Apologetics: Catholic & General Christian (Index Page)

Apologetics: Catholic & General Christian (Index Page) November 9, 2006
 St. Paul Preaching in Athens (1515), by Raphael (1483-1520) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]
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Internet Evangelism and Apologetics: Catholic Church Approval (edited by Dave Armstrong) [12-26-05]

Apologetics & Lay Apostolates: Strong Approval from Popes [6-28-06; expanded 6-7-18]

Imprimaturs (or Lack Thereof) & Catholic Apologetics Books [5-30-08; expanded 4-20-17]

Catholic Lay Apologetics: Long “Magisterially Approved” History [8-2-11]

Cardinal Newman Anticipated Vatican II & Lay Participation [10-11-19]

Is Pope Francis Against Apologetics & Defending the Faith? [11-26-19]

Debate: Pope Francis on Doctrine, Truth, & Evangelizing (vs. Dr. Eduardo Echeverria) [12-16-19]

Pope Francis Condemns Evangelism? Absolutely Not! [1-1-20]

Dialogue: Pope Francis vs. Gospel Preaching & Converts? No! (vs. Eric Giunta) [1-3-20]

Abp. Viganò Whopper #289: Pope Forbids All Evangelism (?) [4-8-20]

Pope, Peter, & Paul: Evangelize; Don’t Proselytize [4-28-20]



Malcolm Muggeridge Quotations [Facebook, compiled in 1997]

Thomas Howard Quotations [Facebook, compiled in 1997]

Unapologetic Apologia for Apologists & Apologetics [1-29-04]

Does Anyone Do Apologetics and/or Theology Anymore? [Facebook, 11-26-06]

Yet Another Reply to Bum Raps Against Apologetics [1-27-08]

Sola Scriptura: Catholic Scholars vs. Apologists on its Illogical Nature? [11-13-08]

Dialogue on Reason & Faith, w Theological Liberal [1-19-10]

Apologetics is Always a Difficult Spiritual Battle & Struggle [8-30-11]

History of Non-Academic Lay Catholic Apologetics [9-29-12]

Traditionalism & Apologetics: Allies or Enemies? (with Dr. Philip Blosser) [1-12-16]

Should Catholics Try to Persuade Protestants? [5-25-16]

Apologetics: Best Antidote to Atheism & Secularism [6-17-16]

Apologists, Like Umpires, Can Never Be Too Popular! [3-5-17]

Analogical Reasoning, and Reasoning from Plausibility (Using the Example of my Paper, “Biblical Evidence for Marian Apparitions”) [5-27-17]

Catholic Apologists: Response to Inquiring Questions [6-6-17]

Apologetics Doesn’t Mean Being Sorry for Your Faith [National Catholic Register, 6-6-17]

I Highly Recommend Mark Shea’s Apologetics Books (+ documentation of his glowing words about mine) [9-3-17]

In Defense of Apologetics & Theology (and Thinking About Both) [10-3-18]

Two Good Questions About the Purpose of Apologetics, from an Agnostic [Facebook, 12-5-18]

Are we apologists mean, judgmental, sort of cold, callous types? [Facebook, 6-26-19]

Apologetics: Be-All & End-All of the Catholic Faith? NO!!! [7-1-19]

Cardinal Newman on What Persuades People of Christianity [10-12-19]

St. John Henry Newman: Photograph & Portrait Page [10-14-19]

C. S. Lewis & Low-Key, Gentle, Subtle Evangelism [10-17-19]

C. S. Lewis: A Life of Extraordinary Charity & Selflessness [10-21-19]

Armstrong’s Handbook of Apologetics: a Cyber-“Book” (Compilation of articles of mine for the National Catholic Register) [12-6-19]

Dialogue: the Relation of Christian Apologetics & Testimony [1-31-20]

Unam Sanctam Catholicam [traditionalist] website on the Changing Nature (?) of Catholic Apologetics [Facebook, 2-1-20]




Epistemology of My Catholic Conversion + My (Protestant) Letter to Karl Keating in 1990 / How I Became an Apologist [4-25-04]

The Trials, Tribulations, & Joys of Being an Apologist [10-4-04]

Catholic Apologetics Apostolate: Its Pleasures & Perils (published in This Rock, 1 November 2004)

Reflections on the Most Influential Books in My Life [7-7-05]

I Certainly Waited (To Do Apologetics After My Conversion to Catholicism) [Facebook, 9-18-07]

Am I a “Protestantizing” Catholic (Formerly “Catholicizing” Protestant)? [7-24-08]

My Earliest Catholic Apologetics (1990-1995) . . . Including the Original (Much Longer) 1994 Version of A Biblical Defense of Catholicism [1-5-11]

Apologetics Apostolates, Journalism, & the Internet [3-6-14]

My Apologetics Q & A You Tube Session [3-31-15]

