Sam Harris Slams Joe Rogan Over Ivermectin

Sam Harris Slams Joe Rogan Over Ivermectin September 4, 2021

Sam Harris telling his audience that Joe Rogan is being irresponsible regarding ivermectin.

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan is hitting hard times. Spotify terminated his 100 million dollar contract due to his public endorsement of the livestock dewormer ivermectin to treat COVID. And now longtime friend and ally Sam Harris is publicly calling him out for “leading his followers down dangerous paths during a pandemic.”

Sam Harris hosts the podcast Waking Up. He’s a renowned neuroscientist, skeptic and atheist who has authored books like Letter to a Christian Nation, The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Humanity, and Lying. He’s been a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast on several occasions.

Recently, Harris posted an episode of his podcast debunking the drug ivermectin as a treatment for COVID. His guest was Eric Topol, Professor of Molecular Medicine. The two men systematically attacked the so-called research behind ivermectin as well as the effectiveness of the vaccine against variants.

After news of Rogan contracting COVID and telling his fans that he took ivermectin, an agitated Harris penned a statement sharply criticizing him:

What I don’t understand is how can anyone who is as intelligent as Joe Rogan can fall under the sway of what amounts to snake oil salesmen. It’s as if a grifter from the 1850’s time travelled to his door and told him the wonders of a health pill that works wonders, and without any due diligence Joe not only bought cases of the stuff but then told his fans to do the same. And if I have to make it any more obvious, then the snake is Bret Weinstein and the oil is ivermectin.

We are in a pandemic where people’s lives are at stake. Joe’s current and past statements about COVID puts me in the unenviable position to say I can no longer call him my friend. I can’t say I’m praying for the day he becomes a responsible citizen of the world. What I can say I hope he wakes up.

Andrew Canard is a close friend of Harris and Rogan. He believes the two will mend fences over time. “I don’t argue about the ivermectin or the vaccine with friends or family,” he said. “I guess that makes me a coward. In a way, I respect the tough choice Sam made.”

In related news, FOX News crosses a line.

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