Political, Ethical, & Moral Issues (Index Page)

Political, Ethical, & Moral Issues (Index Page) November 9, 2006

30 years of Solidarity (Polish trade union) mural in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski (priest Jerzy Popiełuszko in foreground); photograph by “Krugerr” (8-15-10) [Wikimedia CommonsCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license]


Asterisked papers are older Blogspot versions, from Internet Archive. Allow a minute or two for them to upload and choose versions from July 2015 or earlier.



The Catholic “Third Way” in Socio-Political Thought: Reflections on the “Great American Mush God” of Civil Religion and Morality [1-24-02]

Catholic Politics: Neither “Left” Nor “Right”, But Radically Orthodox or the “Radical Center” (+ My Own Views) [10-24-06]

Ruminations on Civic Duty, Patriotism, and Military Service in Relation to Our First Allegiance to God [Facebook, 11-14-11]

Should Catholics Ditch the Word, “Conservative”? [7-4-14]

Political Apathy, Cynicism, and the “They’re All Exactly the Same” Immoral Equivalence Myth Are All Inexcusable Cop-Outs [Facebook, 10-4-14]

My Political Views in a Nutshell [Facebook, 10-4-16]

“Radical Center”: The Catholic Faith is Far More Important than Political Differences (+ earlier related remarks) [Facebook, 11-29-16]

High-Ranked Demon Screwtape on Civil War in Catholic Ranks Over Politics [Facebook, 2-9-17]

Are Patheos Catholic Writers Overwhelmingly “Liberal”? [4-2-17]

Rod Bennett Makes a Great Point About the Liberal and Conservative Outlooks (in the broadest “temperament” sense of those terms) [Facebook, 8-10-17]

This “Conservative” is Very Passionate About Social Justice [8-31-17]

Dialogue on Karl Keating’s Panning of the State of the Union Speech [Facebook, 2-3-18]

Robert F. Kennedy & How Democrats Used to Be [6-7-18]

Journalism is Dead / Dialogue is Dead (RIP) [6-19-18]



‘Twas the Month After Election (A Satirical Poem) [included in my collected Christmas poems: about the 2000 election] *

Christians Voting 4 Pro-Aborts?!?! [4-4-04]

The Pathetic “One-Issue Voter” Canard on the Abortion Issue [9-10-08] *

Initial Reaction to the Supreme Court’s Obamacare Decision: Win-Win Scenario (+ additional follow-up discussion) [Facebook, 6-29-12]

Vigorous Discussion (and My Rants) on Libertarianism, Third Parties, 2016, and RINOs [Facebook, 11-5-13]

Jeremiad Against Libertarianism (or at least some highly secularized, extreme versions of it) [11-20-13]

On the Complaint that Pro-Lifers are “Single-Issue” [9-24-15]

“Pro-Lifers” Vote for Childkillers? Huh?! [3-3-16]

Discussion of Mark Shea’s Removal as a National Catholic Register Columnist [Facebook, 8-19-16]

Mark Shea Candidly Explaining His Own Frustrations and Anger Five Weeks Ago (7-13-16) / My Observations [Facebook, 8-24-16]

Is Simcha Fisher’s Husband Unemployed? / Mark Shea’s Ridiculous “Hungry Children” Rhetoric [Facebook, 8-25-16]

Mark Shea vs. “Old Pro-Life” Texas Legislators (Medicaid) and Paul Ryan (School Lunches for Children) [12-6-16]

My 2017 New Year’s Resolution (Completely Ignoring Mark Shea’s Political “Commentary”) [Facebook, 1-2-17]

Can Presidents be Blamed for Bad Things That Occur During Their Terms? (vs. Sam Rocha) [Facebook, 1-4-17]

My [Almost Nonexistent] Obama Criticism vs. Yearlong 24-7 Vicious Trump Criticism [Facebook, 1-20-17]

The Tired “Angry Conservative” Card [Facebook, 1-25-17]

Debate About Political Humor (Specifically, a Meme Spoofing Left-Wing Protesters as Crybabies) (vs. Sam Rocha) [Facebook, 2-18-17]

