Abp. Viganò Descends into Fanatical Reactionary Nuthood

Abp. Viganò Descends into Fanatical Reactionary Nuthood December 20, 2019

. . . Declares Pope Francis a Heretical Narcissist Who “Desacralized” & “Impugned” & “Attack[ed]” Mary

The reactionaries are again wetting themselves in glee and adulation today, after Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has issued yet another “declaration” of his own insanity, in opposition to Pope Francis. Good ol’ reactionary junk site, Lifesite News, released the English translation (done by Diane Montagna) almost exactly an hour ago, as I write. She entitles her article, “Abp Viganò’s defense of Virgin Mary in response to Pope Francis (FULL TEXT)”. Michael Voris’ Church Militant also offered up damnable lies, in the title of its article, covering the same “news”: “Viganò Champions Virgin Mary After Pope Francis Smear.” And reactionary Chris Ferrara chimed in: “Pope Francis not only rejected but mocked as “foolishness” the concept of Mary as co-Redemptrix . . .” And of course, Dr. Taylor Marshall jumps on the bandwagon as well, with one of his videos, entitled, “Co-Redemptrix: Why Pope Francis Rejects it?”

This is what passes for reactionary Catholic “journalism” these days: flat-out lies. Now the pope supposedly is at war against the Blessed Virgin Mary. As usual, it’s based on a complete misunderstanding [most charitable take] or a wholesale deliberate, conscious distortion [more plausible take, in my opinion] of what he stated in a homily on 12-12-19. I already covered the topic four days ago in my post, “Pope Francis vs. the Marian Title “Co-Redemptrix”? (+ Documentation of Pope Francis’ and Other Popes’ Use of the Mariological Title of Veneration: “Mother of All”).”

An article in Crux (normally a much more careful venue / periodical) on 12-13-19 held that the pope called a future dogmatic declaration of Mary as co-redemptrix “foolishness.” That was incorrect, as I showed in my paper, citing two actual Marian scholars: Dr. Mark Miravalle and Dr. Robert Fastiggi, who has written articles about Marian coredemption, and was president of the Mariological Society of America from 2014-2016. Yet Diane Montagna writes today that Pope Francis “called the doctrine of Mary as co-redemptrix ‘nonsense’ ” (my italics and bolding).

Note how the pitiable rhetoric and polemics have now been fanatically ratcheted up. Rather than (in several of these cases) stating that the pope opposed a new particular declaration (something Pope Benedict XVI also does, and I myself — for what it’s worth — do), now the pope — if we are to take article titles at face value — is supposedly engaged in a full-scale attack on the Blessed Virgin Mary herself, thus bringing the heroic Abp. Viganò out from under his rock again to “defend” her. And Church Militant, in all its infinite and unfailing wisdom, declares a “Pope Francis Smear” of Our Lady. These are despicable, damnable lies.

As I documented in my paper, Pope Francis prefers the Marian title, “Mother of all”, which carries the strong implication of Mary’s mediation, and was used also by, for example, Pope Benedict XVI (encyclical letter Deus caritas est, 12-25-05, section 42), Ven. Pope Pius XII (encyclical Ad Sinarum Gentem, 10-7-54, section 29), Pope Leo XIII (encyclical Quamquam Pluries, section 3), Pope St. Paul VI (apostolic exhortation Signum Magnum, 5-13-67, Introduction), and Pope St. John Paul II (Angelus, 8-15-93).

Pope Francis has a very strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, truth be told. Several articles have documented this (one / two / three / four / five). For example, in 2018 he even established a new feast day for Mary “Mother of the Church” which will now be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost. In October 2019 he also added the feast of Our Lady of Loreto to the liturgical calendar (December 10th).

Furthermore, he has a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Untier of Knots, and has promoted this relatively obscure devotion. It grew particularly as a result of a painting in Bavaria around 1700 by Johann Georg Schmidtner, but was based on a statement from St. Irenaeus (c. 130-c. 202): “the knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. For what the virgin Eve had bound fast through unbelief, this did the virgin Mary set free through faith” (Against Heresies, III: 22). In a remarkable homily delivered on 1 January 2016, Pope Francis stated:

Composed by an unknown author, it has come down to us as a heartfelt prayer spontaneously rising up from the hearts of the faithful: “Hail Mother of mercy, Mother of God, Mother of forgiveness, Mother of hope, Mother of grace and Mother full of holy gladness”. In these few words we find a summary of the faith of generations of men and women who, with their eyes fixed firmly on the icon of the Blessed Virgin, have sought her intercession and consolation. . . .

