Apologetics: Catholic & General Christian (Index Page)

Apologetics: Catholic & General Christian (Index Page) November 9, 2006
 St. Paul Preaching in Athens (1515), by Raphael (1483-1520) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]
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Asterisked posts are links to old Blogspot papers of mine. Allow a minute or two for them to upload and select archived versions (if necessary) from July 2015 or earlier.


Malcolm Muggeridge Quotations [Facebook, compiled in 1997]

Thomas Howard Quotations [Facebook, compiled in 1997]

Apologia for Apologists and Apologetics [1-29-04] *

Does Anyone Do Apologetics and/or Theology Anymore? [Facebook, 11-26-06]

Scott Hahn’s New Apologetics Book “Reasons to Believe” and Kind Remark About Contemporary Apologists [2-2-07] *

Yet Another Reply to Bum Raps Against Apologetics [1-27-08]

The Certitude of Faith and Cardinal Newman / Defense of the Lay Apologetic Vocation Contra False “Traditionalist” Claims [9-30-08] *

Sola Scriptura: Catholic Scholars vs. Apologists on its Illogical Nature? [11-13-08]

Dialogue on the Relationship of Reason, Logic, and Supernatural Faith, with a Christian “Pluralist” (i.e., Theological Liberal) [1-19-10] *

“Young Guns” in Catholic Online Apologetics: How Different Are They from the “Old Guard”? / Apologetics is Always a Difficult Spiritual Battle [8-30-11] *

History of Non-Academic Lay Catholic Apologetics [9-29-12]

Apologetics: Never having to say you’re sorry for your faith [article for The Michigan Catholic, 5-13-14]

Traditionalism & Apologetics: Allies or Enemies? (with Dr. Philip Blosser) [1-12-16]

Analyses of Catholic Apologetics (Series) [compiled on 4-9-16]

Should Catholics Try to Persuade Protestants? [5-25-16]

Apologetics: Best Antidote to Atheism & Secularism [6-17-16]

Apologists, Like Umpires, Can Never Be Too Popular! [3-5-17]

Analogical Reasoning, and Reasoning from Plausibility (Using the Example of my Paper, “Biblical Evidence for Marian Apparitions”) [5-27-17]

Catholic Apologists: Response to Inquiring Questions [6-6-17]

I Highly Recommend Mark Shea’s Apologetics Books (+ documentation of his glowing words about mine) [9-3-17]

Reply in Defense of Apologetics and Theology (and Thinking About Theology) at National Catholic Register [Facebook, 10-3-18]




Epistemology of My Catholic Conversion + My (Protestant) Letter to Karl Keating in 1990 / How I Became an Apologist [4-25-04]

The Trials and Tribulations (but Mostly Joys) of Being an Apologist [Facebook, 10-14-04]

“The Pleasures and Perils of a Catholic Apologetics Apostolate” (This Rock, November 2004) *

I Certainly Waited (To Do Apologetics After My Conversion to Catholicism) [Facebook, 9-18-07]

Am I a “Protestantizing” Catholic (Formerly “Catholicizing” Protestant)? [7-24-08]

My Earliest Catholic Apologetics (1990-1995) . . . Including the Original (Much Longer) 1994 Version of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism [1-5-11]

Catholic Apologist “Young Guns” Take Savage Satirical Revenge Against Yours Truly in Hilarious Polemical Shootout, Complete with Appropriate “Gunfighter” Visuals [9-9-11] *

Reply to an Academic’s Insults of My Work and Supposed Profound Intellectual Shortcomings [Facebook, 9-29-12]

My Apologetics Apostolate and its Relation to Journalism and the Internet [Facebook, 3-6-14]

My Apologetics Q & A You Tube Session [3-31-15]

“Who is Dave Armstrong and Why Should I Read His Stuff?” [8-9-15]

About Dave Armstrong / Donation Info. [8-12-15]

My Radio Interviews: Free Downloads Available [10-15-15]


Catholic Apologetic Method, Epistemology, and Open-Mindedness [3-10-03, from earlier papers] *

Brief Critique of Presuppositionalism [10-14-04] *

Critique of Presuppositionalist Christian Apologetics (Specifically the Van Tillian Version) [10-28-04] *

Dialogue on the Utility of Back-and-Forth Internet Exchanges (Socratic Dialogue) (vs. Kristo Miettinen) [6-20-05] *

Blaise Pascal, Peter Kreeft, & Soren Kierkegaard on Persuasion & Apologetic Method [9-2-05] *

