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Personal Page for Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong November 9, 2006
Dave & Judy Armstrong with daughter Angelina, then almost 14 (October 2015)
Catholic Apologetics Apostolate: Its Pleasures & Perils (published in This Rock, 1 November 2004)

2013 Fundraising Drive for My Apologetics Apostolate [September 2013; $5,019 raised; at Internet Archive]

2014 3rd Annual Fundraiser for Dave Armstrong’s Full-time Apologetics Apostolate ($5000 goal) [$4,726 raised] [Sep. 2014]


How Much Money Should Apologists Make? [9-2-13]

Karl Keating’s Kind Fundraiser on My Behalf (September 2013) / My Thoughts on My Recent Rough Financial Stretch [10-1-13]

The Relationship of Full-Time Ministry and Business [11-17-14]

My Full-Time Apologetics Apostolate is Quickly Winding Down . . . Unless . . . [Facebook, 7-6-16]

Still a Small Chance to Remain a Full-Time Catholic Apologist . . . [Facebook, 7-24-16]

My New Writing “Gig”: National Catholic Register [Facebook, 9-15-16]

Today is My 15th Anniversary of Full-Time Catholic Apologetics [Facebook, 12-1-16]

Mark Shea’s Enthusiastic and Repeated Recommendations of My Apologetics Apostolate [Facebook, 4-11-17]

Apostolate / Financial Report (Very Likely Good News) [Facebook, 4-26-17]

Fruit: 156 Reasons Why Catholic Apologetics is a Good Thing (Documented Conversions or Reversions in Part Due to My Work: Completely Caused by God’s Grace) [7-3-19]

2800 Articles on My Blog / Other Milestones [Facebook, 3-28-20]

“God Provides”: Another Recent Example of a Thousand in My Life [Facebook, 3-31-20]

Yes, God Does Provide. Another Concrete Example in My Life [Facebook, 7-30-21]

Today is My 20th Anniversary as a Full-Time Catholic Apologist [Facebook, 12-1-21]

“It’s a New Era”: Replying to Videos / The New (Respectful) Protestant Apologists [Facebook, 4-20-22]



Dave Armstrong: Catholic Apologetics Bookstore [complete listing of all 50 of my books]

I Got an “Imprimatur” (Second Time) [6-2-09; at Internet Archive]
My First Million-Seller! [1-27-11 on my blog; moved to Facebook on 1-22-22]


Happy St. Patrick’s Day (My Ireland Page, and Other Defunct Pages From my Website, Resurrected) [3-17-04; at Internet Archive]

Published Articles in This Rock / Comic Tracts / Internet Ministry in the Overall Scheme of Things [2-4-05; at Internet Archive]

Cor ad cor loquitur Passes the One Million Page Views Mark [9-7-07; at Internet Archive]

Blog Passes One Million Visitors Mark (1.5 Million Page Views) [10-10-08; at Internet Archive]

Blog Passes the Two Million Visitors Mark [Facebook, 9-5-12]

I made #75 on Top 200 Church Blogs [Facebook, 9-25-12]

Tenth Anniversary of My Blog Today [Facebook, 2-2-14]

My Comments Policy: Thoughts on Amiable and Constructive Dialogue [8-15-15]

My 20 Most Popular [Patheos] Posts (August-December 2015) [Facebook, 12-17-15]
Why Do I Continue to Blog at Patheos Catholic: Which Also Hosts Many Heterodox and Leftist Writers? (+ discussion of Mindy Selmys’ departure) [Facebook, 3-16-19]
Just passed 2400 articles posted on my blog (includes link to my website from 2 December 1998) [Facebook, 6-20-19]
Passed 2500 Articles on My Blog [Facebook, 8-17-19]
3,200 Blog Articles! [Facebook, 2-29-21]


The New “Spanish Revolution” Has Begun! (Update on My Apostolate [translation of my books]) [Facebook, 6-15-16]

My Articles and Books in Spanish and Portugese and French / Apologética católica: Traducciones al español / tradução para português [web page set up on 6-22-16]

Klasiká Liber, a Brazilian publisher, to publish the Portugese version of  The Catholic Verses [Facebook, 7-26-16]