For us, Mary is an icon of how the Church must offer forgiveness to those who seek it. The Mother of forgiveness teaches the Church that the forgiveness granted on Golgotha knows no limits. Neither the law with its quibbles, nor the wisdom of this world with its distinctions, can hold it back. The Church’s forgiveness must be every bit as broad as that offered by Jesus on the Cross and by Mary at his feet. There is no other way. It is for this purpose that the Holy Spirit made the Apostles the effective ministers of forgiveness, so what was obtained by the death of Jesus may reach all men and women in every age (cf. Jn 20:19-23).

The Marian hymn continues: “Mother of hope and Mother of grace, Mother of holy gladness”. Hope, grace and holy gladness are all sisters: they are the gift of Christ; indeed, they are so many names written on his body. The gift that Mary bestows in offering us Jesus is the forgiveness which renews life, enables us once more to do God’s will and fills us with true happiness. This grace frees the heart to look to the future with the joy born of hope.

The words below in regular black are all Abp. Viganò’s, from his statement, “Mary Immaculate Virgin Mother — Acies Ordinata, Ora pro nobis,” (omitting the initial citation of Isaiah 42:5-24). My interspersed “fisking” comments will be in blue. If ever there was an appropriate time for fisking, this is certainly it.


“Is there in the heart of the Virgin Mary anything other than the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ? We too want to have only one name in our hearts: that of Jesus, like the Most Blessed Virgin.”

The tragic story of this failed pontificate advances with a pressing succession of twists and turns. Not a day passes: from the most exalted throne the Supreme Pontiff proceeds to dismantle the See of Peter, using and abusing its supreme authority, not to confess but to deny; not to confirm but to mislead; not to unite but to divide; not to build but to demolish. [how melodramatic!]

Material heresies, formal heresies, idolatry, superficiality of every kind [that bad, huh?; why not go all out and declare him antichrist? Maybe that will be — for all we know — in the next mad tirade]: the Supreme Pontiff Bergoglio never ceases stubbornly to humiliate the highest authority of the Church, “demythologizing” the papacy — as perhaps his illustrious comrade Karl Rahner would say. His action seeks to violate the Sacred Deposit of Faith and to disfigure the Catholic Face of the Bride of Christ by word and action, through duplicity and lies [it’s refreshing, at least, that Viganò asserts deliberate lying]: something that fellow pope-bashers Marshall and Lawler also do, in the final analysis, but in a very subtle, two-faced way], through those theatrical gestures of his that flaunt spontaneity but are meticulously conceived and planned [premeditated!], and through which he exalts himself in a continuous narcissistic self-celebration [oooh: the “narcissist” charge; how often we apologists often have to be the target of that one; now Viganò wants to play armchair psychiatrist as well as lying, divisive, quasi-schismatic archbishop], while the figure of the Roman Pontiff is humiliated and the Sweet Christ on earth is obscured.

His action makes use of magisterial improvisation, of that off the cuff and fluid magisterium that is as insidious as quicksand [seems to me, this is what antichrist would do. Viganò needs to take his polemics to the next logical level], not only flying at high altitude at the mercy of journalists from all over the world, in those ethereal spaces that can highlight a pathological delirium [more psycho-babble] of illusory omnipotence, but also at the most solemn religious ceremony that ought to incite holy trembling and reverent respect.

On the occasion of the liturgical memorial of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Pope Bergoglio once again gave vent to his evident Marian intolerance [it’s not “evident” at all], recalling that of the Serpent in the account of the Fall, in that Proto-Gospel which prophesizes the radical enmity placed by God between the Woman and the Serpent, and the declared hostility of the latter, who until the consummation of time will seek to undermine the Woman’s heel and to triumph over her and her posterity. The Pontiff’s intolerance is a manifest aggression against the prerogatives and sublime attributes that make the Immaculate Ever-Virgin Mother of God the feminine complement to the mystery of the Incarnate Word, intimately associated with Him in the Economy of Redemption.

