Son Matthew’s Miraculous Cure of Lyme & Related Maladies

Son Matthew’s Miraculous Cure of Lyme & Related Maladies October 12, 2019

Matthew, almost 23  (photo from April 2019 above) spontaneously wrote this testimony, this morning. I have played editor a bit.


Physical Health update for all those who have had me in their thoughts and prayers this past year.

For all those who are unaware, my health has been up and down for close to two years, starting with immense food poisoning on a trip to Florida’s Rainforest Cafe in Disney World. It was so bad that it led to a chain reaction of events that required an ambulance to be called to pick me up from our motel.

For months after, my health wasn’t the same. I was constantly sick, losing weight, feeling nauseous, and I struggled with eating. As I went from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, urgent care and more, with a list of 35 symptoms, I received comments from many of them that I “just have to face the fact that this is probably depression” and “can you walk around the room? Then you don’t have X”. The doctors made me feel like I was crazy, and demeaned me: not having the wit to look past their three common diagnoses, as I like to call them.

A year ago today, I believe, I decided to try alternative medicine, because everything I faced in the medical field was horrendous. Sandra, my holistic doctor [Dave: she specializes in homeopathy and herbalism] was the first to treat me like a human being. With only a few tests she was able to diagnose me with Lyme Disease, and she also found a few other bacteria and problems in my system. Many people I knew were hesitant about my  receiving treatment from someone outside the medical field, but I persisted.

After months of treatment, a scan came through showing the Lyme was gone. I couldn’t believe my ears and I rejoiced more and more as I began feeling better the following week. But that was not the end of my story. Unbeknownst to me at first, I also contracted a co-infection. Not understanding this, I thought the Lyme came back and had some bitterness towards the doctor I mistakenly thought hadn’t cured my illness.

So I searched yet again for a doctor I thought could help. I found a medical doctor who was open to and practiced alternative medicine as well. I’ll refer to him as Dr. T. He was fantastic, but very costly, because he didn’t accept insurance. He recommended that I get over forty physical tests done, that would’ve cost me close to five thousand dollars. At the same time, I was seeing a gastroenterologist. She agreed to sign off on the tests so that they were covered under my insurance, all thanks to God. For that I owe her a great debt.

But what happened next really gets under my skin and has make me even more weary of the medical field than I already was. The results came back and the gastroenterologist told me that nothing was found. I was heartbroken. This was what I felt was the last ditch effort. Luckily, I had the wit to ask for the physical copies of the results to bring back to Dr T. When he reviewed the results he was infuriated that I was told nothing was wrong and explained it to me, so that even I could see that the statement was false.

To name a few: I was diagnosed with what is known as “walking pneumonia” as well as five bacteria in my stomach and intestines, arsenic poisoning, and a few I can’t pronounce. I was immediately put on treatment. My health was up and down again, but at least I knew what I was up against. I was on Dr T’s treatment for a few months when things took a turn for the worse. I came very close to quitting my construction job, which I have worked towards my entire life. And I was so weak I couldn’t even do simple things I loved: like playing guitar.

I took vacation time in hopes that a week’s rest would re-energize me but even on vacation, I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t do much of anything before I was gasping for breath and exhausted to the point of almost fainting. I dreaded going to work the next day after coming home. Though I had prayed all along, I prayed more intensely than I ever had in my life and experienced something I can’t really describe: a peace that I can only describe as otherworldly and outside of space and time.

I thought I had prayed for a matter of minutes, but was told that I was in this deep state of prayer over a half hour. In it, I asked God for healing, but only if it be His will. I firmly believe that He allowed all of this to happen for a purpose. As I finished my prayer, I had an overwhelming feeling of peace that God answered my prayer. I went for a walk, and for the first time in months, I had the energy to sprint down the street. In the following days I pushed my limits, not doubting God, but testing my strength before getting my hopes up, just to be destroyed. [Dave: and he had the healing confirmed by a priest as well]

It’s now been almost two months, and there has not been a single day that I have felt any symptoms of my past illness, other than having to build up my muscle mass again. My “why is this happening to me?” that often had a negative tone to it, turned into a “why would God heal a lowly sinner like myself?” And, I’ve learned that I don’t have to know why, but that what’s most important is that I trust. This is my testimony, my journey, and my life. Though trials have not ceased, I have a newfound joy in all that I took for granted. Life is a beautiful thing, and it’s all thanks to God above.

For those who read till the end, I appreciate you. And for all those who prayed and helped me and took care of me while I was at an all-time low, I heard you, and felt all those actions so very dearly. But I want to encourage you that God heard them, and answered: not according to our time, but in His time, for His glory.

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