Fruit: 156 Reasons Why Catholic Apologetics is a Good Thing

Fruit: 156 Reasons Why Catholic Apologetics is a Good Thing July 3, 2019

Documented Conversions or Reversions in Part Due to My Work (Completely Caused by God’s Grace)

All glory to God always, for everything. We are just vessels, if He uses us to spread the message to someone else: one sinning beggar sharing spiritual food with other beggars. It all goes back to God and His grace in the end. No one can do the slightest good thing without it. Praise Him! If someone asks me why I do apologetics, this is one major reason. Another is to help Catholics be confident and informed in their faith and to know why they believe what they believe, so they can in turn share it with others.

The following excepts (below the five asterisks) are drawn from my collections of unsolicited correspondence or public comments: Feedback Comments on My Writing From Catholics: 1997-2001, and Feedback Comments on Dave Armstrong (Catholics: 2002 – ).


You know, in your heart of hearts, that this fella [yours truly], uh, bless his soul, has no idea what he’s talking about. He’s read some books, but the important foundational stuff that allows you to actually make sense out of all that stuff, he’s clueless; he has no idea what he is talking about, but he writes constantly! (Anti-Catholic Reformed Baptist apologist Rt. Rev. Bishop “Dr.” [???] James White, Dividing Line webcast, 4-20-04)

Dave Armstrong (a self-proclaimed Catholic apologist). (Anti-Catholic Reformed Protestant polemicist James Swan, 4-3-09)

This is a big difference between DA and I. I’ve never been bored. I actually have a job, . . . On the other hand, I think DA considers sitting up in his attic tapping away on a computer all day an actual job. Oh that’s right, he’s a professional Catholic apologist.  (James Swan, 7-17-09)

. . . self-styled career apologists . . . (Catholic Scott Eric Alt [see #100 below], 7-2-19)


1) I am a former Protestant minister of 15 years and am now a Catholic . . . Your site has a wealth of truth that helped me in my conversion to Catholicism. (1-24-98)

2) I just wanted to thank you for your efforts on your web page and in talking to me personally. I . . . will be received into the Church this Easter. Your web site really facilitated much of my research into the Catholic Church. (2-9-98)

3) I am immensely grateful for your web site. It is a veritable treasure of mentally stimulating material . . . For twelve years I served as a pastor in the Free Methodist Church of North America . . . To abbreviate, I will be received into the Catholic Church this Easter vigil . . . Again, Dave, I so deeply appreciate the wealth of material you have provided. (3-24-98)

4)  Thank you for your site. I am a cradle Catholic who has been Baptist (SBC) for 10 years. It now seems as if the RCC is more biblical than the Protestant denominations . . . I really didn’t even know there were Catholics out there like you. (3-24-98)

5) After returning to Christ as a Southern Baptist, my searching has led me back to the Mother Church in which I was raised. Your site has been helpful in that journey. (8-10-98)

6) Between Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s book and now finding your incredible web site, [my husband] is moving closer and closer to a decision . . . I wanted to let you know that all your hard work is making a tremendous difference in the life of someone else. (10-3-98)

7) You have an AWESOME website. You’ve helped me so much this past year. Much of the stuff on your site helped me convert to the Faith as well. (1-12-99)

8) I feel greatly in debt to you; you (and your site) were the “good samaritan” that helped me on that road back home. Thanks. (1-27-99)

9) My brother was attending a Protestant church and he came up with all the Protestant arguments you know so well. Then I found your site and e-mailed him a whole slew of your writings. Now, he’s arguing against Protestants, not with them. (2-27-99)

10) I just wanted to thank you for helping to bring about my reception into the Holy Catholic Church. Without your efforts and the wealth of information you’ve made available, I doubt that I would have been received into the Church this past Easter. I can tell you that every possible question I could conceive of asking, was answered on your website. (4-11-99)

11) I wanted to also thank you for your ministry, . . . on behalf of my husband . . . I provided him with your website and the Hahns’ book to reassure him about my choice . . . He was baptized, confirmed and received his first Communion Easter Vigil. Your website was of tremendous help to him, both in making this decision and in answering the questions (some challenges, I think) from loved ones and friends who questioned our choices. (4-14-99)

12) Your Biblical Evidence site really was one of the most powerful influences of my decision to re-embrace Catholicism and I don’t think I could be grateful enough. (5-2-99)

13)  I cannot tell you enough how much it and your writings have helped in my journey back into the Catholic Church. (8-16-00)