After having downgraded her to the “next door neighbor” or a runaway migrant, or a simple lay woman with the defects and crises of any woman marked by sin, or a disciple who obviously has nothing to teach us; after having trivialized and desacralized her, like those feminists who are gaining ground in Germany with their “Mary 2.0” movement which seeks to modernize Our Lady and make her a simulacrum in their image and likeness, Pope Bergoglio has further impugned the August Queen and Immaculate Mother of God, who “became mestiza with humanity… and made God mestizo.” With a couple of jokes, he struck at the heart of the Marian dogma and the Christological dogma connected to it. [absolutely outrageous and groundless accusations]

The Marian dogmas are the seal placed on the Catholic truths of our faith, defined at the Councils of Nicaea, Ephesus and Chalcedon; they are the unbreakable bulwark against Christological heresies and against the furious unleashing of the Gates of Hell. Those who “mestizo” and profane them show that they are on the side of the Enemy. To attack Mary is to venture against Christ himself; to attack the Mother is to rise up against her Son and to rebel against the very mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. [Pope Francis hasn’t “attacked” Mary in the slightest. But for Viganò to savage him is a direct disobeying of St. Paul’s recalling (Acts 23:5) of Old Testament law: “You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people.” (Ex 22:28). Paul adds: “be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for any honest work, . . . speak evil of no one”: Titus 3:1-2; all RSV ] The Immaculate Theotokos, “terrible as an army with banners” (Canticle 6:10) — acies ordinanata — will do battle to save the Church and destroy the Enemy’s unfettered army that has declared war on her, and with him all the demonic pachamamas will definitively return to hell.

Pope Bergoglio no longer seems to contain his impatience with the Immaculate [armchair kooky psychoanalysis . . .], nor can he conceal it under that seeming and ostentatious devotion which is always in the spotlight of the cameras [right. It’s all just a duplicitous, deceitful act. In this way, any good and orthodox thing he says or writes can be immediately dismissed as mere subterfuge. Classic conspiratorial paranoia . . .], while deserts the solemn celebration of the Assumption [this is a lie; he celebrated it in St. Peter’s Square in 2019, and in a stadium in South Korea in 2014] and the recitation of the Rosary with the faithful [he did this on, for example, 5-31-14 and endorsed and recommended the Rosary many many times], who filled the courtyard of St. Damascene and the upper loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica under St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Papa Bergoglio uses the pachamama to rout the Guadalupana. The enthronement of that Amazonian idol, even at the altar of the confession in St. Peter’s Basilica, was nothing less than a declaration of war on the Lady and Patroness of all the Americas, who with her apparition to Juan Diego destroyed the demonic idols and won the indigenous peoples for Christ and the adoration of the “Most True and Only God,” through her maternal mediation. And this is not a legend! [this is complete mythology and nonsense, as I and others have now shown in many articles]

A few weeks after the conclusion of the synodal event, which marked the investiture of pachamama in the heart of Catholicity [it didn’t involve “Pachamama” at all. Viganò merely parrots and regurgitates what is now accepted reactionary mythological “dogma”], we learned that the conciliar disaster of the Novus Ordo Missae is undergoing further modernization [the obligatory reactionary attack on the Pauline Mass, which Pope Benedict expressly declared to be on the same level as the extraordinary form Mass; but reactionaries no longer care what he thinks, or declared, either], including the introduction of “Dew” in the Eucharistic Canon instead of the mention of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity.

This is a further step in the direction of regression towards the naturalization and immanentization of Catholic worship, towards a pantheistic and idolatrous Novissimus Ordo. [pantheism now, huh? Is that on the docket next?] The “Dew,” an entity present in the “theological place” of the Amazonian tropics — as we learned from the synodal fathers — becomes the new immanent principle of fertilization of the Earth, which “transubstantiates” it into a pantheistically connected Whole to which men are assimilated and subjugated, to the glory of Pachamama. [Oh! I see — insert Twilight Zone music here . . . ] And here we are plunged back into the darkness of a new globalist and eco-tribal paganism, with its demons and perversions. From this latest liturgical upheaval, divine Revelation decays from fullness to archaism; from the hypostatic identity of the Holy Spirit we slide towards the symbolic and metaphorical evanescence proper to dew which masonic gnosis has long made its own. [It’s all over. The gates of hell have prevailed against the Catholic Church; precisely what could never happen, for those of us who, by grace and in faith, continue to adhere to the old-fashioned, quaint notion of indefectibility]

