Alt-Logic, Alt-Retraction, Alt-Reality, & Alt-Repentance

Alt-Logic, Alt-Retraction, Alt-Reality, & Alt-Repentance October 24, 2021

Scott Eric Alt, (1-8-15, on his blog): “Worthless hacks? Frank Beckwith? Dave Armstrong? Seriously? This strikes me as the kind of comment that can only be made by someone who is deeply ignorant of Catholic apologetics. Dave Armstrong does not need me to defend him. Edward Feser does not need me to defend him. Nor do the many apologists whose work is its own defense. I speak of Bryan Cross, Joe Heschmeyer, David Waltz, Jason Stellman, Karl Keating, Patrick Madrid, Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Scott Hahn, Brant Pitre, Marcus Grodi, Peter Kreeft, “Catholic Nick,” Andrew Preslar, . . . You may not agree with everything they say or the way they say it; you don’t have to. But hacks? Worthless? I’m sorry, but that’s an inexcusably dumb and ignorant thing to say. . . . Anyone who makes such comments has no credibility . . . ” [my bolding]

James 5:12 (RSV) . . . let your yes be yes and your no be no . . .

Alas, now we have the ridiculous crowning irony of Alt quietly removing his atrocious, scathing, charity-free blog hit-piece (dated 10-6-21 [thanks for choosing the date of my anniversary!] ) against me in the dead of night, minus any retraction or apology. This, after he sanctimoniously lectured me for my supposed besetting sin of having the most immensely difficult time of agonizingly bringing myself to ever confess to being wrong about anything.

I proved that this was not the case, with many examples of my public retractions and apologies, drawn from 3850+ online articles. For example, with regard to my critique of the deconversion story of former Catholic (and singer) Audrey Assad: I had made a serious factual mistake in it, fessed up, and (very publicly) retracted [with complete removal] and apologized: the very thing Alt claims I rarely if ever do.

Audrey was very gracious and appreciative in accepting my apology, with class and dignity. Not so, the sanctimonious, [left-leaning], holier-than-thou Catholics like Alt, Mark Shea, and Mary Pezzulo: on whose pages the slander and gossip about myself blithely continued on for days and even weeks afterward (including making common cause with anti-theist atheists who had an ax to grind against me), as if I hadn’t retracted and apologized or, assuming that this was an insincere apology on my part.

This is, of course, in vast contrast to what is stated even about God Himself in Holy Scripture, that when He forgives us: “as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us” (Ps 103:12, RSV). But this is sadly too often not the ethics of the leftish Catholics, when they see an opportunity to trash a fellow Catholic whom they do not regard as “one of them.” It’s leftish politics over the faith, and over the commands of love and forgiveness and Christian unity.

Compounding his ever-increasing absurdities, yesterday, Alt classified all Trump voters or latter-day Trump devotees as literally “fascists”: towards whom the rudimentary requirements of politeness and civility do not apply. He wrote:

Trumpism is fascism. That person x who advocates may not know that it is fascism doesn’t change anything. Their ignorance does not make Trumpism decent and doesn’t justify polite discussion.

And this came after his thunderous, noncomprehending, accept-no-clarification disapproval of my harmless satirical nickname for himself: “Alt-Left”. He got so furious on Shea’s Facebook page that he called me a “liar” and “piece of [manure]” after refusing to accept my own report of how I intended my satire. No doubt those classic specimens of Christian interaction have now mysteriously disappeared, too. The double standards and hypocrisy seem to never end.

And now at length we have the spectacle of Alt removing his hit-piece against me, without the slightest hint of apology or retraction! That’s simultaneously journalistic cowardice and cynical hypocrisy. If he genuinely had second-thoughts about his attack-piece (which has happened to all of us at one time or another), then he would have “Christianly” retracted and apologized, in a prominent place on his blog: just as I did after screwing up in analyzing Audrey Assad’s deconversion.

This is standard ethics (that even the non-believing “world” understands). Instead, he simply removed it, trying to pull a fast one and hoping no one would notice the outrageous and ridiculous things he wrote in it (making an utter fool of himself): as if they had never happened. Very Orwellian, isn’t it?


Photo credit: geralt (5-22-18) [Pixabay / Pixabay License]


Summary: Scott Eric Alt attempted to “pull a fast one” by cynically, sneakily removing his hit-piece against me without retraction and apology. This “Alt-Retraction” won’t do.

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