14) I was raised Catholic, but drifted away when I went to college. But thanks to the many great Catholic apologetics sites on the WWW, I have returned to the Church as a full member. Needless to say, the very broad and deep resources on your site played a major role in getting all this straightened out. (8-23-00)

15) I found your website about six months ago and have been reading a lot of your writings, which have been instrumental in my
conversion and in my understanding of Catholic doctrine. (9-9-00)

16)  A very close friend of mine recently became a Catholic (last Easter in fact). He was previously Youth Minister in a Baptist Church – so his journey to the Catholic Church entailed many questions/study about the Church. Being able to draw on your resources helped me to answer the many questions he had. (10-9-00)

17) I had been desperately trying to convert my Catholic friends . . . I could generally beat them in argument, but in my fervor to do more and more research I came across your webpage. I read just about every single word on your webpage, and, long story short, I was received into the Catholic Church Easter 2000 . . . I really think that your writings were absolutely instrumental in my conversion. (7-24-01)

18) Your website is excellent. Indeed, I was received into full communion with the Catholic Church this past Easter in large part because of your wonderful apologetic enterprise. (8-13-01)

19) I wanted you to know that your work has been a great aid in my decision to become Catholic (from a Baptist background). (9-21-01)

20) I have decided to join the Catholic Church . . . The materials on your website helped me along immensely. (11-9-01)

21) I have been a regular visitor to your web site for over two years now. I have used it as my primary source on information on Catholicism, and because of it, I am now attending RCIA sessions. (11-29-01)

22) I have been inspired by your writings and you have been instrumental in my decision to join the holy Catholic Church . . . my greatest thanks from the bottom of my heart. (11-29-01)

23) I feel like I know you . . . You have brought me back, and by extension, many others with whom I have taught with your information. You have been an instrument of Christ in my life, and I thought you should know. (12-6-01)

24)  Your website has helped me immensely, and any amount of money could never repay my debt to you. Your writing and exegesis was instrumental in my conversion to the faith (I will be confirmed this Easter!). (12-10-01)

25) Your website helped me immensely while I was considering converting to the Church. (12-10-01)

26) I have recently reverted back to the Catholic church, and much of the intellectual conversion was a direct result of your web pages (of course, we both know that God was involved, too…). (12-14-01)

27-30)  I just wanted to let you know that partially as a result of your strong witness for His Church, I and my family (wife, who was RC and became an Evangelical before we ever met, and two daughters aged 7 and 10) are going to be received into the Church this Easter, God willing. Her parents, both staunch Catholics from the Emerald Isle, are extremely happy about this as well as many of her relatives who have been praying for us. (12-24-01)

31) Your writings were very instrumental in my conversion. When I first felt leanings towards the Church, I came across your web site and was immediately absorbed. It was not long before I became convinced of the Catholic position. (12-26-01)

32) Your work was instrumental in my reversion from Evangelicalism. Without your website I wouldn’t have had any clear understanding of the differences and errors inherent in Evangelicalism. (12-28-01)

33) I really want to thank you for helping bring me back to the Church. I had been away from the Church for 19 years . . . During that time I was involved in the New Age, Buddhism, the Episcopalian church, and even the occult . . . In March 2001 I started frequenting your site and read many of the articles. Shortly after that I went to confession and started changing my life. I am now a practicing Catholic, following all the Catholic teachings, including Natural Family Planning. (7-29-02)

34) On 1st of December this year I intend (God willing) to be received into the Catholic Church. This is due in no small part to an extensive perusal of your site! (11-19-02)

35-36) I and my wife entered the Catholic Church a year ago, and your website was part of that. It was particularly useful after we announced our decision to my wife’s staunchly Protestant family. (1-22-03)

37) I just wanted to write you to tell you what a help your web-site has been to me on my journey of faith . . . I thought I had already arrived at the truth in the Eastern Orthodox Church. One of the issues that prompted my questioning was contraception; reading your section on this issue, and few other moral issues, I realized this issue in particular was no minor, “just-between-you-and-the-priest”, kind of thing. What was wrong for roughly two thousand years, is equally wrong today . . . Your web-site helped me to learn the TRUTH of the Catholic faith. (4-26-03)

38) I am a recent convert to Catholicism from Protestantism (just last week at the Easter Vigil, actually) and I wanted to thank you. One of the first things I read when I began my investigation into the Catholic faith back in August of 2002 was your article 150 Reasons Why I am a Catholic, and I found it very intriguing and inspiring. It definitely encouraged me to read more articles and books about Catholicism. So, once again, I wanted to say thank you. (4-27-03)

