create Chaos? (vs. Steve Hays) [5-15-20]

Unbiblical Denominations (vs. Lucas Banzoli) [6-9-22]




TV Interview: On Catholicism, Over Against Protestantism [5-1-99]

My Respect for Protestants / Catholic Ecumenical Principles [2001; addendum: 1-8-03]

Word “Protestant” Stemmed from Intolerance of Catholic Worship [2-8-06]

The Catholic “Both/And” vs. the Protestant “Either/Or” Dichotomous Mindset [2-4-08]

On the Definition of “Evangelical” [3-20-08]

Dialogue: Definition of “Christian” (vs. Reformed Pastor) (+ Did Trent Anathematize all Protestants?) [6-5-10]

Reply to Robin Phillips’ Why I’m Not a Catholic [1-31-12]

Michael Voris’ Anti-Protestant Rhetoric [8-8-13]

Should Catholics Try to Persuade Protestants? [5-25-16]

“Armstrong vs. Geisler” (Series of Ten Mini-Debates) [Facebook, 3-2-17]

Critique of Ten Exaggerated Claims of the “Reformation” [10-31-17; its 500th anniversary date]

Response to All-Over-the-Ballpark Criticisms of my National Catholic Register Article, “Here’s Proof That Not Every Protestant Doctrine is Biblical” [Facebook, 3-9-18]

Why Not Become a Protestant, Due to the Sex Scandals? [3-7-19]


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