Radical Catholic Reactionaries: People, Organizations, & Websites

Radical Catholic Reactionaries: People, Organizations, & Websites December 4, 2019

[providing a service to my readers: avoid all these like the plague]

See my definition explained, and my explanation for coining the termalso, here is my web page on reactionaries, where you can also find my two books on the topic (one / two).

The Remnant (Michael J. Matt and Chris Ferrara)
One Peter Five (Steve Skojec)
Lifesite News
Catholic Family News
aka Catholic (Louie Verrecchio)
Rorate Caeli
Church Militant (Michael Voris)
Toronto Catholic Witness
Vox Cantoris (David Anthony Domet)
Robert Sungenis
Hilary White
Peter Kwasniewski
Henry Sire (Dictator Pope)
Taylor Marshall (Infiltration)

Asserting this is not the same as saying:

1) That they are totally evil people.
2) That they are insincere.
3) That therefore, not a single good thing ever appears on their sites.
4) That they are not Catholics.
5) That they are not orthodox Catholics in ways other than the hallmarks of this belief-system.
6) That no conceivable criticism of Pope Francis or any pope can ever be made (I have made a few myself).
7) That no one else has any opinions similar or identical to theirs.

But it’s saying that they are radical Catholic reactionaries. I myself coined this term in August 2013, in order to distinguish this more radical mindset over against legitimate traditionalists: to whom I am very close in belief and spirit in many ways, and over against the more radical irregular groups (SSPX and sedevacantists and suchlike).


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(originally 5-7-19 on Facebook)

Photo credit: Portion of the book cover for The Reactionaries, by John R. Harrison (Schocken: 1967) [Amazon book page]


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