39-40) I started becoming hungry to find out about the Catholic Church. I had the Internet at the time, so I went in the search engine and typed ‘Catholic Church’ and came upon a most fabulous and exhaustive website on the Catholic faith Biblical Evidence for Catholicsm! It answered all my questions! I was soooo happy while discovering the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith I would cry while reading the hundreds of articles!!! Then I went to Mass one Sunday morning (on Palm Sunday 2000) after 15 years’ absence. I was just soooo moved during Mass, it was incredible. I cried during the whole Mass, . . . My husband became curious of the Catholic faith and would ask me what I had read on the wonderful website. Two months after I had started going to Mass, he joined me. (7-20-03)

41) I used your site a great deal in converting to the church, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work. (8-13-03)

42) About two-and-a-half years ago, while I was still in college, I first visited your site out of curiosity concerning how in the world Catholics defend their “unbiblical” doctrines. Because of a random search I came to your 150 Reasons Why I’m A Catholic page and needless to say I was shocked. The way you defended Catholic doctrine in short logical points with scriptural support sent me into a theological tailspin. I closed the browser quickly, but I was still left with those Bible verses and kept wondering how in the world I had missed the verses you pointed out. Well, after about two years of study, graduation, a move to Northern Michigan and lots of painful discoveries of inadequate Protestant interpretations and counter-arguments, I finally decided to join the Catholic Church. In fact, I will be starting RCIA next week thanks in large part to your web site (and, of course, God’s grace). Once again thank you very much. (8-28-03)

43) I’ve said before that I owe my conversion in large part to your website. You’ve blessed me and my family so much. I only wish I could offer you something more besides kind words and prayers. (9-9-03)

44) Thank you for your site; it has been a great help to me in coming into the True Faith. (10-13-03)

45) I wanted to tell you that I am now a Catholic, as of a Nov 11th. It mostly due, in order of impact, to 1) your amazing website, 2) the Coming Home Network, and 3) Scott Hahn’s conversion story. Thank you so much for all you do. Your wonderful website had just a huge influence on me during my journey to the Church, which lasted 14 months. I really can’t thank you enough for your apostolate. Your website helped to make a Catholic out of me, and for that I will be forever grateful to you. (11-17-03)

46) On April 19 2003 during the Easter Vigil Mass at St. Thomas More University Parish in Bowling Green, Ohio I was received into the Catholic Church!!! Thanks again so much for letting God use you to help me along the way to where I am now! Your website, your books, and your links and references were probably the most significant resources in pointing me to the truths of the Catholic Church. (12-2-03)

47) My wife and I were received in 2002 into the Catholic Church (formerly Southern Baptist), and your writings (including the Surprised by Truth testimony) have been a great inspiration to me, and VERY educational. (12-10-03)

48) Dave’s Biblical Evidence for Catholicism web site and his friendship were among the factors that helped my inquiry and my eventual Tiber crossing. I can testify to his friendship with non-Catholic Christians personally; we built a good friendship when I was Anglican. He has always treated me with respect, never was he arrogant, triumphalistic or anything like that. (1-30-04)

49) Your website has been invaluable to my journey into the Church. I am to be received this April. Your website was the first Catholic apologetics material I ever read. Without sounding like I’m kissing up, thank you for being so detailed and deep. Many other apologists are too simplistic to get to the roots. You get to the root of error and axe it. (2-11-04)

50) I wanted to send a short letter of thanks for the work that you do. I just became a Catholic at Easter Vigil, after growing up as a Pentecostal in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and much of my decision, and the information for that decision, was from your website. (4-18-04)

51-54) Thanks for your great work. Your website was instrumental in my family’s conversion to the Church. We have begun sending your apostolate a monthly check. (4-22-04)

55) Dave Armstrong’s site is one of the best I have found on the internet. His site began my conversion process nine months ago, and here I am a Catholic. (6-23-04)

56) Dave Armstrong’s website was integral to my becoming RC. After attending a Catholic retreat with some of my Baptist friends, and attending a mass at a monastery, I became very interested in the Catholic Faith. I used his website to study things like Marian doctrines and the Eucharist – my main issues I had to deal with before attending RCIA. (6-23-04)