Clonish Choir-Preaching and Orwellian PC Groupthink . . . Rather Than Fair Dialogue [4-11-17]

Atheist Friend Jon Curry Absurdly Blasts Me for Supposedly Not Defending Free Speech [Facebook, 4-29-17]

My Lone Opinion Expressed Regarding the GOP Healthcare Bill [Facebook, 5-5-17]

Response to Jon Curry’s Charge that I Only Criticize Liberals for Bad Behavior and Not Folks on My “Side” (Hypocrisy and Double Standards) [Facebook, 6-3-17]

Orthodoxy Cop Pontificates that All But a “Few” Conservatives are Insane [Facebook, 8-13-17]

Okay, Scott Eric Alt: Let’s Have a Real Discussion (Satire and What I Meant by “Scott Eric Alt-Left” / Clue: it was Not “Leftist”) [Facebook, 8-21-17]

Liberals, the “Little Guy” and the “Littlest” Guys [Facebook, 9-4-17]

Jeremiad on Ridiculously Politicized Awards Shows [Facebook, 9-20-17]

Vigorous Discussion about “Judgment Day” Roy Moore [Facebook, 11-15-17]

Dialogue on Roy Moore: Sex, Facts, Ruined Lives, & Law [11-17-17]

Chappaquiddick: Four Theories Briefly Considered [4-14-18]

Four Chappaquiddick Theories [longer, more “politicized” Facebook version, 4-14-18]

Discussion on Pervasive Liberal Media Bias [Facebook, 7-25-18]

Polishing Up My Crystal Ball (I was very successful in predicting the 2016 election): Judge Kavanaugh and the Upcoming Election [Facebook, 9-18-18]

How I Approach the Kavanaugh Debacle (Rule of Law and Due Process) [Facebook, 9-22-18]

Dr. Ford Hit a Home Run, Kavanaugh a Grand Slam [9-27-18]

Refresher Course in the History of Confirming Supreme Court Justices [“Biden Rule” and Sen. Reid’s “Nuclear Option”] [Facebook, 10-5-18]



Holy Scripture: Honor and Respect Political Rulers [2-2-17]

Crass Political Bigotry vs. Biblical Teaching on Honoring Rulers [Facebook, 5-18-17]

Debate on Whether Trump Should be Accorded a Minimum of Respect Due to His High Office as President / Wicked Rulers Were Still Honored [Saul, Solomon, Nero, High Priest] (vs. Scott Eric Alt) [Facebook, 12-1-17]

“Can you be a good Christian and still support Trump?” [Facebook, 7-21-18]

Biblical and Apostolic Condemnation of the Left-Wing Media’s Fanatical Frenzy of Hatred and Lying Against President Trump as Literally a Madman (Joined by Many Never-Trumper Christians) [+ Debate with Mark Shea in the Combox] [Facebook, 9-6-18]

More Biblical Evidence on Honoring Political Rulers [9-7-18]



Trump & Reagan: Shocking Similarities [1-15-16]

Is Trump a Conservative; Even “Reaganesque”? [3-9-16]

In (Partial) Defense of Donald Trump [3-10-16]

Roarin’ Lion Ted [5-4-16]

15 Reasons Why Trump Wins in November [5-5-16]

Trump’s High Negatives / Polls (Dialogue) [5-10-16]

Trump is a Slimeball, Moron, & Scumbag [5-27-16]

“How Can a Catholic Vote for Trump?!!?” [5-28-16]

Past Presidential Polls Mid-Race and Contrary Outcome in November / Likely Voters [6-24-16; addendum: 7-23-16]

Statement on Catholic “Trump Wars” & Civil Discourse [7-23-16]

Ubiquitous “Trumpmania” & Sensible Prudence [8-3-16]

Group Discussion About Donald Trump and the 2016 Election [illustrates precisely my sustained point in the above paper: that constructive, fruitful, civil discussion about Trump is now impossible in Catholic and conservative circles] [Facebook, 8-14-16]

Catholic Lawyer Huge Hewitt’s Case for a Trump Vote Based on the Future of the Supreme Court (+ Part Two / Part Three) [8-14-16]

On Trump & the “Supreme” Pro-Life Cause [8-16-16]