My Efforts to Promote My Book Translated Into Spanish, ¡Revelación! (Letters to Hispanic Ministries and Parishes with Spanish Masses) [Facebook, 9-16-16]

French Translation of My Book Revelation: 1001 Bible Answers to Theological Topics is Complete! Soon Five of My Books Will be in Three Other Languages [Facebook, 4-13-17]

Mi libro #50: Pruebas bíblicas para el Catolicismo: Edición española: esquema [My Book #50: Biblical Evidence for Catholicism: Spanish Edition: outline (a similar Portugese book also forthcoming) ] [Facebook, 1-25-18]

There Are (By %) More Protestants in Brazil Than There Are Catholics in the United States / My Efforts There [Facebook, 5-23-22]





Dave Armstrong: Catholic Apologetics’ “Socratic Evangelist” (by Tim Drake; Envoy Magazine, Spring 2002)



[Opinions on] Apologist Dave Armstrong? (thread on the Catholic Answers Apologetics Forum: June 2005)


The Appearance of Crazy Horse [Facebook, 8-4-08]

Catholic Apologist “Young Guns” Take Savage Satirical Revenge Against Yours Truly in Hilarious Polemical Shootout, Complete with Appropriate “Gunfighter” Visuals [9-9-11; at Internet Archive]

Which Am I? Lovable “Sweetheart” Teddy Bear or Attila the Hun? Impressions of My Writing vs. Me in Person  [Facebook, 3-7-15]

What Twelve People, Living or Dead, Would You Invite to Dinner? [Facebook, 9-22-17]

My Most Used Words on Facebook [Facebook, 11-22-17]

Just saw 2001: A Space Odyssey [50th anniversary big-screen showing] [Facebook, 8-12-18]

Top Ten All-Time Favorite Insults Sent My Way [2-15-21]

We Saw 110 Meteors Last Night [Facebook, 8-14-21]

“Research show[s] that cougars could — or do — live in Lenawee County” [Facebook, 9-7-21]

Michigan is the Pizza King! [Facebook, 8-29-22]


Herbalism & Holistic Health (collection of my posts)




What My Oldest Son Paul Wrote About God and Good Christian Behavior, at Age 9 [Facebook, 9-15-01]

Ray Kozora (1923-2005) – My Wife’s Father [12-20-05; at Internet Archive] 

“Out of the Mouths of Babes”: My Five-Year-Old Daughter on Heaven and Salvation [Facebook, 5-24-07]

My Father Graham Armstrong (1924-2009): Tribute to and Remembrance of a Fallen Pilot and Poet [11-3-09; at Internet Archive] 

Instant Parenthood, Grandparenthood, and Great Grandparenthood (adoption of Alexander Thomas by my niece Kristen and Husband Steve) [Facebook, 6-5-14]

My Mother, Lois Armstrong (1925-2014): A Warm Remembrance [Facebook, 12-23-14] (+ Facebook threads of hundreds of prayers and condolences: One / Two)

Homeschooling vs. Public Schools (by my daughter Angelina, 15) [Facebook, 11-27-16]
Father’s Day Greetings on Facebook from Oldest Son Paul and Youngest and Only Daughter Angelina [6-18-17]
My oldest son Paul was healed of serious back and neck problems [You Tube video testimony linked on Facebook, 8-28-18]

16-Year-Old Daughter Angelina on Young Girls and Self-Image [Facebook, 8-31-18]

My dad’s parents (Canadian) were married 100 years ago today! (includes family photo from c. 1948) [Facebook, 3-17-19]

Video of Son Matthew Swing-Dancing at Greenfield Village (June 2019) [Facebook, 8-12-19]

Son Matthew’s Miraculous Cure of Lyme & Related Maladies [10-12-19]

Great Photos of Our Living Room [Allen Park, Michigan house] [Facebook, 3-5-20]

My Sister, Judy All (1952-2020) (+ Facebook condolences] [6-28-20]

Son Matthew & Annette’s Wedding: July 18, 2020: complete video (+ some initial photos / video of my dancing with daughter Angelina) [Facebook, 7-21-20]

