Lately, I’ve Been Exceedingly Blessed (By Insults)

Lately, I’ve Been Exceedingly Blessed (By Insults) December 31, 2015


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I know; the title sounds silly, doesn’t it, like I’m maybe pulling your leg? But actually it is a direct allusion to a saying of Jesus, from the Sermon on the Mount:

Matthew 5:11-12 (RSV) “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. [12] Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you.” 

I’m rejoicing and am as glad as can be today (applying Jesus’ words), since I have been the recipient of an avalanche of calumny from a radical Catholic reactionary [see my definition of that], as a result of my recent post, Pensées on Radical Catholic Reactionaries. This is what I hear, just about weekly. And it’s been that way for almost 19 years now, since I have had a website and have shared and defended the Catholic faith. It doesn’t bother me, personally. It’s a sort of running joke. But on a slow day, on this New Year’s Eve, with nothing in particular to write about, I thought I would share with you the sort of thing that we apologists regularly hear, and how extremely absurd it is.

As I noted even in my Discussion Policy posted at the top, almost always these sorts of ultra-irrational attacks come from three groups of people: 1) anti-Catholic Protestants or Orthodox, 2) radical Catholic reactionaries, 3) the hostile sort of atheist (or, anti-theist). And so it has been here at Patheos since I arrived in August.  If anyone is interested, I have responded to several of the silly and groundless charges on my Facebook page (providing hard facts that the critiques entirely lack).

I’m not interested in sympathy, pity, compassion, any of that (in putting this up). I don’t need it. This stuff doesn’t bother me in the slightest, in terms of harming me or hurting me. It goes with the territory. It’s a weekly occurrence. It does extremely bother me, however, that self-proclaimed Catholics can write such bald-faced lies about other Catholics. That saddens and disturbs me to no end (whether I happen to be the recipient, or anyone else is falsely accused). Therefore, I ask for your prayers for this man. Please keep him in your prayers! He is obviously suffering and hurting a great deal. This level of hysterical hostility doesn’t come from nowhere.

So, without further ado, here is what has been said about me by one man, in the last two days (praise God for the multitudinous blessings!):

* * * * *

self-appointed lay “apologist”

It seems Patheos picks up all of these sorts. 

[He] claims to be an “apologist,” 

He is typical of this neo-catholicism that is as destructive to the faith as modernism and the heresies that stem from it.

How generous it is of Armstrong to let me and others worship according to our fathers. How kind of this hypocritical neo-cath and his ilk to show such tolerance.

. . . rage of name-calling of Catholics who hold fast to the tradition of the Church.

He is pathetic dot coms latest poster-boy for neo-catholicism.

. . . his blog whose posts display a pseudo-intellectualism. 

bombastic, arrogant, uncharitable attacks on Catholics 

Armstrong has proved himself to be a hypocrite with his latest screed and name-calling rant.
He needs to be called out for his hypocrisy and his lack of charity.
I won’t put a penny in his pocket on Patheos. Even his Facebook links directly to Patheos. It’s all about money with these guys and the more the likes of Shea [whose last day on Patheos is today], and now Armstrong, can keep you going back, the more funds flow into their pockets.
Sorry Dave, you have proved exactly what you are and it is time you were called out. This has been coming for a while. Too bad you can’t take it.

You say that Father John Hardon, “loved your work?” Well, if he were alive today, I doubt very much he would “love” your name-calling and online abuse of your fellow Catholics. It is time you stopped riding on his words that nobody can verify how they came about. You shame his memory.

[Fr. Hardon wrote the Foreword of my first book, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism (the Foreword can be read at the book link). I have the letter, signed by him. That was more than adequate proof for Sophia Institute Press, my publisher.]

The name-calling of Catholics who hold fast to the truth and tradition is appalling. It is satanic. It is typical of these people who think the church only began at Vatican II.
Armstrong puts himself forward as an apologist.
His slanderous name-calling must be called out. 
As for my “bombastic” comments, they are reserved for those who undermine the faith, not the simple “Novus Ordo Catholic” which you will never find on this blog.

You are quite petulant and puerile to say the least and I know of one person who has suffered from your writing by following your pathetic example.

Ask yourself if your name-calling is something that is from the Holy Spirit?

Nota Bene: every click you give Armstrong, Shea and others on puts money in their pockets. If you go to his blog, it links directly to as does his FB, It is a racket, don’t feed them.

[yes, quite a racket. I have so much money coming in, there is no room at my house to store all the gold bars. As I noted publicly weeks ago, I make all of 94 cents an hour most months at Patheos. That is a whopping 11% of the minimum wage here in Michigan ($8.50). Obviously, filthy lucre is the sole reason why I am writing here. In November I had less hits, and because of how the pay-per-hits works here I received 47 cents an hour for that month, or 5.5% of the minimum wage (even though it wasn’t half as many hits). Basically, then, I have to work for nine hours at Patheos to make what two of my sons make at their job in an hour. Money is, thus, clearly all I care about when I write my apologetics. I could go work at Macs and make nine times as much per hour as I do here]
* * * * *

It’s a textbook study of ad hominem and an utter lack of rational, civil commenting. If someone acts like this towards anyone on this web page, it’ll be their last time here.

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