Vatican II –> Alleged “Pachamama” Idolatry, Sez Fanatics

Vatican II –> Alleged “Pachamama” Idolatry, Sez Fanatics November 15, 2019

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Presently, I simply want to document (like the four articles above, this is another sociological — not theological — treatment) how many reactionaries directly tie an existing antipathy to Vatican II into what they perceive (assume / dogmatically assert, without sufficient evidence) was rank idolatry occurring at the Amazon Synod with regard to these statues that they so detest.

1) Bishop Athanasius Schneider

“This is already rooted here [in the Vatican Council],” Bishop Schneider states. “If you have a right by God given to you, by nature, also to be able to choose acts of idolatry – like the Pachamama – when it is rooted in your dignity of man even to choose a Pachamama religion: this is the last consequence of this expression of the Council text,” he explains. The expression of the text was “ambiguous” and needed to be “formulated in a different way” to “avoid these applications in the life of the Church, which we also had in the Assisi meeting of Pope John Paul II in 1986 and the other meetings, where even idolatrous religions were invited to pray in their own manner – that is to say in their idolatrous manner – for peace.” . . .

He says that what we have now in Rome, the “formal performance of idolatrous acts in the Catholic Church, in the heart of the Catholic Church of St. Peter, is the triumph of the evil.” (Lifesite News, 11-8-19; derived from a You Tube interview with Michael Matt of The Remnant, 11-2-19)

2) Deacon Nick Donnelly “Is Catholic sensibility so coarsened and jaded by Vatican II that this [the “Pachamama” incident] doesn’t register?” (tweet of 10-19-19)

3) Fr. Richard Gennaro Cipolla

A sense of irony is not strong among these prelates who as Catholics are blind to the blasphemy of putting these idols in a Catholic church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, a stone’s throw from the tomb of Peter, Apostle and Martyr.  One wonders if these men think at all, think about anything, let alone the Faith that they have sworn to defend and uphold.  . . .
We could not have arrived at this point in the history of the Catholic Church unless the Great Lobotomy following the Second Vatican Council had not been performed by the surgeons in charge of the Great Forgetting of the People of God, for whom two millennia of Church History and Faith and Worship were blotted out and in its place was put the Beast of the 1960’s slouching to an evacuation of the Ultimate Seriousness and Real Joy of the Catholic faith. (Rorate Caeli, “The Mother of God and Pachamama: The Sign of the Church in Crisis,” 11-1-19)
4) Rorate Caeli Twitter page
The line is drawn: on one side, the Church of Jesus Christ, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic; on the other, the Judas Church, the Pachamama-Church. Bishops and priests will have to choose. “Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation.” (10-26-19)
Replies (note that the page has no problem allowing comments like these; rather than deleting them as spiritually harmful):
 Oct 26  The line was drawn at Vatican II. Ask yourself why you chose the Judas Church. Will you come around to join the Catholic Church now?
 Oct 26  Yes. Vatican II and JPII. The truth will set us free.
5) Fr. Anthony Cekada [sedevacantist]

“ALL THE Gods of the heathens are demons,” says Psalm 95 — but that didn’t stop Jorge Mario Bergoglio from sponsoring pagan idol worship of the Amazonian earth goddess, the Pachamama, in the Vatican gardens on October 4. Nor did it stop him, during the Offertory Procession of a Mass two weeks later, from smilingly receiving the traditional red-ribboned flower offering to the Pachamama — and instructing his Master of Ceremonies to place it on the High Altar of St. Peter’s, which stands directly over the tomb of St. Peter himself.

Heresy and apostasy, canonists and moral theologians teach, can be committed dictis vel factis — not only in words, but also in deeds. And if Bergoglio’s latest deeds aren’t proof that he has totally repudiated the religion revealed by God, the very words heresy and apostasy — and indeed the whole First Commandment — have utterly lost their meaning.

How did it become possible to justify these actions — ones which the martyrs refused to perform under threat of torture and certain death — and all in the very place where St. Peter himself died?

The answer, of course, is Vatican II, which taught that pagan religions are “means of salvation” used by the Holy Ghost. And this heresy, in turn, is the product of another: the modernist meta-heresy of the evolution of dogma. . . . 

Finally, while Bergoglio’s madcap and blasphemous antics have forced many Catholics “on the right” to focus on errors and issues they would never have even thought of a mere six years ago, they shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking “It’s just a Bergoglio problem.”

Rather, it’s a Vatican II problem. Sure, enshrining the Pachamama in Santa Maria in Transpontina was a real horror. But it’s a passing trifle next to enshrining as a permanent principle in “papal magisterium” the heresy of dogmatic evolution. And that idol, before which all dogma melts into air, can’t be made to disappear by just tossing it in the Tiber. Vatican II, the Robber Council, has be dumped over the rail first — and this time, weigh it down. (“Papa Pachamama’s Profession of the Modernist Heresy,” Quidlibet, 11-3-19)


The recent Synod on the Amazon was witness to terrible scenes where the abomination of idolatrous rites was played out within the sanctuary of God in new and unthinkable ways. And then, the final document of this tumultuous assembly attacked the holiness of the Catholic priesthood, pushing for both the abolition of ecclesiastical celibacy and the establishment of a female deaconate. Truly, the seeds of apostasy which our venerable Founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, had identified from the earliest days as being at work in the Council, continue to yield their putrid fruits with renewed effectiveness.

In the name of inculturation, pagan elements are increasingly integrated into divine worship and we can see, once again, how the liturgy that followed of the Second Vatican Council is perfectly suited to this. (Communiqué of the Superior general of the Society about the Synod on the Amazon [Don Davide Pagliarani, Superior General, October 28, 2019)


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Photo credit: manhhai (9-20-12). Pope John XXIII leads the opening session of the Second Vatican Council in St. Peter’s Basilica Oct. 11, 1962 [Flickr / CC BY 2.0 license]


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