Bid Accepted for Our Retirement Country Home (+ Photos & Area Maps) [Facebook, 9-10-20]

Life Five Days After a Move / Giving Glory and Praise to God [Facebook, 10-29-20]

Family Pictures on Birthday Celebration of the “Birthday Twins” (Nov. 16) & Thanksgiving [Facebook, 11-27-20]

Christmas 2020 Family Photos (New Grandchild, New House, “Star of Bethlehem”) [Facebook, 12-27-20]

My Son Paul’s YouTube Channel: The Catholic Gaming Nerd [Facebook, 4-8-20]

Answered Prayer / Praise Report! Desired Job at a Horse Stable for Our Daughter / Blessings for Our Whole Family [Facebook, 5-14-21]

Daughter Angelina Aces Horse Show (Dressage) [Facebook, 9-4-21]

Is it Daughter’s Day today? Luv ya Angelina! So proud of you. Bustin’ buttons proud . . . (including cute video of us) [Facebook, 9-25-21]

Daughter Angelina & Boyfriend Nick (two photos) [Facebook, 9-29-21]

Valley Time: Lyme Disease and Finances [Facebook, 10-12-21]

Angelina: All Growed-Up & Lookin’ Like a Movie Star; with Boyfriend Nick [Facebook, 11-2-21]

Our “Birthday Twins” are (soon-to-be) 20 and 25! [Facebook, 11-14-21]

My beautiful (and strongly Catholic!) daughter Angelina, with her boyfriend Nick [Facebook, 6-20-22]

Three Cute Photos of My Wonderful Daughter Angelina [Facebook, 7-15-22]

Our Ugly Basement Transformed Into Nice Family / Recreation / Party / Group Discussion Room [Facebook, 8-4-22]

Photo of [Almost] My Entire Extended Family [Facebook, 8-22-22]

Nice Family Photos from a Wedding (+ One Angelina “Still Life”) [Facebook, 9-14-22]

Fall Colors and Family Fun [Facebook, 10-11-22]



2008 Family Vacation (For Nature and History Lovers) [9-2-08; at Internet Archive] 

Dave and Judy Armstrong’s 25th Anniversary Dream Getaway to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island (lots of photos!) [11-21-09; at Internet Archive]

Mountain Biking: My New (Crazy?) Hobby [10-7-10; at Internet Archive]

Alaska / Canadian Rockies Adventure [Facebook, 7-13-17]

27-mile bike ride today: second-longest of my life, now at age 60 [Facebook, 9-8-18] 

“Square Hikes” Down Country Dirt Roads: Our New Pastime / “Pastoral Reflections” [Facebook,  3-5-21]

The River Raisin, which runs through my town (Tecumseh, Michigan) is “the most crooked river in the world” [Facebook, 4-3-21]

Another Rafting Adventure . . . [Facebook, 5-19-21]

Peak Fall Colors Have Finally Arrived in southern Michigan (at least in SOME places) [Facebook, 11-4-21]

Snow-Covered Trees and Blue Sky! [Facebook, 11-30-21]

Winter Wonderland in the Irish Hills of SE Lower Michigan (Featuring Snow-Covered Trees) [Facebook, 2-15-22]

Redwoods! [Facebook, 7-16-22]

“Magical Forest Wonderland” of Redwood National Park (Northern California) [20 photos, Facebook, 7-21-22]

Birthday Trip Down the Huron River in Michigan [Facebook, 7-30-22]

Deer on a Hike Right in Town [Facebook, 8-15-22]

Photos from Our Summer Western Trip (2022) [Facebook, 8-18-22]

Cougars (Mountain Lions / Panthers) in Southeast Michigan! [Facebook, 10-31-22]



Our First Grandchild is a Girl! (+ video of the announcement) [Facebook, 8-29-20] 

Grandchild #2 On the Way! [Facebook, 9-19-20]

We’re Grandparents! (+ more photos, including our first time seeing her) [Facebook, 11-5-20 + 11-9-20]

Baptism of Our First Grandchild, Cecilia Joy, at Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament (11-29-20) [Facebook, 12-6-20]

Adorable Video of Cecilia Joy [Facebook, 1-1-21]

