Debates on the Controversial Term, “Anti-Catholic[ism]”

Debates on the Controversial Term, “Anti-Catholic[ism]” May 11, 2016


Anti-Catholic cartoon depicting the Church and the Pope as a malevolent octopus. From Jeremiah J. Crowley,  The Pope: Chief of White Slavers High Priest of Intrigue ([public domain / Wikimedia Commons]


Use of the Term “Anti-Catholic” in Protestant and Secular Scholarly Works of History and Sociology (vs. “Romans 45”) [10-7-02; revised 5-17-03]

Eric Svendsen’s & Other Anti-Catholics’ Inconsistent Use of Anti-Evangelical as a Description of Catholics [6-4-04]

Ironies of Anti-Catholic Reformed / The Loaded Term “Papalism” (Revised) [11-19-04]

On the Objectionable Use of the Terms “Romanist” and “Papist” [11-20-04]

The Strange Saga of James White’s On-Again, Off-Again Use of the Pejorative Terms “Romanism” and “Romanist” [5-19-05]

I Love the Word “Popish”: Steve Hays and Bigoted Anti-Catholic Titles [6-10-05]

James White’s Use of “Anti” Terms & More “Tired” Rhetoric and Anti-Catholic Terminological and Ethical Double Standards [6-15-05]

More Examples of Eric Svendsen’s Hypocritical Double Standards for “Anti” Language [6-27-05]

Does the Term “Anti-Catholic” Have a Proper Theological Application (as Opposed to Social)? (+ Part II) (vs. Frank Turk) [9-22-05]

James White Outdoes All With His “Anti” Language [10-10-05]

Reiterating the Meaning of “Anti-Catholic” With an Anti-Catholic and Getting Nowhere, As Usual (vs. Peter Pike) [9-21-06]

James White: Anti-Intellectual? (Double Standards in “Anti” Language Yet Again!) [7-12-07]

James White’s Continued Idiotic Opposition to Catholic Use of the Term Anti-Catholic [8-3-07]

Anti-Catholic “Turretinfan” Joins His Cronies in Exhibiting “Anti” Language Hypocrisy and Double Standards [9-23-07]

Our Friend “Carrie” and the Difference Between a “Protestant” and an “Anti-Catholic (Protestant)” [5-7-08]

Steve Hays and His Band of Merry Mockers Join the “Anti-Catholic” / “Anti-Calvinist” Terminological Hypocrisy Bandwagon [5-13-08]

Scholarly Use of the Term “Anti-Catholicism” in Precisely the Way I Habitually Use It (the Theological Sense) [7-8-08]

The Legitimacy of the Term “Anti-Catholic” as a Noun as Well as an Adjective [8-4-08]

Dialogue on the Definition of “Anti-Catholicism” and Knowing Jesus Personally (with Reformed Protestant “Pilgrimsarbour”) [7-10-09]

Defense of Scott and Kimberly Hahn’s Use of “Anti-Catholic” in Their Testimony Book, Rome Sweet Home [7-10-09]

The Term Anti-Catholic is Widely Used by Scholars of Many Types — Including Non-Catholics (Will Anti-Catholics Ever Comprehend This?) [1-14-10]

Anti-Catholic vs Anti-Catholicism: Is There an Essential Difference? Turretinfan’s and Steve Hays’ Double Standards and Equivocation [9-13-10]

James White Lies About His Supposed Non-Use of “Anti-” Terminology, and in so Doing Commits Blatant Hypocrisy, Exhibits Serious Log-in-the-Eye Disease [9-15-10]

Dialogue with Baptist Ken Temple About the Equivalence (in Intended Purpose) of the Terms “Anti-Catholic” and “Anti-Calvinist” [9-2-11]


Meta Description: Those who deny that Catholics are Christians always (oddly) detest being described as “anti-Catholics.” Includes scholarly support.

Meta Keywords: Anti-Catholic, Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Catholics, antichrist, Catholic Church, Catholicism, damned, idolaters, pagans, papists, Pelagians, reprobate, Roman Catholic Church, Romanism, totally depraved, unregenerate, unsaved, whore of babylon, Romanists, anti-evangelical, anti-Calvinist, anti-Protestant

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