“Who is Dave Armstrong and Why Should I Read His Stuff?” [8-9-15]

About Dave Armstrong / Donation Info. [8-12-15]

My Radio Interviews: Free Downloads Available [10-15-15]

Fruit: 156 Reasons Why Catholic Apologetics is a Good Thing (Documented Conversions or Reversions in Part Due to My Work: Completely Caused by God’s Grace) [7-3-19]



Pascal, Kreeft, & Kierkegaard on Persuasion & Apologetics [9-2-05]

Passionate Defense of Religious Truths: The Biblical Data [6-4-07]

Primary Historical Sources Are Not Always Necessary in Historiography or Apologetics [1-8-08]

Vatican II on Effectively Sharing the Fullness of Catholic Faith [2-18-08]

“Dumb Catholic Apologetics Arguments” Analyzed [5-14-09]

Pascal on Biblical Paradox vs. False Dichotomies [12-29-11]

Dialogue: Jesus, Peter, Elijah & Elisha Prayed for the Dead (+ a discussion on apologetics methodology and effectiveness) [6-9-13] 

Apologetics Sometimes Entails “Vinegary” Conflict [3-11-14] 

Competing Goals and Demands of Scholarship and Apologetics in Dealing with Protestant-Catholic Issues (with Dr. Edwin Tait) [Facebook, 6-23-14]

Defense of the Use of (Relevant) Links as Valid, Perfectly Acceptable Argumentation [Facebook, 10-8-14]

Jesus’ Use of Socratic Method in His Teaching & Dialogues [8-16-15]

Simcha Fisher, Swearing, St. Paul, and Evangelizing [2-1-17]

Screwtape on the Neutralization of Effective Apologetics and Divine Callings (see also, the original 20% longer Facebook version) [National Catholic Register, 2-5-17] [1-25-17]

Someone Thinks I “Hate” Mark Shea and Simcha Fisher? [Facebook, 2-8-17]

Swearing and Sharing the Faith Don’t Mix Very Well! [National Catholic Register, 7-16-18]
Some Thoughts on Evangelism and Being “Hated by All” [National Catholic Register, 7-20-18]



Christianity, Sarcasm, Satire, Irony, Jesus & Paul [1999 and 6-2-07]

Blaise Pascal on Ridicule & Sarcasm Regarding Sin & Folly: Sanctioned by God; Many Biblical Examples Provided [12-29-11]

Atheism: A Remarkably Strong, Impervious Faith in “Atomism” [8-19-15]

Clarifications Regarding My Atheist Reductio Paper (referring to the immediately preceding, vastly misunderstood satirical piece) [8-20-15]

Did Jesus, St. Paul, & the Prophets Use Sarcasm? Yes [8-16-17]

Sarcasm and Satire Utterly Misunderstood, as Usual (my NCR article, “Silent Night: A ‘Progressive’ and ‘Enlightened’ Reinterpretation”) [Facebook, 12-21-17]

Inept Satire Case Study: Dr. Edward Feser’s “Lexicon” [2-2-18]

Some Fun with Karl Keating (and his Zealous Defenders) and Silly Words (Pip, Pigment) [Facebook, 3-29-18]

Mockery in the Bible (One Peter [Vader] Five & Steve Skojec) [3-21-20]



Debate: Calling People “Fools” (vs. Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein) [12-17-17]


My Comments Policy: Thoughts on Amiable and Constructive Dialogue [8-15-15]

Comments Policy to be Strictly Enforced! Atheists in Particular . . . [8-20-15]

I Actually Enforce My Discussion Policy [10-31-15]

Dialogue: Pope Francis Doesn’t Evangelize? . . . and on the Nature of Dialogue vs. (?) the Gospel; with a Traditionalist [4-29-16]

Thought Police and Shutting-Up of All Legitimate Dissent is Now Standard Practice Online (Even for Christians) [Facebook, 6-4-16]

Is Constructive Theological Discussion Across Party Lines Possible? [Facebook, 12-13-16]

Dispute on “Mutual Monologue” and Arrogant Dismissal of Others’ Arguments (vs. Reformed Baptist elder Jim Drickamer) [Facebook, 1-16-17]

Clonish Choir-Preaching and Orwellian PC Groupthink . . . Rather Than Fair Dialogue [4-11-17]

Most People Really Don’t Like Dialogue and Debate at All [Facebook, 6-9-17]

Conspiracies, Paranoia, and the Quite Mundane Reasons I Write About Some Things (e.g., Simcha Fisher) / The Novelty of Public Critique and Dialogue [Facebook, 8-6-17]

Two Ways That the Devil Works Against Rational Argumentation and Dialogue [Facebook, 11-4-17]

Why I Have a Lot of Dialogues Posted (From a Reader) [Facebook, 1-9-18]