Five adorable shots of granddaughter Cecilia [Facebook, 1-6-21]

Cecilia Joy: 2 Month-Old Photos [Facebook, 1-26-21]

Granddaughter Cecilia’s 3-Month Birthday Photos [Facebook, 2-9-21]

Armstrong Granddaughter Extravaganza (Cecilia Joy: born 11-5-20) + #2: Estelle Marie on the Way [Facebook, 2-16-21]

Cecilia’s 4-Month-Old Photos / Baby Shower for Estelle Marie (due in April), on 3-6-21 [Facebook, 3-6-21]

Granddaughter Cecilia’s St. Patrick’s Day Dress [Facebook, 3-22-21]

Our Second Granddaughter, Estelle Marie Was Born on 12:45 AM Easter Morning [April 4th], Weighing 6 lbs 13.5 oz and Measuring 19 Inches. Proud Parents Annette & Our Son Matthew [Facebook, 4-5-21]

More Adorable Photos of Two-Day-Old Estelle Marie and Her Wonderful Mother Annette [Facebook, 4-6-21]

Cecilia Joy (Five Months Old): Sweet First Easter Photos [Facebook, 4-6-21]

Meeting Our Granddaughter Estelle, and Baby Cousin Cecilia (5 Mos.) Meets Her Too! (4-7-21) [Facebook, 4-8-21]

Cecilia’s 5-Month Photos Are In! [Facebook, 4-8-21]

Estelle Marie: Born on Easter Sunday: a Little Sweetie! [Facebook, 4-20-21]

Sweet Estelle Marie at About 20 Days Old [Facebook, 5-4-21]

Estelle Marie at One Month / Cecilia Joy at Six Months [Facebook, 5-5-21]

Two New Mothers, a New Grandma, and Two Baby Girls on Mother’s Day 2021 [Facebook, 5-10-21]

Cecilia Joy is Six Months Old and Rarin’ to Go! [Facebook, 5-11-21]

Estelle Marie’s Baptism: 5-15-21 [Facebook, 5-16-21]

Smiley / Sweet Photos of Estelle Marie (6 weeks old) [Facebook, 5-21-21]

And Here is the Spunky Charmer Cecilia Joy (6 mos.) [Facebook, 5-22-21]

More Cute Pictures of Our Two Granddaughters [Facebook, 6-18-21]

Adorable Granddaughters: Father’s Day & 4th of July 2021 [7-9-21]

Cecilia Joy Truly is a Joy (8 Months Old) [Facebook, 7-30-21]

Sweet Estelle’s Four-Month Birthday [Facebook, 8-5-21]

Granddaughters Cecilia (10 mo.) — with Proud Mama Anna, and Estelle (5 mo.) [Facebook, 9-1-21]

The Adorable Granddaughters [Facebook, 9-20-21]

Granddaughters Estelle (soon, 7 mos.) & Cecilia (soon 1 yr): October 2021 [Facebook, 10-28-21]

Estelle the Tiger: Adorable Halloween Photos (almost 7 mos. old) [Facebook, 10-29-21]

Cecilia: Halloween 2021 (Almost One!) [Facebook, 10-30-21]

Blessed Thanksgiving with the Kids & Grandkids (First in Our New Home) [Facebook, 11-26-21]

Armstrong Granddaughters, November 2021: Mostly Cecilia (1 Year Old), and a Few of Estelle (7 Mos.) [Facebook, 12-24-21]

Estelle’s First Christmas (8 1/2 Mos.) + Cecilia (13 1/2 Mos.) + Christmas Tree Farm + Great Grandmother Joan Kozora (91) [Facebook, 12-24-21]

Winter & Valentine’s Adorable Granddaughter Photos [Facebook, 2-15-22]

A Couple Months of Adorable Granddaughters Photos (+ Some of Daughter Angelina and Boyfriend Nick) [Facebook, 5-6-22]

Me and Granddaughter Estelle (Just Over One-Year-Old) [Facebook, 5-14-22]

Great Shot of Oldest Granddaughter Cecilia and her Mother Anna, and Three Wonderful Photos of Estelle [Facebook, 6-9-22]