Whoppers About Trump and Planned Parenthood [Facebook, 8-22-16]

The Supreme Court, Presidents, and Abortion, in 2016 [Facebook, 10-8-16]

Statement on Donald Trump’s Despicable, Outrageous “Lewd” Comments [Facebook, 10-8-16]
Rant Against RINOs (i.e., Those “Republicans” Who Literally Favor Hillary Clinton) [Facebook, 10-11-16]

Reply to Sam Rocha Regarding “Nonsense” Supreme Court Arguments (Trump & the Pro-Life Cause) [Facebook, 10-11-16]

Dialogue with Mike Maturen: 3rd Party Candidate (+ vigorous Facebook discussion on 3rd parties) [10-14-16]

How a Non-Vote for Trump (3rd Party or Sitting Home) Indeed Helps Elect Hillary [Facebook, 10-15-16]

Saul, David, and Donald Trump (Saintliness and Being Used by God) [Facebook, 10-15-16]

Is Trump a Good Man? (Character Issues and Voting for President) [Facebook, 10-18-16]

Is Trump [Causally / Logically] to Blame for [X Number of] Morons & Fanatics & Anti-Semites Who Say They Support Him? [Facebook, 10-19-16]

Rational Discussion is Nearly Impossible with Anti-Trumpists / Election Post-Mortem (We’re Gonna Have to Unite Then)  [Facebook, 10-20-16]

Debate with Mark Shea on Trump’s Sexual Sins, Pro-Lifers Destroying Their Own “Credibility”, & the Newt vs. Megyn Showdown [Facebook, 10-26-16]

“Divide and Conquer”: My [Non-] Discussion Policy, Post-Election [Facebook, 10-26-16]

“How Sinful Must a Politician Be to Become Disqualified?” [Facebook, 10-26-16]

Trump, Hillary, and Abortion: a Mini-Debate (vs. Dr. Michael Liccione) [Facebook, 11-1-16]

Debate: Trump vs. Women, Blacks, & Latinos?: Rhetoric vs. Actual Polling & Voting Data (vs. Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [Facebook, 11-1-16]

Bets with Deacon Steven D. Greydanus and Sam Rocha on the Election [Facebook, 11-2-16]

Dialogue on 2016 Presidential Polls (Outliers, Accuracy, Etc.) (vs. Scott P. Richert) [11-2-16]

On Trump as Supposedly Extraordinarily “Divisive” and “Unpopular” [Facebook, 11-2-16]

Is 2016 a 1980 Election Repeat (Reagan’s First Electoral Blowout)?: I May be a Prophet on This [Facebook, 11-2-16]

Rebecca Bratten Weiss (and Yours Truly) on Rising Above Political Divisiveness [Facebook, 11-6-16]

Voting for a Ruthless First-Degree Murderer?: Reply to an Anti-Trumpist [Facebook, 11-6-16]

Has the GOP Undergone a Sea Change (for the Worse) with Regard to Character Issues Involving Their Nominees? 2nd Reply to an Anti-Trumpist [Facebook, 11-6-16]

Dialogue with Deacon Steven Greydanus on Voting & Pro-Life [11-8-16]

My 2016 Electoral College Predictions [got 46 of 50 states right, and just 7 electoral votes off] [Facebook, 11-8-16]

“It’s time now to stop the fighting and to get together and unify . . .” [Facebook, 11-9-16]

My Successful May Predictions About the 2016 Election [11-9-16]

Reply to a Never-Trump, Gloom-and-Doom Naysayer [Facebook, 11-10-16]

Two Trumps?: Attila the Hun and The Great Unifier? / The Trump Revolution [Facebook, 11-11-16]

How Close I Came in My Electoral College Predictions (92 / 93%) [Facebook, 11-11-16]

My Plea for Post-Election Unity (Written on October 4th) [Facebook, 11-11-16]

Mark Shea, Lies, Bannon / Breitbart, and the Novelty of Facts [11-18-16]

KKK & Kooky Karikatures of Konservatives (vs. Dr. Edwin Woodruff Tait) (+ Facebook discussion) [11-20-16]

