Joy!: A Christmas Poem for My Wife Judy

Joy!: A Christmas Poem for My Wife Judy December 8, 2016


Christmas 1991 (already married for seven years), with our first son Paul (then 8 months old).


Many times I’ve reflected, gazing at a sparkling Scotch pine tree or by a cozy fire,

How blessed I’ve been with you by my side, during Advent and Christmastime.

Each year it’s so lovely to ponder baby Jesus or listen to carols sung by a choir,

With the one I adore; sharing our holiday experiences so treasured and sublime.


At first it was just the two of us; as young marrieds our focus was on each other;

Then when the 90s came, Christmas became more complete with three lively sons.

With the new millennium, God also sent us a daughter to join her three brothers,

And December “family time” each year was all the more filled with love and fun.


With three children “all growed up” now: one even starting out with his new wife,

It’s like the “old days” again: just you and I taking in Yuletide sights and sounds.

Treasuring the four wonderful children raised, we’re entering a new phase of life,

As grandparents soon; celebrating the birth of our Lord; grace and peace abound.


Time together alone grows all the more tender and sweet as the long years go by,

Especially at Thanksgiving, birthdays, and Christmas: hearts intertwined by love.

Adding up all the memories of holidays past, gazing at photos with wistful sighs,

We thank God for all our blessings, happiness, and faith: all granted from above.


We’ve survived life’s tragedies, frustrations: always coming through somehow,

Trying our best to keep the joy of this special time of the year front and center.

How I cherish all of our great “precious moments,” both in the past and now,

Looking forward to future Christmas seasons, as the “autumn years” we enter.


Written on 3 December 2016, in time for Judy’s birthday on the 9th!


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