Granddaughter Cecilia (1 Yr, 7 mos.) in Her Lovely Dress on Father’s Day [Facebook, 6-20-22]

Cecilia (1 yr, 8 mos.) Enjoys Our New Backyard Tree Swing [photo and comment] [Facebook, 7-24-22]

Granddaughter Cecilia Being Adorable [Photos] [Facebook, 8-15-22]

Fun with Granddaughters and a Slide [Facebook, 8-22-22]

Our Two Granddaughters, Being Sweet Together (photos) [Facebook, 9-5-22]

Cecilia: The Joy and Wonder of Young Childhood (Water and Sand Fun) [Facebook, 9-7-22]

Granddaughter Estelle Being Adorable [Facebook, 9-17-22]

Cecilia: The Pumpkin Girl! [Facebook, 9-27-22]

Our First Grandson! (Joseph Charles) [Facebook, 10-28-22]

First Time Meeting First Grandson Joseph Charles (Nov. 1, 2022; born on 10-28-22) + His Big Sister Estelle Was Sweet and Petite! [Facebook, 11-2-22]

First Time Hiking in the Woods with Oldest Granddaughter Cecilia (Will be Two on 11-5-22) [Facebook, 11-2-22]

Cecilia’s 2-Year-Old Birthday Party / Baby Joseph, Sister Estelle, & Mother Annette [Facebook, 11-7-22]

First Grandson Joseph Charles Armstrong’s Baptism / Family Photos [Facebook, 11-28-22]



My Southern Ancestry [Facebook, 1-19-15]

Joined [Facebook, 12-14-17]

More Cool Ancestry Stuff (David Thompson, Founder of New Hampshire in 1623) [Facebook, 12-22-17]

Ancestry Fun (Back to 928, Normandy, and Likely Vikings, Too) / King Edward IV of England (r. 1461-1483) [Facebook, 1-10-18]

Back to 260 A. D. Now in My Ancestry Searching (+ Debate on Ancient Genealogies) [Facebook, 1-17-18]

Cerdic: The Line Between History and Legend / Folklore, and Another Possible Ancestor [Facebook, 1-23-18]

Wife Judy’s AncestryDNA Test is In! [Facebook, 2-8-18]

Letter to My Wife’s Siblings on Their Father Ray Kozora’s Eastern European Ancestry [Facebook, 2-25-18]

The Armstrong Clan is Pictish in Origin [Facebook, 3-5-18]

My DNA Ancestry Results Are In / Spanish Origin of the Celts? [Facebook, 3-12-18]

My DNA Ancestry: Looking Back 10,000 Years [Facebook, 3-12-18]

Elizabeth Lucy Wayte: mistress of King Edward IV (r. 1461-1470) whose daughter married into the Lumley line that goes all the way down to my paternal grandfather [Facebook, 5-27-18] 

Now I’m a Direct Descendant of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, and Still Going Back Further in Time! [Facebook, 5-31-18]

Now I’m related to Hercules (aka Heracles)!? [Facebook, 6-5-18]

My 23rd and 24th Great Grandfathers, Sir Alan Stewart (1272-1333) and Sir John Stewart (1246-1298): Scottish Freedom Fighters [Facebook, 6-6-18]

Ancestry DNA: Update for Wife Judy (Revised: May 2019) [Facebook, 5-20-19]

My Ancestry (English Royalty, St. Margaret, Cleopatra, Etc.) (particular, detailed documentation with links) [12-2-19]

My DNA Ancestry Update (Great Links in the Combox) [Facebook, 2-4-20]

Wife Judy’s DNA Ancestry Update [Facebook, 2-4-20]

“The Cousin Explainer” (1st, 2nd, 3rd, cousins, etc.: chart) [Facebook, 9-5-20]

Wife Judy’s DNA Ancestry Update (September 2020): [Facebook, 9-23-20]

I’m a 15th Cousin, Once Removed, of Queen Elizabeth! [Facebook, 3-14-21]

My DNA Ancestry (52% English, 29% Celtic, 12% French) [7-22-21]

Wife Judy’s DNA Ancestry Update (September 2021) [Facebook, 9-22-21]

