Jef from The Bachelorette: I’m Not a Practicing Mormon

Jef from The Bachelorette: I’m Not a Practicing Mormon June 26, 2012

So, we’ve speculated about Jef Holm’s faith a bit on this blog, so you might be interested in this interview he gave recently to Reality TV World during a conference call with reporters.

You keep saying how private and conservative your family is, and I guess from reading up on you a little bit, you’re supposedly half Mormon.  Can you talk about that a little bit?

Jef Holm: Yes, I’m not half Mormon.  I was raised Mormon and my family is still Mormon.  My parents are serving in a Mormon mission as Mission presidents in South Carolina, and I was raised with the standards of Mormonism in the church.

I’m just not practicing right now.  I’m still, you know, really — I mean, faith is something that’s a huge priority on my list and in my life, and I’m really active, you know, in church and everything.  I’m just not active Mormon.

You can read the entire interview here.  I think it’s interesting that he said he was “really active in church,” but was not an active Mormon.  I don’t pretend to understand what that means, but I thought I’d pass it along to my friends on Team Jef!

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