But let us return for a moment to the idolatrous statues of rare ugliness, and to Pope Bergoglio’s declaration the day after their removal from the church in Traspontina and their drowning in the Tiber. Once again, the Pope’s words have the scent of a colossal lie [he employs the Alinskyite / leftist tactic of calling others what one is himself; projection . . .]: he made us believe that the statuettes were promptly exhumed from the filthy waters thanks to the intervention of the Carabinieri [Italian police]. One wonders why a crew from Vatican News coordinated by Tornielli, and Spadaro of Civiltà Cattolica, with reporters and cameramen from the court press, did not come to film the prowess of the divers and capture the rescue of the pachamamas [probably because the pope wasn’t interested in cheap media stunts, like the Austrian idiot who staged the dunking for the You Tube cameras. Who’s the “narcissist” now?]. It is also unlikely that such a spectacular feat did not capture the attention of a few passers-by, equipped with a mobile phone to film and then launch the scoop on social media. We are tempted to pose the question to the person who made that statement. Certainly, this time too, he would answer us with his eloquent silence.

For more than six years now we have been poisoned by a false magisterium [really? Isn’t that defectibility? What the hell is it, if not that?], a sort of extreme synthesis of all the conciliar misconceptions [this is the obligatory dig at Vatican II; standard reactionary talking-points, gotten from SSPX and sedevacantist] and post-conciliar errors that have been relentlessly propagated, without most of us noticing. Yes, because the Second Vatican Council opened not only Pandora’s Box but also Overton’s Window [seewhutimean?], and so gradually that we did not realize the upheavals that had been carried out [the frog in the boiling water routine!], the real nature of the reforms and their dramatic consequences, nor did we suspect who was really at the helm of that gigantic subversive operation, which the modernist Cardinal Suenens called “the 1789 of the Catholic Church.” [It’s all over! Let’s all go Orthodox: the folks who think there is no supreme head of the Church, no ecumenical councils, divorce is fine and dandy, and contraception has been promoted from grave sin to “a matter of private choice for each couple”. Sounds just right for fanatics like Abp. Viganò]

Thus, over these last decades, the Mystical Body has been slowly drained of its lifeblood through unstoppable bleeding: the Sacred Deposit of Faith has gradually been squandered, dogmas denatured, worship secularized and gradually profaned, morality sabotaged, the priesthood vilified, the Eucharistic Sacrifice protestantized and transformed into a convivial Banquet… [right . . .]

Now the Church is lifeless, covered with metastases and devastated [exactly what could not possibly happen, with the Holy Spirit guiding and protecting her . . . But when one is in the cloud of madness and self-delusion, it seems like it is a reality, because of a loss of supernatural faith, through disobedience and disbelief. This is the despair that that leads to. Take note, all, and beware!]. The people of God are groping, illiterate and robbed of their Faith, in the darkness of chaos and division [he dares to talk about division with a straight face?! That’s too ironically precious . . .]. In these last decades, the enemies of God have progressively made scorched earth of two thousand years of Tradition. With unprecedented acceleration, thanks to the subversive drive of this pontificate, supported by the powerful Jesuit apparatus [oooh! That’s a conspiracy for sure . . .], a deadly coup de grace [death blow] is being delivered to the Church. [defectibility, folks! You heard it right from the horses’s mouth]

With Pope Bergoglio — as with all modernists [note that he hasn’t proven this extraordinary charge; hasn’t come within a million miles of doing so. Reactionaries always merely assume, or distort and lie, to the extent that they attempt any proof at all] — it is impossible to seek clarity, since the distinctive mark of the modernist heresy is dissimulation [as I noted: this is how they can dismiss anything stated or done by Pope Francis or anyone else whom they hate, that is “orthodox”; it’s just a “fooler”]. Masters of error and experts in the art of deception [seewhutimean?], “they strive to make what is ambiguous [ooh, there is a great reactionary code word] universally accepted, presenting it from its harmless side which will serve as a passport to introduce the toxic side that was initially kept hidden.” (Fr. Matteo Liberatore SJ). And so the lie, obstinately and obsessively repeated, ends up becoming “true” and accepted by the majority. [exactly what is happening among reactionaries, and increasing multiple thousands who are being taken in by their lies and tactics and relentless divisiveness and quasi-schismatic mentality]