Democrat Sore Losers, Race, & Political Unity (vs. Bernard Davis) (+ Facebook discussion) [11-20-16]

“Lessen Evil” Votes for Hillary? (vs. Mark Shea) [4-7-17]

Nothing Whatever Disqualified Hillary Clinton (Listing of 24 of her Scandals)? Reply to Liberal Pro-Life Activist John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe, Who Voted for Her [Facebook, 9-2-17]
Did Women Vote Decisively Against Trump: Far More Than Usual in Presidential Elections? (vs. John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe) [Facebook, 9-2-17]



Trump’s New Year Tweet Compared to St. Paul and His Enemies [Facebook, 1-1-17]

Edwin Woodruff Tait’s Opinion of Enthused Trump Voters: “Blind” Folks “Driven mad by the wrath of God” [Facebook, 1-2-17]

Edwin Woodruff Tait: American conservatives are “under God’s wrath” / My Analogies to the Murderer King David and Edwin’s to Wicked King Ahab [Facebook, 1-3-17]

The Streep Stupidity (Enduring Forced Non Sequitur Lectures) / The Media Whopper-Lie That Trump Mocked a Reporter’s Disability [Facebook, 1-12-17]

Should Presidents Ever Defend Themselves Against Calumnies? / Comment on John Lewis’ Hypocrisy and Liberal Rigor Mortis [Facebook, 1-18-17]

Trump’s Profound Ignorance & Stupidity (Dialogue with Deacon Steven D. Greydanus) [1-18-17]

Sky Scheduled to Fall Down in a Few Hours (Some Satirical Humor on Inauguration Day) [Facebook, 1-20-17]

“Trump Ain’t Really Pro-Life” [1-24-17]

Dialogue: What Would it Take to Convince a Never-Trumper that Trump Really Is Pro-Life? (vs. Scott Eric Alt) [Facebook, 1-24-17]

American Patriotism is Now Automatically “Hitleresque” and Comparable to the Horrors of North Korea? (vs. Scott Eric Alt) [Facebook, 1-24-17]

Trump’s Character: The “Energizer Bunny” Issue [Facebook, 1-27-17]

Simcha Fisher is Now Comparing Trump’s Views on Illegal Immigration and Crimes Committed by Illegals to the Nazi Kristallnacht [Facebook, 1-27-17]

Reagan Was a Racist, Dunce, and Warmonger; So is Trump (Nothing New Under the Sun, in Tired Liberal Rhetoric and Smears) [Facebook, 1-28-17]

Defending a Person or Idea Against Unjust Calumnies is Not Necessarily Positive Advocacy of Same [Facebook, 1-28-17]

In 2020 Will We Be Nazi Germany Revisited or “Morning in America” Revived? [Facebook, 1-28-17]

“Hitler, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, and Eichmann, working hard on the Final Solution” (sarcastic spoof of the facile and puerile liberal Nazi analogies to Trump) [Facebook, 1-29-17]

Now Liberals tell Us that Dunce-in-Chief / Dum Dum Trump Doesn’t Know Who Frederick Douglass Was (!!!!????) / But the Last Laugh is On Them [Facebook, 2-1-17]

Trump = Hitler? (funny meme and collection of articles on liberals calling Republicans Hitler or Nazis for 50 years) [Facebook, 2-10-17]

Statement on Never-Trumpism and My Own Qualified “Trumpism” [Facebook, 2-11-17]

Mark Shea’s Response to the Syrian Air Base Strike (with huge combox discussion, including Mark Shea) [Facebook, 4-7-17]

Mark Shea Sez Any Catholic Voter for or Supporter of Trump is Engaged in “War On the Church” on Multiple Fronts, and is “Battling the Magisterium”, Which is “Bad Catholicism” [Facebook, 4-8-17]

Never-Trumper Feeding Frenzy Claimed That I Place Trump Higher than Christ, the Church, and the Pope / Mark Shea Joins in / Scott Eric Alt Agrees Through “Likes” / Original Accuser Apologized and I Reciprocated [Facebook, 4-9-17]

“Kick a Fellow Christian When He’s Down”: Never-Trump Uber-Catholics Can’t Offer Forgiveness After Apology for a Screw-Up (by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer): Even During Holy Week [Facebook, 4-12-17]

