Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Catholic Traditionalism (Index Page)

Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. Catholic Traditionalism (Index Page) November 9, 2006
Front Cover (555 x 834)
(December 2012, 205 pages)

I highly urge more mainstream “traditionalists” who read any of the papers listed below, to first read my paper:  Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream “Traditionalists,” and Supposed “Neo-Catholics” (Chapter One of my book, Mass Movements: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, the New Mass, and Ecumenism), and also my Introduction to this book. This will preclude needless misunderstandings regarding exactly what I am against, and what I agree with. I am not “against” mainstream “traditionalism.” Thanks! I wrote in my Chapter One, linked above:

I have much in common with “traditionalists”. I admire several things about them: . . . I am usually in agreement with “traditionalists” and consider myself a close ally to them. We disagree on some things, but this is far less than the agreement and unity that is present.. . . I don’t share all of their particular concerns or analyses. Nevertheless, I feel quite close to them, and a strong kinship or affinity.
Also, for a very helpful, thoughtful treatment of the general topic, written by my friend David Palm, the self-described “reluctant traditionalist,” see his essay, What is Traditional Catholicism? I don’t agree with absolutely everything he writes, but I think this is a good aid for drawing the necessary distinctions that are so crucial in discussing these matters.
Pope Francis Defended: Resources for Confused or Troubled Folks [collection of many links: 244 as of 5-30-16]
See also: Errors of Radical Catholic Reactionaries (Collection): 33 archived older papers (Internet Archive) on almost all the topics below

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Why Not Kick Modernist Dissenters Out of the Church? [3-7-02]

Sunny Optimism re God’s Guidance of His Church [7-22-11]

Am I a Catholic Traditionalist? (You Decide!) [8-7-13]

Dialogue with Traditionalist “Boniface” Regarding Modernism in the Church [8-16-13]

Crisis in the Church: What to Do About It? [9-12-13]

Conciliation: “Traditionalists” and Other Orthodox Catholics [9-20-13] 

Comment on Catholics Who Have to Understand  Every Last Aspect of the Faith, or Else They are Troubled (Or in Crisis) [Facebook, 12-28-13]

Swishy Bishops, Liberal Dissidents, and “PR” Regarding Pope Francis [10-6-14]

On Traditionalist Use of “Conservative Catholic” [5-8-15]

Do “Right” and “Left” Properly Apply (by Analogy) to an Ecclesiastical Spectrum as well as to Political Analysis? [9-13-15]

Indefectibility, Fear, & the Synod on the Family [9-30-15]

Traditionalism & Apologetics: Allies or Enemies? [1-12-16]

Douthat’s Flawed Critique of “Conservative” Catholicism [3-2-16]

Kevin M. Tierney Trashes Scott Eric Alt, Keating, Madrid et al, and Apologetics [Facebook, 7-1-16]


Syllabus of 60 Radical Catholic Reactionary Errors [2000]

Debate: My “Syllabus of 60 Catholic Reactionary Errors” [11-24-00]

Radical Catholic Reactionaries vs. an Optimistic Faith [1-21-01]

Books by Dave Armstrong: Reflections on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [Dec. 2002; revised edition: 8-17-13]

2nd Conversion? Reactionary Catholic Absurdities [10-7-03]

Catholic Fundamentalism & “Insufficiently Converted Catholics” [2-21-06]

Pensées on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [1-5-13]

Canon Lawyer Pete Vere on the Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy [Facebook, 3-30-13]

Rorate Caeli‘s Pope-Basher, Marcelo González: Holocaust Revisionist [4-8-13]

Why I am Critical of Radical Catholic Reactionaries [8-20-13]

Provocative (?) Thoughts on Radical Catholic Reactionaries [8-23-13]

Pope Francis on Cardinal Burke [Facebook, 12-8-14]

Uncensored, Complete Version of My Brief Exchange at the Reactionary Site, The Remnant [Facebook, 1-4-18]




Hilary White: Vatican II Ought to be Given a “Dignified Burial” [Facebook, 6-13-14]

Hilary White: Radical Catholic Reactionary Extraordinaire [2-13-16]