Also typically modernist is the tactic of affirming what you want to destroy, using vague and imprecise terms, and promoting error without ever formulating it clearly. [more of the same tired charge] This is exactly what Pope Bergoglio does, with his dissolving amorphism of the Mysteries of the Faith, with his doctrinal approximation through which he “mestizos” and demolishes the most sacred dogmas, as he did with the Marian dogmas of the Ever-Virgin Mother of God. [really? Document, please; note how he gives not even one link-evidence. He merely declares it. Meanwhile, I find Pope Francis referring to “the intercession of the blessed and glorious ever Virgin Mary, most rightly referred to as Theotokos, who shines forth as the ideal Mother of Mercy” (8-15-15)]

The result of this abuse is what we now have before our eyes: a Catholic Church that is no longer Catholic; a container emptied of its authentic content and filled with borrowed goods. [what is it, then? Anglican? Was it not the essence of Anglicanism and Orthodoxy — not to mention Lutherans and Calvinists — to reject both the papacy and ecumenical councils?: i.e., precisely what Abp. Viganò is doing?]

The advent of the Antichrist is inevitable; it is part of the epilogue of the History of Salvation. [I say he ought to declare Pope Francis the anti-christ. It will inject some much-needed humor and fun into this ongoing reactionary farce and debacle] But we know that it is the prerequisite for the universal triumph of Christ and his glorious Bride. Those of us who have not let ourselves be deceived by these enemies of the Church enfeoffed in the ecclesial Body, must unite and together face off against the Evil One, who is long defeated yet still able to harm and cause the eternal perdition of multitudes of souls, but whose head the Blessed Virgin, our Leader, will definitively crush.

Now it is our turn. Without equivocation, without letting ourselves be driven out of this Church whose legitimate children we are and in which we have the sacred right to feel at home, without the hateful horde of Christ’s enemies [and who are those, I wonder?] making us feel marginalized, schismatic and excommunicated.

Now it is our turn! [to go mad, conspiratorial, and to make complete asses and fools of ourselves!] The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary — Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces — [Pope Francis stated on 9-10-17: “May the Most Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for the world’s needs and for every one of her children.” and on 7-24-13: “We have a Mother who always intercedes for the life of her children.” Does he deny the doctrine of Mary’s co-redemption? No, for he made reference to “the role of Our Lady in redemption, a role that so often the so-called ‘modern’ theologies forget” (10-25-19). He also stated: “we are called to establish a true communion with Jesus . . . May the Virgin Mary help us in this. . . . we invoke her as ‘Mary Gate of Heaven’, a gate that traces the form of Jesus precisely: the door to God’s heart, a demanding heart, but one that is open to us all” (8-25-19). Mary distributes grace: “Let us ask the Immaculate for the grace to live this way” (12-8-18). She is the “Mother of grace and mercy” (12-8-17). He said, “let us invoke Mary Auxiliatrix” (6-21-15). This term seems to have been used as a synonym of “Mediatrix” in Lumen Gentium, III, 62] passes through her “little ones,” who are certainly frail and sinners but are absolutely opposed to the members enlisted in the Enemy’s army. “Little ones” consecrated without any limit whatsoever to the Immaculate, in order to be her heel, the most humiliated and despised part, the most hated by hell, but which together with Her will crush the head of the infernal Monster.

Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort asked: “But when will this triumph take place? God knows.” Our task is to be vigilant and pray as St. Catherine of Siena ardently recommended: “Oimè! That I die and cannot die. Sleep no longer in negligence; use what you can in the present time. Comfort yourselves in Christ Jesus, sweet love. Drown yourselves in the Blood of Christ crucified, place yourselves on the cross with Christ crucified, hide yourselves in the wounds of Christ crucified, bathe yourselves in the blood of Christ crucified” (Letter 16).

The Church is shrouded in the darkness of modernism [not a single dogma has been thus modified, yet this is how he describes Holy Mother Church], but the victory belongs to Our Lord and His Bride. We desire to continue to profess the perennial faith of the Church in the face of the roaring evil that besieges her. We desire to keep vigil with her and with Jesus, in this new Gethsemane of the end times; to pray and do penance in reparation for the many offenses caused to them. [he needs to pray for his own outrageous offenses, and pray that God doesn’t hold him accountable for the many thousands that he is leading astray in his lying and devilish counsel of despair]


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Photo credit: depiction of the face of antichrist, Orvieto Cathedral (1501), by Luca Signorelli (c. 1450-1523) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]


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