Critique of Presuppositionalist Christian Apologetics (Specifically the Van Tillian Version) [2-26-07] *

More James White Orwellian “Doublethink”: Greg Bahnsen Thought R.C. Sproul & John Gerstner Were Exceedingly Stupid Too, Regarding Presuppositionalism [4-13-07] *

Passionate Defense of Religious Truths: The Biblical Data [6-4-07]

Primary Historical Sources Are Not Always Necessary in Historiography or Apologetics [1-8-08]

Vatican II on Effectively Sharing the Fullness of Catholic Faith [2-18-08]

“Dumb Catholic Apologetics Arguments” Analyzed [5-14-09]

Pascal on Biblical Paradox vs. False Dichotomies [12-29-11]

Competing Goals and Demands of Scholarship and Apologetics in Dealing with Protestant-Catholic Issues (with Dr. Edwin Tait) [Facebook, 6-23-14]

Defense of the Use of (Relevant) Links as Valid, Perfectly Acceptable Argumentation [Facebook, 10-8-14]

Jesus’ Use of Socratic Method in His Teaching & Dialogues [8-16-15]

Simcha Fisher, Swearing, St. Paul, and Evangelizing [2-1-17]

Screwtape on the Neutralization of Effective Apologetics and Divine Callings (National Catholic Register, 2-5-17) [see also, the original 20% longer Facebook version] [1-25-17]

Someone Thinks I “Hate” Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher? [Facebook, 2-8-17]




Christianity, Sarcasm, Satire, Irony, Jesus & Paul [1999 and 6-2-07]

Blaise Pascal on Ridicule & Sarcasm Regarding Sin & Folly: Sanctioned by God; Many Biblical Examples Provided [12-29-11]

Atheism: A Remarkably Strong, Impervious Faith in “Atomism” [8-19-15]

Clarifications Regarding My Atheist Reductio Paper (referring to the immediately preceding, vastly misunderstood satirical piece) [8-20-15]

Did Jesus Ever Use (Non-Sinful) Sarcasm? Did St. Paul and the Prophets? Yes to All Three Questions [Facebook, 8-16-17]

Sarcasm and Satire Utterly Misunderstood, as Usual (my NCR article, “Silent Night: A ‘Progressive’ and ‘Enlightened’ Reinterpretation”) [Facebook, 12-21-17]

Inept Satire Case Study: Dr. Edward Feser’s “Lexicon” [2-2-18]

Some Fun with Karl Keating (and his Zealous Defenders) and Silly Words (Pip, Pigment) [Facebook, 3-29-18]



On Misunderstanding Theology & Refusing Any Correction [7-8-07; slightly abridged and revised on 3-21-18]

Is Facebook Beyond All Hope As Regards Dialogue? [6-2-14]

A Typical Example of the Sort of  “Exchange of Ideas” that is so Prevalent Today [Facebook, 7-2-14]

Bad Online Behavior: No Excuses in the Final Analysis [Facebook, 7-9-14]

My Three “Laws” Concerning Online Discourse (actual or mere facsimiles thereof) [Facebook, 3-25-15]

Criticizing Public Posts on Facebook (The Latest Ridiculous and Pathetic Dust-Up) [Facebook, 5-29-15]

My Comments Policy: Thoughts on Amiable and Constructive Dialogue [8-15-15]

Comments Policy to be Strictly Enforced! Atheists in Particular . . . [8-20-15]

I Actually Enforce My Discussion Policy [10-31-15]

Dialogue: Pope Francis Doesn’t Evangelize? . . . and on the Nature of Dialogue vs. (?) the Gospel; with a Traditionalist [4-29-16]

Thought Police and Shutting-Up of All Legitimate Dissent is Now Standard Practice Online (Even for Christians) [Facebook, 6-4-16]

Debates Never Persuade, Right? Or Do They? [Facebook, 12-4-16]

Is Constructive Theological Discussion Across Party Lines Possible? [Facebook, 12-13-16]

Dispute on “Mutual Monologue” and Arrogant Dismissal of Others’ Arguments (vs. Reformed Baptist elder Jim Drickamer) [Facebook, 1-16-17]

Clonish Choir-Preaching and Orwellian PC Groupthink . . . Rather Than Fair Dialogue [4-11-17]

Most People Really Don’t Like Dialogue and Debate at All [Facebook, 6-9-17]

Conspiracies, Paranoia, and the Quite Mundane Reasons I Write About Some Things (e.g., Simcha Fisher) / The Novelty of Public Critique and Dialogue [Facebook, 8-6-17]