57) Dave’s website has also helped me a great deal. His articles answered many of my questions and were instrumental in my conversion process from the Evangelical church. His Catholic knowledge, reason and logic are impeccable. (6-23-04)

58) Thanks so much for the tremendous work you do for the Church. You played a huge role in my leaving sedevacantism and extreme traditionalism. (5-2-05)

59) Having been raised in a protestant family and seeking God’s Will for me, I have been led to the Catholic Church. Your testimony is helping me and your writing is providing much reassurance. (12-18-05)

60) I began doing research. And I ended up where I thought I’d never end up in a million years – I decided today to become a full-fledged Catholic. And your apologetics had a lot to do with this. Thanks so much for enlightening me. I’m truly indebted to you. (1-23-06)

61-62) We are so grateful for your ministry and how the Lord has used the giftings He has given you to change our lives forever. (January 2006)

63-64) With your help, careful, prayerful, consideration of all the facts, and a whole lot of Grace, my wife and I will be going through the Rite of Election this coming March 5. (2-2-06)

65-69) I have finally made the announcement publicly that my family and I have left Protestantism and are Catholic. Your ministry was (and is) instrumental in our growth in faith. (2-3-06)

70) I just wanted to thank you for your work. I will be entering the Catholic Church this Easter Vigil (from a Protestant background.) (3-6-06)

71) I’ve read A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, and it’s in the process of converting my Baptist girlfriend as we speak! Thanks so much for what you do. (3-10-06)

72) It would be a great honor to have you attend my Ordination Mass. Your witness of the Catholic faith was an important part of my conversion. I will continue to thank God for the Spiritual direction you gave to me. (former Anglican priest, 3-19-06)

73) I have many of your books. They have helped me return to the Church. Great stuff! (5-5-06)

74) I wanted to let you know that your website was very helpful to me in my journey to the church. I was received into the church last month after five years of intense study and prayer. I was an evangelical campus minister before resigning that position due to my increasing Catholic convictions. (5-7-06)

75) Your articles have played a very important role in my recent conversion from Reformed Presbyterian to Catholic. I was received into the Church this past week. (5-12-06)

76) I recently was received into full communion with the Catholic Church after being an evangelical Protestant all my life, and your blog and apologetics writings were essential to me during the period in which I was examining the Church’s teachings. Your site, more than any other resource, had clear, understandable defenses for Catholic doctrine and practices. In particular, you deserve the credit for my ultimate decision to join the Catholic Church rather than the Orthodox Church. (6-26-06)

77) I was a campus minister for eight years before being received into the Church in April. Your website had a big influence in my coming to see the truth of the Catholic Church. (9-2-06)

78) I am currently going to RCIA and renewing my faith in the Catholic Church. I was raised Catholic but have been away for more years than I care to admit. I came across your website in the process of doing some research on questions I had and it has truly been a blessing. I now spend each day eating lunch at my desk just so I can visit your website and learn more about the faith I choose. (9-20-06)

79) Your apologetics ministry has been extremely influential to me over the past three years or so. Your irenic presentation coupled with your voluminous knowledge played no small part in my decision to convert to Catholicism from my former strongly Calvinist beliefs. Your works have helped me to better articulate the glorious truths of our holy Catholic faith. (9-21-06)

80) I just want you to know how much your website has helped me understand the Catholic faith! I was Protestant, Pentecostal to be exact, so the transition into the CC was major!! Your biblical proofs have helped ground me in my faith. (5-5-08)

81) Thanks a lot for your website. Because of your work, the work of Peter Kreeft, and other Catholic apologists I am currently in the process of conversion from Baptist to Catholicism. (10-8-08)

82) I recommended one of Dave Armstrong‘s books, saying that his blog was instrumental in bringing me into the Church. (6-9-13)

83) I will be received into the Catholic Church on June 29. Your blog, your posts here [Facebook], have helped me find my way. Thanks. (former Methodist pastor, 6-16-13)

84) Dave you were key to my initial seeking and conversion. (11-18-13)

85) A National Catholic Register article about your conversion inspired me to send you a long overdue thank you for your apologetics apostolate. As a high school agnostic searching for the truth, your website was decisive in my decision to be baptized, confirmed and receive first Holy Communion the Easter Vigil of 2003. Ten years later, I have gained a degree from Christendom College, become a professed religious with the Legion of Christ and am currently studying in Rome for the priesthood. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for an apostolate that truly changed my life. (7-2-13)

86) Back when it was just a website, Dave’s work was instrumental in my conversion. (7-4-13)