Debate with Hilary White: Masonic “Bergoglianism” or Catholicism? [2-16-16]

Hilary White & Reactionary Language & “Reasoning” [2-27-16]

Classic Reactionaryism: Skojec Disses Cardinal Burke [4-12-16]




Origins & Evolution of the Term, “Radtrad” [3-18-13]

Pope Francis & Pope Benedict XVI Refer to “Extreme Traditionalism” [8-5-13]

Definitions: Radical Catholic Reactionaries, Mainstream “Traditionalists,” and Supposed “Neo-Catholics” [revised 8-6-13]

Rationales for My Self-Coined Term, “Radical Catholic Reactionaries” [8-6-13]

“Traditionalist” Concerns Over Labeling and Classifications (Karl Keating’s Word Usage as a “Test Case”) [8-8-13]

On the Use of “Traditionalist” Preceding the Name of “Catholic”  [7-3-13]

Thoughts on the Discarded Term, Radtrad (and on the Discussion About Ditching It, and Attacks on My Sincerity) [8-6-13]

My Coined Term, “Radical Catholic Reactionary”: Clarifications [10-5-17]

Clueless Reactionary Observations Over at The Remnant (Re: Definition of “Radical Catholic Reactionary”) [Facebook, 1-2-18]

I Coined “Reactionary” [Catholic], Not Michael Voris [2-1-18]

Keating & Double Standards on “Traditionalist” Labeling [6-3-18]




Neo-Catholic (Silly Radical Catholic Reactionary Term) [4-21-05]

Objections to the Reactionary Epithet Neo-Catholic [3-9-07] 

Debate: Am I a Neo-Catholic? (Defined as Theological Liberal / Progressive / Enabler of Modernism) [vs. Mr. X] [6-11-14]



Liturgical Abuses at Mass: What to Do? [2-19-08]

Apologia for the New (Pauline) Mass [6-18-08]

Reactionary & Traditionalist Reaction to Summorum Pontificum [6-23-08]

Dialogue: Receiving Communion (vs. Traditionalist) [6-25-08]

Thoughts on Communion in the Hand [7-13-11]

Death of the Reform of the Reform of the Liturgy? (The Reports are Greatly Exaggerated: Dr. Peter Kwasniewski & Fr. Thomas Kocik vs. Pope Benedict XVI?)  [+ Part Two] [2-24-14] 

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 3-8-14] 

Two Forms of One Rite (Pope Benedict XVI) [11-4-15]

Critique of Criticisms of the New Mass [11-5-15]

Worshiping the TLM vs. Worshiping God Through It [12-16-15]

Traditionalist Misuse of Cardinal Ratzinger’s “Banal” Quote (Regarding the Novus Ordo Mass) [12-17-15]

Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy Redux [3-26-16]

Dialogue with a Traditionalist Regarding Deaconesses (vs. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski) [5-13-16]

Superstition About the “Preserved” High Altar at Notre Dame (And Continued Cynical, Highly Selective, “Pick and Choose” Acceptance of the Teaching of Pope Benedict XVI) [4-17-19]




Infallibility, Councils, and Levels of Church Authority: Explanation of the Subtleties of Church Teaching and Debate with Several Radical Catholic Reactionaries [7-30-99; terminology updated, and a few minor changes made on 7-31-18] 

Radical Catholic Reactionaries and Vatican II [Facebook discussion, 8-17-13]

Dialogue on Vatican II: Interpretation, and Application (with Patti Sheffield vs. traditionalist David Palm) [9-20-13]

Karl Keating on the Underlying Causes of Residual Prejudice Against the Tridentine Mass (+ a Defense of Vatican II in the Combox) [Facebook, 3-8-14]

Vatican II Defended Against Reactionary (and Some Traditionalist) Charges [4-25-14; expanded and re-edited: 1-23-17]

Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 12-18-14]

Apologia for Vatican II / Misguided Reactionary Criticisms [8-17-15]

Defending Ecumenism and Vatican II vs. Reactionary Catholics [8-10-17]

