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I highly urge more mainstream “traditionalists” who read any of the papers listed below, to first read my paper:  Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream “Traditionalists,” and Supposed “Neo-Catholics” (Chapter One of my book, Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism), and also my Introduction to this book. This will preclude needless misunderstandings regarding exactly what I am against, and what I agree with. I am not “against” mainstream “traditionalism.” Thanks! I wrote in my Chapter One, linked above:

I have much in common with “traditionalists”. I admire several things about them: . . . I am usually in agreement with “traditionalists” and consider myself a close ally to them. We disagree on some things, but this is far less than the agreement and unity that is present.. . . I don’t share all of their particular concerns or analyses. Nevertheless, I feel quite close to them, and a strong kinship or affinity.
Also, for a very helpful, thoughtful treatment of the general topic, written by my friend David Palm, the self-described “reluctant traditionalist,” see his essay, What is Traditional Catholicism? I don’t agree with absolutely everything he writes, but I think this is a good aid for drawing the necessary distinctions that are so crucial in discussing these matters.
Pope Francis Defended: Resources for Confused or Troubled Folks [collection of many links: 244 as of 5-30-16]
See also: Errors of Radical Catholic Reactionaries (Collection): 33 archived older papers (Internet Archive) on almost all the topics below

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Sunny Optimism re God’s Guidance of His Church [7-22-11]

Am I a Catholic Traditionalist? (You Decide!) [8-7-13]

Dialogue with Traditionalist “Boniface” Regarding Modernism in the Church [8-16-13]

Crisis in the Church: What to Do About It? [9-12-13]

Conciliation: “Traditionalists” and Other Orthodox Catholics [9-20-13] 

Comment on Catholics Who Have to Understand  Every Last Aspect of the Faith, or Else They are Troubled (Or in Crisis) [Facebook, 12-28-13]

Swishy Bishops, Liberal Dissidents, and “PR” Regarding Pope Francis [10-6-14]

On Traditionalist Use of “Conservative Catholic” [5-8-15]

Do “Right” and “Left” Properly Apply (by Analogy) to an Ecclesiastical Spectrum as well as to Political Analysis? [9-13-15]

Indefectibility, Fear, & the Synod on the Family [9-30-15]

Traditionalism & Apologetics: Allies or Enemies? [1-12-16]

Douthat’s Flawed Critique of “Conservative” Catholicism [3-2-16]

Kevin M. Tierney Trashes Scott Eric Alt, Keating, Madrid et al, and Apologetics [Facebook, 7-1-16]


Syllabus of 60 Radical Catholic Reactionary Errors [2000]

Debate: My “Syllabus of 60 Catholic Reactionary Errors” [11-24-00]

Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. an Optimistic Faith [1-21-01]

Books by Dave Armstrong: Reflections on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Dec. 2002; revised edition: 8-17-13]

2nd Conversion? Reactionary Catholic Absurdities [10-7-03]

Pensées on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [1-5-13]

Canon Lawyer Pete Vere on the Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy [Facebook, 3-30-13]

Rorate Caeli‘s Pope-Basher, Marcelo González: Holocaust Revisionist [4-8-13]


Why I am Critical of Radical Catholic Reactionaries [8-20-13]

Provocative (?) Thoughts on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [8-23-13]

Pope Francis on Cardinal Burke [Facebook, 12-8-14]




Hilary White: Vatican II Ought to be Given a “Dignified Burial” [Facebook, 6-13-14]

Hilary White: Radical Catholic Reactionary Extraordinaire [2-13-16]

Debate with Hilary White: Masonic “Bergoglianism” or Catholicism? [2-16-16]

Hilary White & Reactionary Language & “Reasoning” [2-27-16]

Classic Reactionaryism: Skojec Disses Cardinal Burke [4-12-16]



Origins & Evolution of the Term, “Radtrad” [3-18-13]

Pope Francis & Pope Benedict XVI Refer to “Extreme Traditionalism” [8-5-13]

Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream “Traditionalists,” and Supposed “Neo-Catholics” [revised 8-6-13]

Rationales for My Self-Coined Term, “Radical Catholic Reactionaries” [8-6-13]

“Traditionalist” Concerns Over Labeling and Classifications (Karl Keating’s Word Usage as a “Test Case”) [8-8-13]

On the Use of “Traditionalist” Preceding the Name of “Catholic”  [7-3-13]

Thoughts on the Discarded Term, Radtrad (and on the Discussion About Ditching It, and Attacks on My Sincerity) [8-6-13]

