Herbalism, Holistic Health, & Alternative Medicine (A Collection)

Herbalism, Holistic Health, & Alternative Medicine (A Collection) June 4, 2016



This is one of my big interests outside of apologetics and theology (one of many, such as: travel, nature photography, hiking, chess, all kinds of music, NBA, good movies, softball, flying, bike-riding, ping pong . . .). I have managed to come up with a number of “cures” for ailments that my wife Judy has suffered from. In my family, one of my nicknames is “Dr. Dave” (or, “Dr. Dad”) because of it.


Homeopathy, Pragmatic Medicine, Reason, & Science [2-26-03; ; additions and minor editing on 2-6-18]

Conquer Depression and Anxiety Naturally [3-13-04; posted to Facebook on 2-28-17]

Hot Flashes: Successful Natural Remedies for Women [4-17-07; posted to Facebook on 2-28-17]

Is Smoking a Sin? + Comment on the Inadequacy and Unbiblical Nature of Libertarianism [2-25-08]

My Advocacy of the Natural Foods and Holistic / “Alternative Medicine” Philosophy of Diet and Health and Prevention [2-17-10; posted to Facebook on 2-28-17]

Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free Recipe Page [11-14-11]

Discussion of Red Meat and Other Health Issues [Facebook, 3-29-12]

Homeopathy: Condemned by the Church? [Facebook, 8-2-12]

The Search is Over! (Gluten-Free Bread) [Facebook, 8-14-13]

“Dr. Dave” Cures Wife of Calcium Deposits in the Shoulder [4-25-14]

“Dr. Dave’s” Successful Natural Remedy for Costochondritis (Inflammation of Rib Cage Cartilage)  [Facebook, 4-6-15]

Cardinal Newman on Homeopathy  / + Lengthy Discussion with Skeptics and Documented Scientific Support for Herbal and Homeopathic Arnica Montana as an Anti-Inflammatory  [Facebook, 4-15-15]

Discussion on Scientific Support for Natural Treatments for Depression (Especially Tyrosine) [Facebook, 6-4-16]

Natural Treatment for Ulcers [Facebook, 6-12-17]

Kidney Stones Successfully Treated Through Herbalism? I Suspect So [Facebook, 2-6-18]

Eleven Conventional Medical Studies in Confirmation of Herbal Remedies for Kidney Stones [Facebook, 2-7-18]

Conventional Scientific Evidence for Homeopathy (Great Overview from Dana Ullman) [Facebook, 2-7-18]

Ulcers and the Ascorbic Acid Form of Vitamin C (DUH!!!) [Facebook, 3-3-18]

Antacids and Calcium Can Make Ulcers Worse, Too? (!!!) [Facebook, 3-3-18]

Ulcers / Digestive Problems Already Naturally Healing in a Remarkable Way in Just 10 Days [Facebook, 3-13-18]

Five Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Items Found Today (with links) [Facebook, 3-14-18]

My Increasingly Restricted (But Fun and Rewarding!) Diet [Facebook, 4-25-18]

Looking for Delicious Dairy-Free Yogurt (and Ice Cream and “Whipped Cream”)? [Facebook, 7-24-18]

Natural Science-Backed Remedies for ADHD [Facebook, 8-7-18]

Different Levels of Lactose in Various Cheeses [Facebook, 8-7-18]


Photo credit: “Reflection of Nature” by “maf04” [Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 license]



Updated on 7 August 2018



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