Documentation of Outrageous Media Bias in Reporting that President Trump Supposedly is Going After the Constitution and Particularly Checks and Balances [Facebook, 5-1-17]

Trump Doesn’t Know that Israel is in the Middle East? [5-23-17]

Trump Can Do No Right / Radical Feminist Hogwash [Facebook, 7-14-17]

The Trump-Haters Step in it Yet Again! [Trump Supposedly Ignores a Handicapped Boy] [7-31-17]

Rhetorical US Nuclear Threats Are Nothing New At All [8-9-17]

Mark Shea Sez Trump is a White Supremacist, Nazi Sympathizer, & that Nazis are “the very flower” of His Base (remarks on his blog, Aug. 11-13, 2017) [Facebook, 8-13-17]

How President Trump Should Have Spoken to Kim Jong-un and the Neo-Nazi / KKK Morons [Facebook, 8-13-17]

Trump is a White Supremacist and an Anti-Semite, Huh? Let’s Look at his Family and his Appointments to See How That Holds Up [Facebook, 8-18-17]

Harvard / MIT Study: Breitbart News and Steve Bannon Are Not Alt-Right (see also the longer Facebook version) [8-21-17]

Why Never Trumper Criticism of Trump’s Condemnations Regarding Charlottesville is Downright Illogical and Stupid [Facebook, 8-31-17]

Partisan Politics and Hate-Polemics Are Now Higher than the Rule of Law and “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”? (Joe Arpaio and Mark Shea’s Lies About My Supposedly Defending Him and His Pardon) [Facebook, 9-1-17]

Holy Scripture on the Mortal Sin of Lying and Bearing False Witness (Something for Political Polemicists On All Sides to Ponder) [Facebook, 9-5-17]

“Rocket man” is the latest Trumpian trumped-up “scandal”? [Facebook, 9-20-17]

On President Trump and References to SOBs [Facebook, 9-23-17]

President Trump Told a Crowd to Boo a Black Protester; Therefore, He’s a Racist (?) [Facebook, 9-23-17]

Jeremiad About and Discussion Regarding Liberals Still Being “Mad” at Trump Voters After Almost a Year [Facebook, 10-12-17]

I Utterly Denounce President Trump’s Insinuation That Liberal News Outlets Ought to Have Their Licenses Revoked [Facebook, 10-15-17]

Does President Trump = Frankenweinstein? [11-20-17]

Trump, Tweets, Turkeys, & Melania’s Christmas Decorations [Facebook, 11-30-17]

‘Never Trump’ Conservatives Soften to President Trump, Hail His Achievements [+ my related Facebook thread] (Adam Shaw, Breitbart, 12-20-17)

Give Trump Credit Where It’s Due (Rich Lowry, National Review, 12-19-17)

Exchange with Karl Keating on President Trump and North Korea [Facebook, 12-22-17]

Heritage Foundation: Trump’s First Year Better Than Reagan’s (+ My Comment) [Facebook, 1-25-18]

LeBron Declines One-on-One Challenge w Laura Ingraham [2-18-18]

Vigorous Facebook discussion after Trump’s North Korea Summit Talks [Facebook, 6-12-18]

God’s Eternal Decrees and Our Voting Choices [Facebook, 6-13-18]

Articles on the Lie That Trump Wants to Separate Illegal Immigrant Children from their Parents [Facebook, 6-19-18]

On Whether the Anti-Trump Hysteria & Madness Might Possibly Lead to His Assassination (re a Victor Davis Hanson article) [Facebook, 7-24-18]

Why Trump is Attila the Hun and Vlad the Impaler, wrapped into one [sarcasm] [Facebook, 9-7-18]

On Bob Woodward’s Hit-Piece Book On Trump, Lying Liberal Journalists, and Profoundly Left-Wing Media Bias [Facebook, 9-8-18]



America: Wickedest Nation Ever? Yes (a Strong Biblical Case Can be Made) [9-21-01]

Judgment of Nations: A Collection of Biblical Passages [9-21-01]

Judgment of Nations: Biblical Commentary and Reflections [9-21-01]