87) Mr. Armstrong’s work was instrumental in keeping me Catholic back in 1997 when I had a “crisis of faith”.  (7-9-13)

88) I’ve followed [your blog] for years.  In fact, it did play a part in my conversion process, along with other apologist web sites and resources.  I was formerly an evangelical Protestant who did mission work and teaching ministry.  I went to Bible college and seminary. (11-22-13)

89) That website helped in my conversion to the Catholic Faith. (11-25-13)

90-91) I am a former Evangelical (and a former fan of James White) who came into the Catholic Church this past year. Thanks for all your writings – they were very helpful to me and my wife on our journey. (12-24-13)

92) I just wanted to thank you for your blog and its predecessor. Biblical Evidence for Catholicism was instrumental in helping me come back to the Church after a nine-year absence. Without you, I might not still be Catholic today. (2-2-14)

93) Thanks for all your effort to demonstrate the biblical nature of Catholicism. Your book, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism, was the first book I read when I had come to the conclusion I needed to enter the Church. (5-31-14)

94) In February, I was received into full communion with the Church (having been a Methodist), and your writings were extremely helpful along the way. You have helped me a great deal. (7-1-14)

95) I love reading your books: practical and easy to read. I consider you an important factor in my conversion. (11-23-14)

96) Your writings played an important role in my conversion to the Catholic faith in an overtly secular country [Germany]. (12-31-14)

97-98) I think your posts are always full of common sense (something many people are missing) and your Catholicism posts on your blog were instrumental in our conversion three years ago. (1-7-15)

99) Your work has been monumental in my journey home! Your contribution to the world of apologetics has been immeasurable. (1-9-15)

100) Biblical [Defense of Catholicism] was one of the key books that pushed me along during my conversion. I was so “biblically” skeptical of ever becoming Catholic that no “hack” would have possibly convinced me. (Scott Eric Alt, 1-9-15)

101) Great book [The Catholic Verses]! I loved every page and it helped me to find the fullness of truth in the Catholic Church. (1-22-15)

102) I will be received into the Church at Saturday’s Easter Vigil Mass. Thanks for helping me to understand and defend Catholic teaching. (3-31-15)

103) Your website back in the day was the main thing that brought me back to the Catholic Church. (4-9-15)

104) Dave Armstrong was instrumental in my return home to the Church. I’m thankful for that. (5-8-15)

105)  I have been a fan of your works for years. It was very instrumental for me on my journey to cross the Tiber. Thank you for all of the work that you do. (5-26-15)

106) Before I was Catholic (entered in April 2007) I hated your site… so much logical truth that I couldn’t argue with — but it helped me convert eventually… so, thanks for being out there!  (5-29-15)

107) Thank you for helping me into coming back to the Faith. (6-13-15)

108) I just want you to know Dave that last week I returned to the Catholic faith after leaving 30 years ago. I had purchased a few of your other books including [A] Biblical [Defense ofCatholicism and [100 Biblical Arguments AgainstSola Scriptura and Biblical Catholic Apologetics, which I directly attribute to my return to the Church. When I realized I didn’t have to “check out” intellectually to accept the Catholic Church, it changed me. Thank you for what you did for my life in Christ. (7-10-15)

109) God bless your work Dave. You helped me on the way from Protestantism to Holy Mother Church and God has used you to protect me from falling over to the radtrad webs. (7-11-15)

110) Your work initially got me questioning my own beliefs about my faith as a Protestant (an evangelical Anglo-Catholic). I’m now at a stage where the ducks are virtually all lined up in a row and I am wanting to convert officially. (7-13-15)

111-112) [Your] writings were instrumental to our coming home. (7-20-15)

113-116) Your blog was key in my conversion- and that of my whole family! You may not know the full effect you have had until heaven. (7-30-15)

117) Your writings were very helpful when I struggled with the apparent contradictions between Lutheranism and the Fathers, and prompted my break with the Reformation. (9-17-15)

118-123) Count my husband and me among the converts helped and convinced by your books [formerly Baptist]. Oh and our four children — count them. Our whole household converted. (12-3-15)

124) You were the one that knocked down my final objections regarding Marian doctrines allowing me to be confirmed 12 years ago. (12-6-15)

125) You were one of the primary sources responsible for my conversion. (12-6-15)

126) I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I grew up in an Adventist family, but I have been through a conversion to Catholicism process the last two years. Your testimony and Mr Scott Hahn’s testimony have been crucial to me. (12-12-15)