Dialogue is Dead #2 [Facebook, 1-26-18]

Online Feeding Frenzies vs. Christian Compassion Towards Hurting, Agonized Souls [Facebook, 3-27-18]

Journalism is Dead / Dialogue is Dead (RIP) [6-19-18]

“Double Standards”?: Reiteration of My Ethics Concerning Citing Others in My Dialogues, and Others Citing (and/or Informing) Me [Facebook, 11-11-18]

G. K. Chesterton on True Dialogue (Which is Virtually Extinct Today) [Facebook, 6-5-19]

On Online vs. “Real Life” Behavior (Both Atheists and Christians) [Facebook, 8-6-19]

C. S. Lewis: Either Hated or Loved by Readers / Hearers [10-14-19]

Can We “Convert” Others? / Why Argue and Wrangle with People About the Faith? [Facebook, 11-12-19]

Steve Skojec Sez Patheos Catholic Writers Ain’t Catholic (The New Testament Condemnation of Divisiveness, Sectarianism, and Factionalism) [5-16-16; expanded on 3-22-20]

Fanaticism and Conspiratorialism and My Zero Tolerance Policies [Facebook, 4-9-20]




Us Weird Catholic Apologists and the “Real Jobs” We Oughtta Get! [3-23-06]

Michael Voris’ Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries [8-31-13]

How Much Money Should Apologists Make?: Our Society’s Low Estimate of the Worth of Spiritual and Theological Work [9-2-13]

Michael Voris vs. “Financially Compromised” Apologists [9-2-13] [+ Facebook discussion]

On Apologists’ Income: “High” and Low (My Case)  [2-22-14; rev. 10-4-16]

On Catholic Answers Cruises / Apologetics & “Business” [6-24-14] [+ Facebook discussion]

The Relationship of Full-Time Ministry and Business [11-17-14]

Reactionaries, “Filthy Lucre”, & Catholic Patheos Writers [5-29-16]

Reactionary Toronto Catholic Witness Site Exposes My Money-Grubbing Filthy Lucre Ways [Facebook, 11-4-16]

Idealism and Pragmatism (and $$$) in Apologetics [Facebook, 1-3-19]



Secularization: Thoughts on its Many Historical Causes [9-13-03; rev. 1-20-04]



Anti-Apologetics Rears its Ugly Head Yet Again (John H. Armstrong) [Facebook, 3-11-13]

John Armstrong Roundly Mocks a Biblical Argument for Mary’s Perpetual Virginity, Used by Augustine, Ambrose, Jerome, Aquinas, Etc. [Facebook, 3-12-13]

Reply to (Posited) “Traditionalist” or (More Likely) Radical Catholic Reactionary Critiques of Two of My Book Titles [Facebook, 5-4-14]

Ah; I Haven’t Heard a Personal Insult This Entertaining in a Long While [Facebook, 9-30-14]

Kevin M. Tierney Trashes Scott Eric Alt, Keating, Madrid et al, and Apologetics [Facebook, 7-1-16]

Us Wicked Convert Lay Apologists! Reactionary Bloviations . . . [Facebook, 11-25-16]

Armstrong Fan Club #3: Mary Hammond, Anti-Apologetics Oracle [4-9-17; rev. 3-5-19]

Apologetics vs. Love of God’s Creation and Recreational Activity? [Facebook, 4-13-17]

My Biggest Fan, Without Question / Public Reviling and What St. Paul Thought of it [Facebook, 8-11-17]

Why Document Severe Attacks Against Oneself, and Against Apologetics and Trump Voters (Like the One by Mary Hammond): To What Possible Purpose?: Reply to David Mills [Facebook, 3-6-19]

Fr. George Rutler’s Shameful Ad Hominem Against Jimmy Akin [5-5-19]

Steve Skojec of One Peter Five Infamy Gets His Digs in Against Jimmy Akin & Contacts Fr. Rutler to Confirm the Latter’s Ad Hominem Attack / “Jimmy” vs. “James” Akin / Canon Lawyer Ed Peters Replies to Fr. Rutler and Skojec [Facebook, 5-9-19]

Ironclad Rule #13 in Anti-Apologetics Rhetoric: “If such a screed goes on for more than ten seconds, the statistical probability of a disparaging remark about Scott Hahn approaches one.” / Cyclical History of Interest in Catholic Conversion Stories [Facebook, 7-1-19]

Henry Karlson’s Odd Obsession with Anti-Apologetics [12-19-19]

Proud Mary Doesn’t Even Know What a Lay Apostolate Is, and So Has to Mock Those Who Are Called to Participate in One [Facebook, 2-14-20]

Scott Eric Alt-Left “Responds” (on His Facebook Page) to My Facebook Post About “Apostolates”; Says Ridiculous, Nonsensical Things [Facebook, 2-15-20]


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