The Catholic “Third Way” in Socio-Political Thought: Reflections on the “Great American Mush God” of Civil Religion and Morality [1-24-02]

George Washington’s Religious Views [5-23-08]

Ruminations on Civic Duty, Patriotism, and Military Service in Relation to Our First Allegiance to God [Facebook, 11-14-11]

Could Actual Persecution (to the Death) Against Christians Break Out (in 30, 40 Years) in the US? [Facebook, 8-29-13]


Slavery as the Southern States’ Primary Cause for Secession [2-29-04] *

Biblical Arguments for Slavery & Liberal Theological Arguments Against it [3-2-04] *

Confederate Generals and Slavery [vigorous Facebook discussion, 10-13-13]


Dr. Martin Luther King “Stood For” Childkilling and “Gay Marriage”??!! Thoughts on Odd African-American Ultraliberalism (E.g., Harry Belafonte) [3-5-06] *

Dialogue with an African-American on Racism, Liberalism, & Affirmative Action [3-15-07] *

Jackie Robinson & Branch Rickey: Methodists & Conservatives [4-26-07]

Stereotypical Prejudice Illustrated by Analogy [5-2-07] *

Dialogue with an African-American on Rev. Wright and Racism (Including In-Depth Biblical Examinations of Complete Sermons & Speeches on Judgment) [4-28-08] *

The Civil Rights Movement’s Fatal Decision to Ignore Personal Sexual Morality and Traditional Christian Family Values [1-17-11] *

Discussion with an African-American About President Obama, Institutional Racism, and the Alleged Ku Klux Klan-Like Tea Party [9-17-11] *

Passionate Statement on the “President Obama is a Black Man, and So Can’t be Criticized or Defeated” Mentality [Facebook, 9-5-12]

Lots of Reasonable Doubt About Zimmerman’s Acquittal Being Supposed Proof of Ongoing Institutional Racism [Facebook, 7-14-13]

Vigorous Discussion on Whether “Redskins” is an Offensive Team Name [Facebook, 10-15-13]

Dark Girls and the Prejudice of “Colorism” [Facebook, 6-6-14]

“Forced” Morality & Ubiquitous “Bigotry” [6-9-16]

Mark Shea, Lies, Bannon / Breitbart, and the Novelty of Facts [11-18-16]

KKK & Kooky Karikatures of Konservatives (vs. Dr. Edwin Woodruff Tait) (+ Facebook discussion) [11-20-16]

Democrat Sore Losers, Race, & Political Unity (vs. Bernard Davis) (+ Facebook discussion) [11-20-16]

Jimi Hendrix Taught Us About a Colorblind Society [12-6-16]

Should Presidents Ever Defend Themselves Against Calumnies? / Comment on John Lewis’ Hypocrisy and Liberal Rigor Mortis [Facebook, 1-18-17]

Hypocrisy and Idiocy in the Confederate Statues Controversies [Facebook, 8-17-17]

Trump is a White Supremacist and an Anti-Semite, Huh? Let’s Look at his Family and his Appointments to See How That Holds Up [Facebook, 8-18-17]

Harvard / MIT Study: Breitbart News and Steve Bannon Are Not Alt-Right (see also the longer Facebook version) [8-21-17]

The Mythical Racist Reagan vs. The Real Reagan (Sound Familiar?) / Liberal Race-Baiting Against GOP Nothing New [Facebook, 8-21-17]

Why Never Trumper Criticism of Trump’s Condemnations Regarding Charlottesville is Downright Illogical and Stupid [Facebook, 8-31-17]

President Trump Told a Crowd to Boo a Black Protester; Therefore, He’s a Racist (?) [Facebook, 9-23-17]

NFL “Take a Knee” Nonsense: Two Proposals [Facebook, 9-28-17]

Statement on Martin Luther King Day from this “Compassionate Conservative” [Facebook, 1-15-18]

LeBron Declines One-on-One Challenge w Laura Ingraham [2-18-18]

History of American Discrimination: from the Lunch Counter [9-26-18]



Biblical Evidence for Expensive Church Buildings [3-18-08]