127) [In 2011 I] started investigating Catholic apologetics seriously online (including your site). It was finally the conviction that they early Church was Catholic that convinced me, and everything else poured in with that. I was confirmed this Easter. I still remember that Biblical Evidence was the first place I ever read what Catholics really believe and where I read intelligent debates between Catholics and Protestants. It planted a seed that took about twenty years to sprout, but it finally did! So, if you want to be encouraged, please do! (1-9-16)

128-129) I wouldn’t be Catholic if it weren’t for Dave making me curious about Catholicism! Thanks Dave! I’ve been home since 1996, along with my husband and lots of friends that could really be credited to Dave! (2-8-16)

130) A big thank you because your book on sola Scriptura was one of the first I bought, and helped me out tons when coming back to the faith after studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and helped me defend against people who hold that view. (3-13-16)

131) You have been instrumental in my return to Catholicism and in keeping my faith strong as I continue in ministry. (3-31-16)

132-136) Dave, your stuff was instrumental in my own conversion. I was a Protestant minister for about 12 years and came into the Church in 2007 along with my family. (3-31-16)

137) Dave, your work has been helpful in helping me come into the Catholic Church. Apologetics is no doubt one of the most important ministries of the Church — where would any of us be without it? (3-31-16)

138-139) Your writings were very instrumental in helping my wife and I come back to the Catholic Church. Since then we have brought others to the Catholic Church. Keep up the good work. (5-29-16)

140) Your old site and A Biblical Defense of Catholicism were both very helpful in my conversion five years ago, and I’m grateful for the work that you do. (5-31-16)

141) It was thanks to the American apologists (Scott Hahn, Peter Kreeft, Marcus Grodi and the CHN, not to mention Dave Armstrong and Bishop Barron) that I found the way of Catholicism. I was a fervent Protestant. (7-9-16)

142) Dave Armstrong’s work was probably, after grace, the single biggest factor in my conversion to Catholicism. (8-18-16)

143) Dave, I want to  thank you for saving my soul. I became a sedevacantist [one who denies the validity of the sitting pope] last year and after reading your syllabus of traditionalist errors I saw my error and realized, to my delight, that I was wrong. (8-24-16)

144) You and several other convert authors were immensely helpful with my own conversion in my late fifties. Your Biblical Defense of Catholicism was the very first book read. (9-30-16)

145) Your books have given the words and the guidance to my deepest feelings, on my path back to my Catholic faith. I am home. (5-17-17)

146-152) Your work was one of the core reasons my wife and I became Catholic six years ago. I can say with confidence that without that conversion, I wouldn’t have my 5 beautiful children, and now I am watching the faith blossom in their lives. (9-25-17)

153) I was baptized Catholic, raised Protestant, became an atheist; I will say that apologists, including those at Catholic Answers and Dave Armstrong, were crucial in my faith going from being an atheist to a very religious Roman Catholic. (2-15-18)

154) I once again find myself indebted to friend and sometimes foe Dave Armstrong. A few years ago, Dave invited me to be part of an online dialogue between Latin Catholicism and Eastern Catholicism as Orthodoxy in communion with Rome. I had first met Dave online during the rise of the Catholic apologetics movement in the 1990s. Dave’s work was instrumental in drawing me back to full communion with Rome; first as a Pentecostal, and second as an adherent to a particular branch of Latin traditionalism that at the time mistrusted the Second Vatican Council and the Roman Pontiffs elected following the council. To this end, I am forever grateful to Dave for helping me understand the beauty and necessity of full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. (Pete Vere, 3-23-18)

155) Dave, I just wanted to thank you for your interactions with me when I was a young man, and to let you know that I am going to be received into the Roman Catholic Church on the Vigil Mass for the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord next month. There was a whole litany of events that led me to the Church, but I think that, over the years, just reflecting on how badly I lost this particular debate on Baptismal Regeneration [dated 3-13-02] gradually led me to the truth on that doctrine, and then one by one the other dominoes fell. I really have to give the bulk of the credit to St. Therese of Lisieux and to the Church Fathers for bringing me into the Church, but your contribution was important as well, because you planted a seed that sprouted years down the line. (12-18-18)

156) I spent several years in the dark spiral of radical reactionaryism and sedevacantism. Your books were instrumental and pivotal in helping me see the light. (7-3-19)


Photo credit: Dave Armstrong: May 2000 (age 41).



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