Debates with Anti-Catholic Polemicist Eric Svendsen

Debates with Anti-Catholic Polemicist Eric Svendsen May 11, 2016

[Up until 2010, when he suddenly departed the Internet, Svendsen was a leading online anti-Catholic polemicist]


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These are old Blogspot papers of exchanges with Eric Svendsen: drawn from Internet Archive. Be sure to allow a minute or two for them to load, and select versions from July 2015 or earlier.


Dialogue on the Alleged “Perspicuous Apostolic Message” as a Proof of the Quasi-Protestantism of the Early Church [May-June 1996]

Debate on the Nature of “Church” and Catholicism [May-June 1996]

Dialogue: Are Dissident “Catholics” a Disproof of the Church’s Claims of Doctrinal Unity? (vs. Dr. Eric Svendsen, James White, Andrew Webb, and Phillip Johnson) [May-June 1996]

Dialogue on the Logic of Catholic Infallible Authority [6-4-96]

Dialogue on “Tradition” in the New Testament [1996]

Dialogue with Protestants on Various Aspects of Development of Doctrine (Particularly Concerning the Canon of Scripture) [vs. Jason Engwer & Eric Svendsen] [3-19-02]

It’s Greek to Me: An Illuminating Encounter With Eric Svendsen [October 2003]

Dr. Eric Svendsen Sez Catholics Raise Mary to the Level of the Holy Trinity [4-2-04]

Luke 1:28 (“Full of Grace”) and the Immaculate Conception: Linguistic and Exegetical Considerations [2004]

What is it With Anti-Catholics & Written Debate? (The Sad Case of Eric Svendsen as a Typical Example) [10-4-04]

James White’s, Eric Svendsen’s, and Jason Engwer’s Glowing Tributes to Pope St. John Paul II [4-5-05]

Eric Svendsen Sez Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and Dr. James Dobson Betray the Gospel and R Lousy Evangelicals, in Distinct Danger of Damnation [4-28-05]

Anti-Catholic Luminary Eric Svendsen: Is His Active Online Presence Kaput? A Fond Remembrance of His Antics and Follies [4-25-10]


Meta Description: Collection of papers in debate with (or critiquing) leading online anti-Catholic polemicist Eric Svendsen (dated 1996-2010).

Meta Keywords: Eric Svendsen, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Catholics, antichrist, Catholic Church, Catholicism, damned, idolaters, pagans, papists, Pelagians, reprobate, Roman Catholic Church, Romanism, Romanists, totally depraved, unregenerate, unsaved, whore of babylon

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