What I LIKE (a Lot!) About Calvinism and Calvinists

What I LIKE (a Lot!) About Calvinism and Calvinists April 29, 2015
Charles Colson (1931-2012): great Presbyterian writer [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]
(June 2009)

I have a rather high view of Calvinism and many Calvinists. I state this in several places on my website. I “hate” certain beliefs or strands of Calvinism (particularly supralapsarianism) — as I hate all error –, but other aspects I highly admire (the scholarly approach, the more historically oriented view, the retention of sacramentalism, the appreciation for Covenant theology, a superior ecclesiology to many evangelicals, a concern for self-consistency, a high view of the majesty and Providence of God, an exceptional and praiseworthy interest in theology and apologetics, the Lordship salvation view, emphasis on cultural and political aspects of Christianity, etc., etc.).

Francis Schaeffer was and is a huge influence on me, as was Charles Colson,  J. I. Packer, Berkouwer and many other Calvinists. I often listen to R. C. Sproul on the radio and receive much benefit from him (I think he is a wonderful teacher). I have two friends now who attend John Piper’s church. I visited a Calvinist pastor and his wife in another state in 1997. I have a very good Baptist Calvinist pastor friend who runs a Christian bookstore and thinks highly of me (I worked for him for a while). I have many cordial debates with Calvinists on my site. I could go on and on.

I can seek to understand something better if I basically disagree with it (at least in the sense that it is not superior to Catholicism). Otherwise I couldn’t have ever converted to Catholicism. I used to think it was much inferior to evangelicalism (though I never hated Catholicism either), but I actually took the time to learn more about it, and I was persuaded.

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