Gentleness June 20, 2020

[originally posted in 1996]


Gentleness is a very godly trait (Gal 5:22).

Jesus was “meek and lowly of heart” and gentle with the woman at the well, and the woman caught in adultery (cf. 2 Cor 10:1).

A gentle (or “soft”) answer turns away wrath (Prov 15:1).

Gentleness is mercy: the kind treatment of the penitent or even the still-sinning sinner.

Gentleness is understanding and forbearance: a listening ear, a hand on the shoulder, the empathetic smile, a shoulder to cry on, compassionate, sympathetic tears, a bear hug for the hurting……

Gentleness is a mother’s touch, concern, and patience with the folly of children.

Gentleness is the macho he-man’s caressing and cuddling of a frightened young infant in the middle of the night.

Gentleness is timing, sensitivity, perceptiveness of another’s mood, fragility, or vulnerability.

Gentleness is kindness and the befriending of a person considered by society as of “lower status.”

Gentleness is humility and meekness, the silent, selfless accepting of indignities and injustice, knowing from Whom we derive our self-worth.

Gentleness is refraining from lecturing, rebuking, or talking down to the hurting confidant……..

Gentleness is a soft word of assurance or hope to a fearful child, friend, or other loved one.

Gentleness is (for men) always cherishing and treating women with respect, and with a delicate, soft, tender touch (figuratively and literally).

Gentleness is (for women) being slow to criticize, tear down, or nag us so-flawed men.

Gentleness is moderation in response to extremity, meekness in response to condescension, humility in response to compliments, calmness in response to anger.

Gentleness is a nurse or mother caring for sick children (1 Thess 2:7).

Gentleness is the opposite of quarrelsome (2 Tim 2:24, Titus 3:2).

Gentleness is the opposite of harsh (1 Pet 2:18).

Gentleness is to be the characteristic of our defense of Christianity and our own hope (1 Pet 3:15-16).

Gentleness comes from the heart of God, and must be in our hearts if we are to follow and imitate Him.

Gentleness is patience and longsuffering with our stumbling fellow human beings, so much like us.

Gentleness is, in a word, love!


Photo credit: 272447  (4-17-15) [Pixabay / Pixabay license]


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