Wife Judy’s DNA Ancestry Update (August 2022): Ancestry [dot] com [Facebook, 8-11-22]

Wife Judy’s DNA Ancestry Update (9-22-22): Ancestry [dot] com [Facebook, 9-22-22]

Update (Sep. 2022) : Ethnic Makeup / Ancestry of My Children [Facebook, 9-23-22]


Beach Boys
Review of US Version Beatles Albums: 1964 (lots of interesting comparisons of US and UK tracks) [12-1-04] 
Beatles and Schubert: Musicological Comparisons [12-22-04; expanded on 3-1-18]
Beatles Update (The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2) [5-23-06; at Internet Archive] 

Beatles Recordings: Chronological Master List (Including Alternate Mixes)

 (All Beatles recordings, in order of recording date, noting different mixes and versions, stereo, “fake stereo,” mono, what album songs appear on, dates of UK and US release, singles information, etc.) [3-16-07; at Internet Archive] 

Defense of John Lennon Contra Scathing Critique [12-28-13]

“Beatles Heaven” Again (New “1” Album) (see Amazon review) [11-9-15]

Amazon Review of Sgt. Pepper (50th Anniversary Edition) (See also my own posting at Patheos) [5-26-17]

Just Ordered the Beatles’ White Album (50th Anniversary Remix) [Facebook, 10-17-18]

Review of The White Album (Beatles): 50th Anniversary Remix (see the review on Amazon) [11-14-18]

John Lennon: Christian Right Before His Death? [3-27-07; rev. 12-8-20]

Review of 2021 Remix of The Beatles’ Let it Be (see also the review posted on the Amazon page) [10-15-21]

Beatles’ Revolver: What the Upcoming Remix Needs to Rectify [Facebook, 9-11-22]

How to Have a Great-Sounding Beatles Rubber Soul Album Before It’s Officially Remixed [Facebook, 10-28-22]

Beatles’ Revolver ’22 Remix: Wondrous Ear Candy [10-28-22]

Best-Sounding Beatles Songs: All 211 [11-28-22]

Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke: The Greatest Singer of All Time: Chronological Discography [7-23-05; at Internet Archive] 

Sam Cooke: The Ultimate Two-CD Chronological Discography of His Best 55 Songs [Facebook, 12-17-10] 


My Eclectic Musical Tastes and Instruments I Can Play [1-27-05; at Internet Archive] 

Is Music Sometimes Intrinsically “Evil”? [Facebook, 5-20-08] 

Dialogue with a Friendly Atheist #2: Music, Longing, & Mysticism (+ Part Two / #3 [8-7-17 and 8-14-17]

60 Absolute Best Doo Wop Songs: 1950-1963 (Chronological) [Facebook, 4-26-22]

Concerts I’ve Attended [Facebook, 8-19-22]

Van Morrison

The Great “White R and B” Songs of Van Morrison: 42 Sizzlers from 1964-2003 [10-26-11; at Internet Archive]

The Weird, “New Thought” Religious Views of Van Morrison [Facebook, 11-10-17]

Country / Folk Music

A Sacred Song Speaks a Thousand Words (The Impact of Johnny Cash’s Last Christian Songs) [7-16-05; at Internet Archive]

Hank Williams: Chronological and Alphabetical Discography [11-7-05; at Internet Archive]

“Pilgrimage” to Historic Blues and Country Music Sites, in the South, and in Detroit [4-7-09; at Internet Archive]

The 27 Greatest Woody Guthrie Songs (One CD) [5-21-12; at Internet Archive]

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix: Discography and Catalogue of Recording Dates and Major Performances [8-30-05; at Internet Archive]

Jimi Hendrix Taught Us About a Colorblind Society [12-6-16]

Motown / Detroit

Motown’s James Jamerson: The Greatest Bass Guitarist of All Time [5-1-04; at Internet Archive]

Very Best of Detroit Rock: 1965-1975 / Vol. II: 1966-1980 [Facebook, 8-2-14]

My Blue-Eyed Soul Background: 1967 Record from My Brother Gerry’s Band on You Tube [Facebook, 8-24-17]

