“Would Jesus Get Vaccinated?”: Reply to Cynical Atheists

“Would Jesus Get Vaccinated?”: Reply to Cynical Atheists September 24, 2021

This took place on the atheist A Tippling Philosopher blog, under a post by Bert Bigelow, entitled, “Would Jesus Get Vaccinated?” (9-23-21). Word of eric will be in blue.


No; for at least two reasons:

1) He wasn’t scared to death of catching a disease; hence, He touched even lepers (and healed them).

2) He could heal Himself if He got it, anyway, being omnipotent. No need for “preventive medicine.”

Well, that was partly tongue-in-cheek, but only partly . . .

All that said, He might, and He might not.

I could see Him saying, “do your best to be as healthy as you can, and don’t abuse your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. But if you feel you aren’t healthy enough to avoid catching COVID and passing it on to others, get a vaccination, as a loving thing to do.”

He would, of course, also oppose governments tyrannically forcing people to do what they feel is either unnecessary in their own case, or against their conscience in some manner. Perhaps He would have some such reason Himself to refrain from receiving it. We don’t know for sure.

[the immediately foregoing is, of course, the Catholic position: no wrong in getting vaccinated, even though baby parts were used in research (it’s exceedingly remote cooperation with that evil, hence permissible) and many should do so out of love. On the other hand, everyone has a right to conscientiously object if that is what they feel, and no one should be forced]


“Jesus, should I get vaccinated?”

“Why haven’t you done as I bid and forsaken your families and all your possessions? Why do you retain all your wealth? Why do you keep your job, your computer, all these worldly things? Give all of that up, walk penniless with me preaching my word, then you and I will talk about vaccination.”

This is just clueless, as I have written about:

Who Must Renounce All Possessions to Follow Jesus?

Dr. David Madison vs. Jesus #1: Hating One’s Family?

Madison vs. Jesus #5: Cultlike Forsaking of Family?

Needless to say, Madison never responded, as has been his constant practice, now 46 times with me.

Then there’s the Mark 16:18 problem. On the one hand, a true Christian probably shouldn’t get Covid.

Nonsense. Job was called by God the most righteous man on the earth, and he had plenty of health problems. St. Paul asked God three times to take away his malady (thought by many to be an eye disease). God said no three times and said His grace was sufficient. Paul healed some people, but he couldn’t heal Timothy of his stomach problems and told him to take wine for his stomach. Etc., etc.

On the other hand, a true Christian shouldn’t worry about hypothetical side effects from the vaccine either. On both hands, the vast majority of Christians don’t actually live as if they believe that verse to be true (which, for the record, I think is a good thing).

Mark 16:18 (RSV) they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.

No “problem” at all. I’ve written about that too:

Madison Malarkey #45: Biblical Proverbial Language: Mark 16:17-18 and the Various Sign Miracles

Madison vs. Jesus #10: Universal Answered Prayer & Healing?

Biblical Prayer is Conditional, Not Solely Based on Faith

The vast majority of Christians actually live as if they believe that verse to be proverbial (which, for the record, I think is a good thing).


Photo credit: Johaehn (4-23-21) [Pixabay / Pixabay License]


Summary: Would Jesus Get Vaccinated? I say “He might, & He might not.” Unlike cynical atheists playing games about what they ridiculously think is myth, I don’t presume to know all about Jesus.

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