Reply to an Objection to My Coined Term, “Radical Catholic Reactionary” [Facebook, 10-5-17]



“Neo-Catholic” (Silly Radical Catholic Reactionary Term) [4-21-05]

Debate: Am I a Neo-Catholic? (Defined as Theological Liberal / Progressive / Enabler of Modernism) [vs. Mr. X] [6-11-14]



Liturgical Abuses at Mass: What to Do? [2-19-08]

Apologia for the New (Pauline) Mass [6-18-08]

Reactionary & Traditionalist Reaction to Summorum Pontificum [6-23-08]

Dialogue: Receiving Communion (vs. Traditionalist) [6-25-08]

Thoughts on Communion in the Hand [7-13-11]

Death of the Reform of the Reform of the Liturgy? (The Reports are Greatly Exaggerated: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski & Fr. Thomas Kocik vs. Pope Benedict XVI?)  [+ Part Two] [2-24-14] 

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 3-8-14] 

Two Forms of One Rite (Pope Benedict XVI) [11-4-15]

Critique of Criticisms of the New Mass [11-5-15]

Worshiping the TLM vs. Worshiping God Through It [12-16-15]

Traditionalist Misuse of Cardinal Ratzinger’s “Banal” Quote (Regarding the Novus Ordo Mass) [12-17-15]

Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy Redux [3-26-16]

Dialogue with a Traditionalist Regarding Deaconesses (vs. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski) [5-13-16]



Radical Catholic Reactionaries and Vatican II [Facebook discussion, 8-17-13]

Dialogue on Vatican II: Interpretation, and Application (with Patti Sheffield vs. traditionalist David Palm) [9-20-13]

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 3-8-14]

Vatican II Defended Against Reactionary (and Some Traditionalist) Charges [4-25-14; expanded and re-edited: 1-23-17]

Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 12-18-14]

Apologia for Vatican II / Misguided Reactionary Criticisms [8-17-15]

Defending Ecumenism and Vatican II vs. Reactionary Catholics [8-10-17]

Indefectibility, Reactionaries, Vatican II, & Defectibility [?] of the Church [Facebook, 10-27-17]


“Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren’t willing, won’t, and possibly can’t as well.” [Lengthy defense of my “proverb” and of Pope Francis] [Facebook,  1-18-14]

Is Pope Francis Guilty of Mariological Heresy Tradition (His Comments on the Possible Momentary Temptation of Mary at the Cross) [1-19-14]

Who’s Defending Pope Benedict’s  Summorum Pontificum Now? [2-26-14]

Does Pope Francis Think Jesus was a Sinner? (Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross; i.e., Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? [2-27-14]

“The New Gnosticism”: The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis’ Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof [Facebook, 2-28-14]

Pope St. John XXIII & Pope Benedict XVI on “Prophets of Doom” [6-9-14]

Reply to Dr. Phil Blosser’s Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained [8-23-14]

Idiotic Radical Catholic Reactionary  Views of Pope Francis [Facebook, 12-31-14]
Pope Francis: Orthodox & Pro-Tradition [Dan Marcum, Catholic Answers Forum, 1-9-15] [see also a compact, abridged Facebook version]

Critique of Chris Ferrara’s Radical Reactionary Hit-Piece in Opposition to Pope Francis’ Christian Environmentalism [6-20-15] 

Are Modern Papal Encyclicals Too Long? [7-9-15]

Michael Voris on Benedict’s “Immoral” Resignation, Questionable Illness [12-15-15]

The Ridiculous “Anti-Francis” Mentality: My Theory in Brief [12-17-15]

Pope Francis Espoused a Sinning Jesus? Think Again [1-8-16]

On the Endless Second-Guessing of Pope Francis [2-25-16]

Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy Redux [3-26-16]

Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis’ “1968 Moment” [4-8-16]

Defenses of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia [4-9-16]

More Defenses of Amoris Laetitia & Pope Francis [4-26-16]

Dialogue: “Bad” Bishops & “Confusing” Francis (vs. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski) [4-28-16]

Dialogue: Pope Francis Doesn’t Evangelize? (and on the Nature of Dialogue vs. [?] the Gospel; with a Traditionalist) [4-29-16]

Satan Loves Divisions Regarding Amoris Laetitia [5-2-16]

Dialogue: Amoris Laetitia: Confusing or No? [5-3-16]

Amoris Laetitia, “Trads” & Reactionaries [5-4-16]

Pope Francis: Obsessed with “Change”? [5-14-16]  

Robert Sungenis’ Theological & Scientific Errors + His Groundless Attacks on Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict [compiled 5-31-16]

