C. S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight (Links Page)

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This page has been discontinued (see my post explaining the reason why, with many reminiscences). It contained over 500 links. Older archived versions can be found at Internet Archive:
Here is one of the latest Blogspot versions of my Lewis page, from Internet Archive: dated 5 September 2015. The earliest Blogspot version of the page still available is dated 4 August 2007. See also earlier captures from 27 July 2004, 3 August 2001, and all the way back to 7 December 1998: a little less than two years from its inception.


Meta Description: Dave Armstrong’s links page for C. S. Lewis: online from 1997-2016, is now available at Internet Archive only. Links to earlier versions provided.


Meta Keywords: C. S. Lewis, C. S. Lewis links page, Dave Armstrong’s C. S. Lewis page, C. S. Lewis resources

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