Indefectibility, Reactionaries, Vatican II, & Defectibility [?] of the Church [Facebook, 10-27-17]

Popes Leading the Church Into False Doctrine (E.g., Paul VI) (+ Facebook discussion) [3-8-18]

Catholic (?) Vatican II-Bashing: Cutting Thru the Crap [4-25-19]


“Nothing New”: Reactionary Attacks on Pope St. John Paul II [4-9-05; with tie-in endnote added on 3-2-18]

“Those who are willing to understand Pope Francis, can and will do so. Those who aren’t willing, won’t, and possibly can’t as well.” [Lengthy defense of my “proverb” and of Pope Francis] [Facebook,  1-18-14]

Is Pope Francis Guilty of Mariological Heresy Tradition (His Comments on the Possible Momentary Temptation of Mary at the Cross) [1-19-14]

Who’s Defending Pope Benedict’s  Summorum Pontificum Now? [2-26-14]

Does Pope Francis Think Jesus was a Sinner? (Beyond Bearing Our Sins on the Cross; i.e., Partaking / Entering Into Sin)? [2-27-14]

“The New Gnosticism”: The Outrage of Checking Translations of Papal Homilies (+ Elliot Bougis’ Claims that Pope Francis is Heretical / Modernist / Liberal, or Reasonable Facsimile Thereof [Facebook, 2-28-14]

Pope St. John XXIII & Pope Benedict XVI on “Prophets of Doom” [6-9-14]

Reply to Dr. Phil Blosser’s Critique of My Book, Pope Francis Explained [8-23-14]

Idiotic Radical Catholic Reactionary  Views of Pope Francis [Facebook, 12-31-14]
Pope Francis: Orthodox & Pro-Tradition [Dan Marcum, Catholic Answers Forum, 1-9-15] [see also a compact, abridged Facebook version]

Critique of Chris Ferrara’s Radical Reactionary Hit-Piece in Opposition to Pope Francis’ Christian Environmentalism [6-20-15] 

Are Modern Papal Encyclicals Too Long? [7-9-15]

Michael Voris on Benedict’s “Immoral” Resignation, Questionable Illness [12-15-15]

The Ridiculous “Anti-Francis” Mentality: My Theory in Brief [12-17-15]

Pope Francis Espoused a Sinning Jesus? Think Again [1-8-16]

On the Endless Second-Guessing of Pope Francis [2-25-16]

Pope Francis Foot-Washing Controversy Redux [3-26-16]

Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis’ “1968 Moment” [4-8-16]

Defenses of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia [4-9-16]

More Defenses of Amoris Laetitia & Pope Francis [4-26-16]

Dialogue: “Bad” Bishops & “Confusing” Francis (vs. Dr. Peter Kwasniewski) [4-28-16]

Dialogue: Pope Francis Doesn’t Evangelize? (and on the Nature of Dialogue vs. [?] the Gospel; with a Traditionalist) [4-29-16]

Satan Loves Divisions Regarding Amoris Laetitia [5-2-16]

Dialogue: Amoris Laetitia: Confusing or No? [5-3-16]

Amoris Laetitia, “Trads” & Reactionaries [5-4-16]

Pope Francis: Obsessed with “Change”? [5-14-16]  

Robert Sungenis’ Theological & Scientific Errors + His Groundless Attacks on Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict [compiled 5-31-16]

“Confusing” Pope Francis & Prudent Public Discussion [6-22-16]

Ratzinger: Avoid Criticizing Church in “Mass Media”  [6-26-16]

The Real & the Imaginary Pope Francis [6-28-16]

Amoris Laetitia Has Already Been Clarified Many Times, Including by High-Ranking Cardinals (+ very vigorous Facebook discussion) [11-16-16]

Radical Reactionary Affinities in “Filial Correction” Signatories [9-28-17]

Quasi-Defectibility and Phil Lawler vs. Pope Francis (see also more documentation of Lawler’s reactionary leanings, on the Facebook thread) [12-28-17]

Dialogues with Karl Keating & Phil Lawler on Pope Francis [12-29-17]

