Christmas (Index Page)

Christmas (Index Page) November 9, 2006
Adoration of the Shepherds (1622), by Gerard van Honthorst  (1590-1656) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]
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The Song of Simeon (7th) [12-15-06]
Mary’s Carol (8th) [12-14-08]

St. Nicholas Speaks (11th) [12-8-12]

Joseph’s Carol (12th) [12-6-13]

Carol of the Angels (13th) [12-7-15]

Reflections on My Christmas Poems [Facebook, 11-26-16]

Joy!: A Christmas Poem for My Wife Judy (14th) [12-3-16]

2 Christmas Poems About Our Lady and St. Joseph [National Catholic Register, 12-26-17]

Christmas Poems: Jesus’ Carol / Carol of the Angels [National Catholic Register, 12-8-18]

Christmas Poems: St. Nicholas Speaks, Love’s Pure Light, Shepherds’ Carol [National Catholic Register, 12-13-18]




Michigan Master of Contemporary Christmas Carols: Alfred S. Burt (composer of Caroling, Caroling, Some Children See Him, Star Carol, and 12 more) [11-29-05]

Christmas Carols and Songs: An Alphabetical, Chronological, and Geographical Catalogue [December 2005]

135 well-known songs chronicled, with composer, lyricist, date, country, alternate titles, background information, audio sample file for each song, lyrics (almost all songs, and some non-English lyrics), links to samples from famous or notable recordings, misc. trivia (many songs), and six photographs of composers and singers.



“Dave’s Old-Fashioned Christmas Page” [Internet Archive: from 4 December 2003 on my original website]

2007 “Cyber-Christmas Card” [Internet Archive]

Armstrong Family “Christmas Card” for 2013 [Internet Archive]

Collection of Family Christmas Photos and Other Reflective and Old-Fashioned Prints [Facebook photo album]


True Christmas Spirit (fantastic monograph about Advent by Rev. Edward J. Sutfin, 1955)
The Twelve Days of Christmas (Elsa Chaney, 1955)
Family Advent Customs (Helen McLoughlin, 1954)
Christmas to Candlemas in a Catholic Home (Helen McLoughlin, c. 1954)
A Candle is Lighted (P. Stewart Craig, 1945)
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Advent”
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Christmas”
Catholic Encyclopedia: “St. Nicholas of Myra”
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Crib” [manger]
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Magi” [wise men]
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Bethlehem” 
Catholic Encyclopedia: “St. Joseph”
Catholic Encyclopedia: “Annunciation”

Silent Night: A “Progressive” and “Enlightened” Reinterpretation [12-10-04; additionally edited for publication at National Catholic Register: 12-21-17]

G. K. Chesterton and Charles Dickens on Christmas [12-14-06]

Debate: Is Santa Claus a Sinful “Lie”? [2-16-07]

Christmas Trees as Idols?: Silly Biblical “Arguments” [12-12-10]

The Census, Jesus’ Birth in Bethlehem, & History [2-3-11]

How Protestant Nativity Scenes Proclaim Catholic Doctrine [12-15-13; expanded for publication at National Catholic Register: 12-17-17]

I Was Blessed to Visit Bethlehem in 2014. What Joy! [National Catholic Register, 12-31-17; originally 12-26-14]

Dickens’ Christmas Carol Heaven! (discussion of alternate versions of this movie) [Facebook, 12-5-16]

Reply to Atheist Jonathan MS Pearce: Herod’s Death & Alleged “Contradictions”(with Jimmy Akin) [7-25-17]

Reply to Atheist Jonathan MS Pearce: “Mistranslation” of “Virgin”? (Isaiah 7:14) (with Glenn Miller) [7-26-17]

Reply to Atheist Jonathan MS Pearce: “Contradictory” Genealogies of Christ? [7-27-17]

Reply to Atheist Jonathan MS Pearce: Bethlehem & Nazareth “Contradictions” (Including Extensive Exegetical Analysis of Micah 5:2) [7-28-17]

December 25th Birth of Jesus?: Interesting Considerations [12-11-17]

Christmas Trees: Where & When Did They Originate? [12-12-17]

Was Christ Actually Born Dec. 25? [National Catholic Register, 12-18-18]

Is Teaching Kids About Santa Claus a Sinful “Lie”? [12-21-18]

Debate on JW Antipathy to Holy Days & Christmas [12-21-18]

The Bethlehem Nativity, Babe Ruth, and History [National Catholic Register, 1-1-19]

Are the Two Genealogies of Christ Contradictory? [National Catholic Register, 1-5-19]


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  • mr. dave

    Many seem to feel that one way to put Christ back into Christmas is by displaying a Nativity scene, or crèche. Likely you have seen such groupings of figurines, representing the baby Jesus in a manger surrounded by Mary, Joseph, some shepherds, "three wise men," or "three kings," some barnyard animals, and some onlookers. It is commonly felt that these crèches serve to remind people of the real meaning of Christmas. According to U.S. Catholic, "a crèche gives a more developed picture than any single gospel can give, though it also emphasizes the nonhistorical character of these narratives."

    How, though, would a Nativity scene suggest that the narratives in the Gospel accounts of the Bible are nonhistorical?

  • I don't think they are "nonhistorical." I disagree with that characterization.