My DNA Ancestry (52% English, 29% Celtic, 12% French)

My DNA Ancestry (52% English, 29% Celtic, 12% French) July 22, 2021

My last update received was in February 2020, so it’s been about a year and a half. I tested with Living DNA rather than (like my wife Judy) and am glad that I did, because it (uniquely) breaks up the British Isles into 20 areas, offering a wonderful specificity with regard to an already ethnically and genetically complex region; and that is my main ethnicity. Here’s how it breaks down:

Europe: 98.5%
Arabia: 1.5%
Now I break it down into regions:
1) Great Britain and Ireland: 81.3%
Central England 21.1%
Northumbria 19.5% [about half is in Scotland. Its portion includes Edinburgh and the Armstrong Clan border lands. The English portion includes Durham, Newcastle, and York; Lindisfarne, Venerable Bede]
Southeast England 10.6% [including London]
Ireland 5.2%
South Central England 5.1% [includes Oxford]
Northern Ireland and Southwest Scotland 5.0% [0.2 added because of a mistake in the update for the total of 81.3%]
East Anglia 4.2%
Northwest Scotland 2.6% [includes Highlands]
North Wales 2.0%
Cornwall 2.0%
South England 1.4%
Cumbria 1.4% [Lakes District; Wordsworth]
Orkney and Shetland Islands 1.2%
Further Breakdown
England (minus Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, half of Northumbria, Orkney and Shetland Islands, and Cumbria): 52.15%
Celtic Lands (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, half of Northumbria, Cumbria, Orkney and Shetland Islands): 29.15%:
Scotland 17.25% (including Orkney and Shetland Islands 1.2%)
Ireland 7.7%
Wales 2.0%
Cornwall 2.0%
Cumbria 1.4%
2) France 11.7%
3) Tuscany [Italy; includes Florence and Siena; area of the Etruscan civilization: 1000-400 BC; genetically derived from Turkey and/or Armenia. One genetics study indicated “25–34% of Middle Eastern component in modern Tuscans.”] 3.5%
4) South Germanic 2.0%
5) Arabia 1.5%
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Photo credit: Armstrong Scottish Clan Tartan Motto []
Summary: I summarize the latest update of my genetic ancestry results from Living DNA: a company that pays attention to different areas of the British Isles & Ireland (81.3% of my ancestry).
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