So Many Motown Legends Gone (Mary Wilson) [Facebook, 2-9-21]

Psychedelic Music: 1966-1968

Psychedelic Music: 1966-1968 (I collected 12 CDs of it) [Facebook, 8-19-22]

Bob Seger

Detroit’s Own “Blue-Eyed Soul” Singer: Bob Seger [2004]

Early Bob Seger: Glorious “Lost” Classic Rock Music [9-23-06; rev. 12-26-18]


Set List for U2 in East Lansing, Michigan (Spartan Stadium): 26 June 2011 (at Internet Archive)

U2 Concert: 26 June 2011 in East Lansing, Michigan (HD 1080 Videos), + More HD Videos from U2’s “360” Tour in 2011 [11-26-12; at Internet Archive]

Classical Music

Beatles and Schubert: Musicological Comparisons [12-22-04; expanded on 3-1-18]
Mozart’s Musical Genius & His Catholicism [1-27-06; re-posted on 1-22-22]

Recommended Romantic and Post-Romantic Orchestral Music (+ Part II / Part III / Part IV) [6-13-07; at Internet Archive]

My Favorite Classical Music Pieces (Judging by Multiple Recordings Owned) [7-23-11; at Internet Archive]

Searching for the Perfect Beethoven’s 9th [9-21-15]

Dialogue with a Friendly Atheist #2: Music, Longing, & Mysticism [8-7-17]

Hans Rott (1858-1884): The Great Lost Late Romantic Composer [Facebook, 11-13-17]

Schubert’s Unfinished (8th) Symphony: Proposed “Finish” [10-22-21]


Michigan Christmas Carol Master: Alfred S. Burt [11-29-05]

Christmas Carols & Songs: A Catalogue [Dec. 2005]

The Weavers

The Weavers (1949-1963) & the New Leftist McCarthyism [3-28-21]



“In You I Hope” (Poem of Mine from 1982) [about trusting God and waiting on Him with confidence]
Gentleness [1996]

My Article on Junior High Lunch Time (11-22-72) [5-7-04; at Internet Archive] 

My Father Graham Armstrong (1924-2009): Tribute to and Remembrance of a Fallen Pilot and Poet [11-3-09; at Internet Archive] 

Reminiscing About My Southwest Detroit Childhood [Facebook: 9-26-13; list of 75 things!]

My Mother, Lois Armstrong (1925-2014): A Warm Remembrance [Facebook, 12-23-14] (+ Facebook threads of hundreds of prayers and condolences: One / Two)

Junior High Reunion Activities (Fun!) / My Potentially Life-Threatening Accident Back in 1969 [Facebook, 4-25-15]

Senior Year of High School! 20 Fun Questions [Facebook, 2-21-17]

I Remember 1968 Very Well [Facebook, 6-8-18]

4th of July Parades on Vernor Highway in Southwest Detroit [linked on Facebook, 7-6-20]

Color Photo Memories of My Childhood: 1961-1971 [Facebook, 9-3-21]




I Made Ten Straight Free Throws!!! [4-15-04; at Internet Archive]

My Football Exploits / My Son’s New Dominance in Basketball / Detroit Tiger Pride [10-9-06; at Internet Archive]

9 Out of 10 Free Throws: Twice!! [4-17-08; at Internet Archive]

All-Time Caucasian NBA All-Star Team [5-31-09; at Internet Archive]

I Bowled a 208! [3-7-10; at Internet Archive]

NBA Finals: Victorious Cleveland and Detroit Have a Lot in Common [Facebook, 6-20-16]

Defending the “Bad Boy” Pistons and Isiah Thomas [5-7-20]

The Great Ping Pong Revival of 2021 [Facebook, 3-7-21]

Detroit Tigers: 1968 World Champions. Who is Still Alive? + Significant and Lifetime Statistics [Facebook, 9-18-22]


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Best-Sounding Beatles Songs: All 211
"Well, that's how we all heard it and loved it. But the writer's intention ought ..."

Best-Sounding Beatles Songs: All 211
"I know Paul despises it, but to me it's not "The Long and Winding Road" ..."

Best-Sounding Beatles Songs: All 211

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