“Confusing” Pope Francis & Prudent Public Discussion [6-22-16]

Ratzinger: Avoid Criticizing Church in “Mass Media”  [6-26-16]

The Real & the Imaginary Pope Francis [6-28-16]

Amoris Laetitia Has Already Been Clarified Many Times, Including by High-Ranking Cardinals (+ very vigorous Facebook discussion) [11-16-16]

Radical Reactionary Affinities in “Filial Correction” Signatories [9-28-17]

Filial Correction of Pope Francis Compared to the Criticism of June 2016 from 45 Scholars and Priests: Significant Reactionary and General Overlap [Facebook, 10-3-17]

Bible Sez: Honor Rulers (incl. Popes) and Don’t Speak Evil of Them. Don’t Even Think Evil [Facebook, 10-15-17]


Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 12-18-14]



“Amazing Grace”: “Anti-Catholic” Hymn? (as Michael Voris thinks?) [11-1-10]

Michael Voris’ Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 Decrees [11-16-12]

Michael Voris’ Ultra-Pessimistic Views Regarding the Church [7-3-13]

Critique of Three Michael Voris Statements Regarding the State of the Church [7-3-13]

Michael Voris’ Anti-Protestant Rhetoric (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8-8-13]

Michael Voris and Historic Communion in the Hand (Standing) (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8-8-13]

Dave Armstrong’ Opinion on Michael Voris’ Outlook [8-12-13]

Michael Voris’ Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries (and Contention that Two Radio Shows on Radical Catholic Reactionaries Have Harmed CA)  [8-31-13]

Michael Voris vs. “Financially Compromised” Apologists (Thus, “Establishment” Apologists Deliberately Avoid Criticizing Bishop???) [+ Facebook discussion] [9-2-13]

Michael Voris’ Fawning Interview with Extremist and Anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, and Responses [Facebook discussion: 9-3-13]

Discussion on Rising Priestly Vocations in the United States and Worldwide [Facebook, 12-3-13]

Has Michael Voris Espoused Geocentrism? (His Interview with Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano) [Facebook discussion, 1-9-14]

Michael Voris Strongly Implies that Many (Most?) Bishops Will Go to Hell / How Much Should We Dwell on Criticisms of Bishops? [Facebook, 1-13-14]

Jeremiad Against Michael Voris’ Latest Doom-and-Gloom Video, The New Church (18 June 2014) [Facebook, 6-19-14]

Michael Voris on Benedict’s “Immoral” Resignation, Questionable Illness [12-15-15]




Robert Sungenis’ Theological & Scientific Errors + His Groundless Attacks on Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict [compiled 5-31-16]



Some Fun Insults of Yours Truly from a Sedevacantist Wacko Site [Facebook, 9-3-13]

Karl Keating on Gerry Matatics (One-Time Good Friend of Scott Hahn’s and Now a Sedevacantist) [Facebook,  9-4-13]

Reply to a Sedevacantist and Those Toying with this Dangerous Error [Facebook, 11-6-14]

Gerry Matatics: Closer to Donatism or Protestantism? (vs. Pete Vere, JCL) [12-30-14]




Waterboarding: Pro and Con [extensive discussion as to whether it is “torture” and therefore, intrinsically wrong; Facebook, Nov. 2014] 

Waterboarding:  Calm Catholic Analyses (Resources)  [19 Dec. 2014]

Clarification of My Position on the Toture / Interrogation Issue (+ Attempted Socratic Debates on the Topic [Facebook, 30 Dec. 2014: 1,013 comments!]

Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part I. The Witness of Sacred Scripture (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Torture and Punishment as a Problem in Catholic Moral Theology: Part II. The Witness of Tradition and Magisterium (Fr. Brian W. Harrison)
Clarification on the Definition of “Torture” (Fr. Brian W. Harrison) 
The Church and Torture (Fr. Brian W. Harrison, This Rock, Dec. 2006)

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff in the Great Torture Debate (Christopher Blosser, The American Catholic, 22 Jan. 2010)
Catholic Advocacy of Torture: A Teaching Moment for the Catholic Bishops? (Christopher Blosser, First Things, 12 Feb. 2010)

What About Torture? (Jimmy Akin, 28 June 2004)
Doubts About Torture (Jimmy Akin, 26 Oct. 2006)
Defining Torture: An Initial Exploration (Jimmy Akin, Nov. 2006)

Defining Torture: Proposing A Definition (Jimmy Akin, Nov. 2006)
Defining Torture: One More Thought (Jimmy Akin, Nov. 2006)

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