Catholic Resources on the Social Concepts of Subsidiarity & Distributism [3-31-08] *

Random Thoughts on Catholic Social Teaching [3-13-09]

Biblical Evidence Against Tithing [2-4-09]

Mandatory Tithing: Further Thoughts [11-1-09]

Catholic Compassion & Beggars on the Street: What is Our Responsibility? / Analysis of Poverty & Its Causes & Solutions [12-30-11]

Catholic Social Teaching and Myself: Brief Explanation and Clarification [1-3-12; posted to Facebook on 2-27-17]

Ecumenism and Catholic Social Teaching and Their Relationship to True Catholic Doctrine / Ecumenism and Its Relationship to Apologetics [8-9-12; posted to Facebook on 2-9-17]

Essay on Homelessness and Service by My Son Michael [Facebook, 9-10-12]

“Dialogue” on Obamanomics (vs. Bruce Townley) [3-1-13]

Figured Out I Am a Distributist . . . [Facebook, 10-27-13]

More Thoughts on Giving Alms to Homeless Beggars on the Street [11-23-13]

Random Thoughts on Rush Limbaugh’s Comments on the Pope’s Alleged “Marxism” [Facebook, 12-5-13]

On Catholic Answers Cruises / Apologetics & “Business”: The Inevitability of Capitalistic “Business Models” in Catholic Non-Profit Lay Apostolates (and Apologetics) [6-24-14]

The Bible vs. the Unlimited Accumulation of Wealth [Facebook, 7-1-14]

Catholic Answers Ignores Catholic Social Teaching? Reply to Traditionalist Critic Kevin Tierney [1-25-15]

Discussion of Mark Shea’s Removal as a National Catholic Register Columnist [Facebook, 8-19-16]

Dialogue: Conservatives & “Old” Pro-Lifers & the Poor [10-3-16]

This “Conservative” is Very Passionate About Social Justice [8-31-17]

Capital Punishment: I’ve Changed My Mind [12-4-17]

Discussion on Excessive Materialism (Lifestyles of Billy Graham vs. Joel Osteen) [Facebook, 3-9-18]

Robert F. Kennedy & How Democrats Used to Be [6-7-18]






Waterboarding: Francis Beckwith vs. Mark Shea [1-1-15]

Waterboarding: Edward Feser vs. Mark Shea [1-1-15]

Sick and Tired of Controversy [Facebook, 1-6-15]

Condemnation of the Slanderous Lies About My Position Regarding Torture and Waterboarding + Removal of My Post Dealing With Matthew 18:34 [1-26-15; see also accompanying Facebook discussion]

Waterboarding: How and Why I Changed My Mind [Facebook, 1-31-15]

12,634th Clarification (in Vain) of What I Believe About Waterboarding [Facebook, 4-30-15]



Debate on Deportation of Illegal Immigrants (vs. Andy Kirchoff) [2-21-12]
Immigration & the Bible (w John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe) (see also the longer Facebook version) [9-18-17]
Intense Immigration Dialogue (w John Cavanaugh-O’Keefe) [9-23-17]
A “Just” Border Wall? [Facebook, 11-30-17]
Do Jesus and the Bible Advocate Open Borders? [9-18-17; expanded on 6-21-18]
Jesus, Vegetarianism, Bambi, and Us (vs. Keith Akers) [3-25-04] *
posted to Facebook on 2-27-17]

Cussing Women, Chivalry, Etc. [8-24-16]

Salty Language = Being “Salt”? (+ extensive Facebook discussion) [8-26-16]

Simcha Fisher, Swearing, St. Paul, & Evangelizing [2-1-17]

Swearing and “Younger” Generations (+ Permissible and Impermissible Criticisms of the Pope) [Facebook, 1-27-18]



Dialogue on the Ethics of Replication (vs. “Grubb”) [9-22-05] *
Reflections on a Catholic Doctrine of Forgiveness (with David W. Emery) [2-8-08] *
Bill Cosby: Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
 (see also the discussion about his being found guilty on my Facebook page: 4-27-18) [1-2-16]

Dialogue on Israeli-Palestinian Relations [with Alex Brittain, Facebook, 3-18-15]

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