Verrecchio Trashes Pope Benedict as Wicked Lying Hypocrite

Verrecchio Trashes Pope Benedict as Wicked Lying Hypocrite March 20, 2020

How utterly numb most of us have become to the sheer lunacy of the present situation!

There is absolutely nothing about the current situation that is even remotely compatible with Catholic thought. As I wrote shortly after Benedict pulled his “resignation” stunt – it simply doesn’t pass the Catholic smell test.

And yet, it is treated as a non-issue by most Catholic commentators; even those who posture as traditionalists.

I can well imagine future generations looking back on us collectively as perhaps the stupidest and most gullible fools who ever lived. . . .

With this in mind, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see a renewed effort on the part of the Bergoglians to leverage Benedict’s popularity among ill-informed conservatives to bolster the image of Dear Leader in the weeks ahead. (Louis Verecchio at “aka Catholic” [one of the most accurate website names online], 3-28-18)

He savaged him earlier, on 3-19-18:

In any case, what may not be so evident is the wickedness of the man that most people seem to consider the victim. . . .

[I]t is clear that the most important revelation to emerge from the Vatican letter fiasco isn’t so much that Benedict was victimized by duplicitous men who betrayed his confidence, but rather that Benedict is actively victimizing the entire Church by virtue of his own hypocrisy and dissimulation.

No real shocker here, I suppose. After all, this is the same Josef Ratzinger who has long played a major role in the Vatican’s deception surrounding the Third Secret of Fatima, and, according to the Roman Catechism, lying “is an almost incurable disease.” . . .

As for Ratzinger, Viganò, and Bergoglio; they deserve one another as each one, in their own way, is a liar of the most detestable kind.

Karl Keating (his words in blue) commented about Verrecchio in the original Facebook thread:


The peculiar thing about Louie is that just a few years ago he made his living by traveling around the country giving explanatory talks about, and in favor of, Vatican II. His workbook, used as part of his presentation, received praise from several prelates.

Then–what happened to him? You rarely see such an about-face by anyone on any topic, religious or secular. It makes you suspect that the change wasn’t the consequence of normal ratiocination.

We are what we read, I guess. Somewhere along the line, one adopts a false premise, and it can go downhill quickly if we read the wrong stuff and hang out with the wrong people. And that’s not even getting into the spiritual and moral aspects that certainly were involved, too.

I met [sedevacantist Mario] Derksen–once, I think–when he was a student in San Diego. His progression (to the extent I understand it) was slow and steady. Likewise for Tom Droleskey, who, as I recall, went through several intermediate phases. Ditto for [Gerry] Matatics. But as for timescale, Louie beat them all for speed. And not just for speed. He was invested in Vatican II in a way none of them were. He had studied the council documents and apparently knew them well, making his about-face not explainable in terms of coming across a passage he hadn’t seen before.

I met Derksen once at FUS (in ’99, I believe), and was dialoguing with him in the late 90s. It was just a couple years before I heard he went sedevacantist, so I don’t remember “slow and steady” in his case. I thought it was rather fast and decisive.

Gerry Matatics was sedevacantist for several years. Then he went beyond that to a position [many seem unaware] where there are virtually no valid Masses anywhere in the world (because there are very few valid ordinations).


(originally posted on Facebook: 4-2-18)

Photo credit: Geodynamo Before Reversal [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]


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