Dialogues with Karl Keating Regarding Pope Francis [12-29-17]

Reactionary Chris Ferrara Reacts to My Dialogues with Karl Keating & Phil Lawler Regarding the Pope [Facebook, 1-1-18]

Lawler vs. Pope Francis #1: Critique of Introduction [1-1-18]

Lawler vs. Pope Francis #2: Homosexuality & “Judging” [1-2-18]

Lawler vs. Pope Francis #3: The Pope Annihilated Hell? [1-2-18]

Lawler vs. Pope Francis #4: Communion / Buenos Aires Letter [1-3-18]

Lawler vs. Pope Francis #5: Jerusalem Council vs. “Ideology” [1-3-18]

Did Cardinal Burke Criticize Pope Benedict’s Resignation? [1-13-18]

Reactionary Influence: Correctio & June 2016 Criticism of the Pope [1-24-18]

Popes Leading the Church Into False Doctrine (E.g., Paul VI) (+ Facebook discussion) [3-8-18]

Defense of Vatican II and Ecumenism (Dave Armstrong and Paul Hoffer vs. Tony Jokin) [Facebook discussion thread, 12-18-14]


“Amazing Grace”: “Anti-Catholic” Hymn? (as Michael Voris thinks?) [11-1-10]

Michael Voris’ Denigration of the Ordinary Form of the Mass vs. Pope Benedict XVI’s 2007 Decrees [11-16-12]

Michael Voris’ Ultra-Pessimistic Views Regarding the Church [7-3-13]

Critique of Three Michael Voris Statements Regarding the State of the Church [7-3-13]

Michael Voris’ Anti-Protestant Rhetoric (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8-8-13]

Michael Voris and Historic Communion in the Hand (Standing) (+ vigorous Facebook discussion) [8-8-13]

Dave Armstrong’ Opinion on Michael Voris’ Outlook [8-12-13]

Michael Voris’ Critique of Catholic Answers Salaries (and Contention that Two Radio Shows on Radical Catholic Reactionaries Have Harmed CA)  [8-31-13]

Michael Voris vs. “Financially Compromised” Apologists (Thus, “Establishment” Apologists Deliberately Avoid Criticizing Bishop???) [+ Facebook discussion] [9-2-13]

Michael Voris’ Fawning Interview with Extremist and Anti-Semite E. Michael Jones, and Responses [Facebook discussion: 9-3-13]

Discussion on Rising Priestly Vocations in the United States and Worldwide [Facebook, 12-3-13]

Has Michael Voris Espoused Geocentrism? (His Interview with Robert Sungenis and Rick DeLano) [Facebook discussion, 1-9-14]

Michael Voris Strongly Implies that Many (Most?) Bishops Will Go to Hell / How Much Should We Dwell on Criticisms of Bishops? [Facebook, 1-13-14]

Jeremiad Against Michael Voris’ Latest Doom-and-Gloom Video, The New Church (18 June 2014) [Facebook, 6-19-14]

Michael Voris on Benedict’s “Immoral” Resignation, Questionable Illness [12-15-15]

I Coined “Reactionary” [Catholic], Not Michael Voris [2-1-18]

Response to Michael Voris’ Church Militant and Article Author Jim Russell Concerning Criticism of the Patheos Catholic Channel (Where I Also Blog) [Facebook, 3-14-19; posted comment at CM]



Robert Sungenis’ Theological & Scientific Errors + His Groundless Attacks on Pope St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict [compiled 5-31-16]



Some Fun Insults of Yours Truly from a Sedevacantist Wacko Site [Facebook, 9-3-13]

Karl Keating on Gerry Matatics (One-Time Good Friend of Scott Hahn’s and Now a Sedevacantist) [Facebook,  9-4-13]

Reply to a Sedevacantist and Those Toying with this Dangerous Error [Facebook, 11-6-14]

Gerry Matatics: Closer to Donatism or Protestantism? (vs. Pete Vere, JCL) [12-30-14]

Sedevacantists Offer an Absurd and Stupid Insult-Fest of Yours Truly [Facebook, 2-27-19]


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