Two Ways That the Devil Works Against Rational Argumentation and Dialogue [Facebook, 11-4-17]

Why I Have a Lot of Dialogues Posted (From a Reader) [Facebook, 1-9-18]

Dialogue is Dead #2 [Facebook, 1-26-18]

Online Feeding Frenzies vs. Christian Compassion Towards Hurting, Agonized Souls [Facebook, 3-27-18]

Journalism is Dead / Dialogue is Dead (RIP) [6-19-18]

“Double Standards”?: Reiteration of My Ethics Concerning Citing Others in My Dialogues, and Others Citing (and/or Informing) Me [Facebook, 11-11-18]


Us Weird Catholic Apologists and the “Real Jobs” We Oughtta Get! [3-23-06]

Michael Voris’ Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries [8-31-13]

How Much Money Should Apologists Make?: Our Society’s Low Estimate of the Worth of Spiritual and Theological Work [9-2-13]

Michael Voris vs. “Financially Compromised” Apologists [9-2-13] [+ Facebook discussion]

On Apologists’ Income: “High” and Low (My Case)  [2-22-14; slight revision: 10-4-16]

On Catholic Answers Cruises / Apologetics & “Business” [6-24-14] [+ Facebook discussion]

Reactionary Toronto Catholic Witness Site Exposes My Money-Grubbing Filthy Lucre Ways [Facebook, 11-4-16]



Presuppositions and Patterns of Thought Common to Both Protestantism and Secularism (A Sociological and Philosophical Analysis of the Success and Popularity of Evangelical Protestantism, by an Anonymous Observer) [2-6-02] *

Thoughts on the Historical Causes of Secularization [1-20-04] *



Irrational, Uncharitable, Groundless Smear Campaign Against Scott Hahn and Lay Apologetics and Evangelism Continues (vs. John Lowell) [3-19-06] *

Anti-Apologetics Rears its Ugly Head Yet Again (John H. Armstrong) [Facebook, 3-11-13]

John Armstrong Roundly Mocks a Biblical Argument for Mary’s Perpetual Virginity, Used by Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, Aquinas, Etc. [Facebook, 3-12-13]

Reply to (Posited) “Traditionalist” or (More Likely) Radical Catholic Reactionary Critiques of Two of My Book Titles [Facebook, 5-4-14]

Ah; I Haven’t Heard a Personal Insult This Entertaining in a Long While [Facebook, 9-30-14]

Kevin M. Tierney Trashes Scott Eric Alt, Keating, Madrid et al, and Apologetics [Facebook, 7-1-16]

Us Wicked Convert Lay Apologists! Reactionary Bloviations . . . [Facebook, 11-25-16]

Mary Hammond’s Astonishing Tirades and Rants Against Yours Truly [Facebook, 4-9-17]

Apologetics vs. Love of God’s Creation and Recreational Activity? [Facebook, 4-13-17]

My Biggest Fan, Without Question / Public Reviling and What St. Paul Thought of it [Facebook, 8-11-17]


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  • Dave, I have a question that I'd like your take on since you're such a great resource for Christians.

    I've been reading a lot of the Summa Theologica, particularly about the Fall of Man/Original Justice. If Aquinas is right and the first humans were created in a state where all passions were completely subject to reason, and there was no evil concupiscence in man, how was he "tempted" and, more importantly, how did he consent to sin? If he could not even experience any desire to sin, why would he have eaten the fruit?

    I think I remember reading somewhere in a Catholic Encyclopedia the Church making a distinction between man being tempted from "within" and from "without". The first man was not tempted from "within" with inherent, evil passions, but was rather allowed to be tempted from without so he could prove his obedience. I'm just wondering if you know more or could better explain how, exactly, this temptation took place, seeing as Man originally had no evil desires and was not tricked or duped into sinning.

    It seems to me the first sin would have had to be one of the will and not involving the intellect at all. It may have been the first truly undesired sin, in the sense of not being desired from within by any part of man's nature. Since man could control all of his nature, and since it was completely subject to him, the first sin seems must to have been one in which man chose (bc his will was free to do so) to desire the tree, by eating it.

    But I sort of seem to be going in circles. Any light on this question would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again Dave for all you do. Btw, due partly to your site, I'm being confirmed in the Church this Easter. Praise God for men like you.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your very kind words.

    I took a shot at this very question in my paper,

    Is God Malevolent, Weak, or Non-Existent Because of the Existence of Evil and Suffering?


    I cited St. Augustine and Lutheran philosopher Leibniz at length.