Books by Dave Armstrong: “A Biblical Critique of Calvinism”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “A Biblical Critique of Calvinism” October 23, 2012
Cover (551x833)
[178 pages. Completed on 23 October 2012; published at Lulu on the same day]

  [cover: Calvinist iconoclastic riot in Lyons in 1562]

[cover design by Dave and Judy Armstrong]
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Subtitle:  Replies to Exegetical Arguments in John Calvin’s Institutes, Books I-III


Introduction [read in its entirety]

I. Salvation, Justification, Sanctification, and Predestination

1. Is God the Author of Evil? [read lengthy excerpt on Facebook]
2. Can Only Regenerate Men Perform Truly Good Works?
3. Total Depravity: Are the Non-Elect Continually Evil?
4. Are All Hearts “Desperately Wicked”?
5. Perseverance of the Saints: Biblical Disproofs [partial excerpt on Facebook]
6. Can True Faith Ever be Lost?
7. Can the Hope that is Allied with True Faith be Lost?
8. Does God Unconditionally Predestine the Reprobate?
9. Limited Atonement and Irresistible Grace?

II. Visual Images

1. Non-Idolatrous Physical Images of God in Scripture
2. “Graven Images”: Extreme and Unbiblical Iconoclasm
3. Calvin’s Denial of Images as a Teaching Aid

III. Bible and Tradition: The Rule of Faith 

1. Scripture has Intrinsic Authority, Not from the Church
2. Church Authority and the Canon of Scripture

IV. The Communion of Saints

1. Antipathy to Veneration of Saints and Angels
2. Saints and Angels, Intercession and Invocation of

V. Penance

1. Satisfaction and Penitential Mortification
2. Redemptive Suffering
3. Mortal and Venial Sins
4. Temporal Punishment After Forgiveness [read online]
5. Indulgences and Distribution of Grace [read short excerpt on Facebook]

VI. Purgatory 

1. Calvin’s Derisive Rhetoric and Matthew 12:32
2. Matthew 5:25-26
3. 1 Corinthians 3:11-15
4. Prayer for the Dead

Appendix of Areas of Calvinist-Catholic Agreement

Antinomianism; Cheap Grace
Apostolic Succession
Church: No Salvation Outside of
Confession and Absolution (of a sort) [read excerpt on Facebook]
Faith and Works are Both Necessary in the Christian Life
Faith, The (Meaning, “Orthodox Doctrinal Belief”)

Foreknowledge is Not Predestination
God: Anthropomorphism / Anthropopathism
God, Glory of: Displayed in, or Shared with Angels
God, Glory of: Displayed in, or Shared with Men
God: Immutability of
God: Providence of / Sustainer of the Universe
Grace Alone; Initial Justification
Grace: Greater Degree or Measure of
Grace: Synergy; Free Cooperation with God’s Grace
Justification and Sanctification: Closely Allied
Law of Moses: not Abrogated or Abolished
Mary: “Blessed Virgin”
Materialism, Scientific (Falsity of)
Natural Theology / Teleological Argument for God
Paganism, Incorporation of Truths from
Saints (Dead), Intercession of
Sanctification [read on Facebook]
Suffering; Taking up the Cross
Theosis; Divinization



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