God Commands Us to be Racist?

God Commands Us to be Racist? April 25, 2018
Here’s a nice goat in the sky that makes as much sense as Ayla Stewart and does not martrybate about how hard his life is on display near Charlottesville, Va. He knows where his meals come from.

Remember around the time of the Charlottesville, Virginia rally the appearance on our radar of Evangelical Mormon Quiverfull racist Ayla Stewart from the blog Wife With A Purpose? She was scheduled to speak as part of the White Identity movement? We’ve not checked in on her lately. But it seems she’s busy scooting away from the Alt-Right crowd and whining that people are calling her out on her racism and putting her family at risk even as she seems to still say that God commands us to be racists. She’s been burbling on about ‘White Genocide’ too.

Here’s the thing with her martrybation over the fact that Ayla thinks Buzz Feed editor Ben Smith put her family at risk when he called her a white supremacist in the media. If you are blogging, videoing, Youtubing, spamming the internet with your racist views combined with your real name, your photos and your children’s real name and location then you yourself are the ones who have put your family at risk. Not a Buzzfeed editor!

You cannot martrybate over your own foolishness! *coughcoughcough – attentionyouknowwhat – coughcoughcough*

But it is Ayla’s list of her version of what she thinks God says about racism that is the most offensive thing here:

You know what else the Bible has to say about different strangers in your land? Treat them well, feed them, help them. But I’m guessing Ayla skipped that part.

Does this sound like someone who is not a racist, like Ayla claims? Nope.


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What Are Your Thoughts?leave a comment
  • Saraquill

    By Ayla’s non-logic, she has no business living in North America, in other people’s homelands.

  • otrame

    My very thought. She needs to go back to Europe.

    Of course most people whose ancestors have been been in this country more than three or four generations probably have African blood (that is “recent” African blood, since technically, we are all African American), not to mention indigenous American blood. Maybe we can make it if you have 25% Native American blood, you get to stay here. That would mean most Hispanics as well as those who are culturally Native American would stay here.

  • Mel

    Ayla apparently doesn’t realize the personal danger to herself of claiming that Christians don’t have to treat people as neighbors who don’t share a nation and culture. Ayla and I may live in the same nation but we sure as hell don’t share the same culture. Did she mean to declare open season on herself?

  • Mel

    The Bible has a long history of both verses that support terrible misdeeds and verses that have genuine disagreement on meaning between different groups of believers.

    With that caveat, Ayla’s verses that she attached to her racist list of ideas don’t support the ideas at all. Not even close.

    The verse she pulled from Ezekiel is a prophetic nightmare about the fall of Israel to the Babylonians – and it’s not subtle about that. The one from Genesis is the standard first line declaring that the oral history is about to list the genealogy from Adam to today. Ephesians is the verse about husbands loving their wives as they love their own body.Matthew is about the Greatest Commandment – the whole labeling of who neighbors really are is added randomly by Ayla. And the use of that Proverb as if it was a positive command from God rather than a proverb makes her seem especially uneducated.

  • Tawreos

    “You know what else the Bible has to say about different strangers in your land? Treat them well, feed them, help them.”

    Well sure, if you want to cherry pick parts of the bible and read them in context and not mangle them to fit your worldview. What’s the fun in that? =)

  • Brian Curtis

    Racism has always been acceptable to devout Christians; what’s NOT acceptable is pointing it out.

  • The Jack of Sandwich

    Her personal definition of what is a neighbor is contradicted by the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke. Even those Samaritans that you hate are your neighbors.

  • Hannah

    (UK/European heavy comments.) I’m British, with Italian, Finnish, Greek, German and Dutch relatives. Goodness only knows whether I’m descended from Celts, Romans, Anglo Saxons or Normans. I also have a Romany Gypsy ancestor who lived in Spain.

    Don’t want to, although the UK isn’t part of the Schengen area, (something the EU has let us get away with so far. Can’t see that lasting after Brexit.)

    See first point above, also moved halfway across the UK to get away from my family (which helped improve our relationship dramatically.)

    Hahaha, nope. Not having kids, unless I adopt. But I suppose that’s not good enough for some people. (I’m getting weird blood purist vibes here, Lord Voldemort would be proud.)

    Considering most sex offenders in UK prisons are white British I’d say we’re pretty good at that all by ourselves.

    I just call bullshit on the last three points, Jesus commanded the rich man to sell all he had and give the money to the poor. She also seems to completely miss the point of vast swathes of The Book of Mormon about rich people being utter cockwombles to poor people and inevitably getting their comuppace. Something she should know about, being a Mormon and all. *rolls eyes*

    And as a side note, certain aspects of Mormon culture are dreadful and need to be eradicated. Many times I thank the heavens I grew up in a liberal agnostic family and that I live in the UK, where most Mormons are pretty ‘normal’.

  • Saraquill

    A strong no to the 25% Native ethnicity or other forms of blood quantum. Such things are an extremely sore point in our communities. It leads to backbiting, denial of social services and funds as well as paper genocide.

  • Saraquill

    Which devout Christians are you talking about? Branches like the Quakers devote themselves to social justice, and preachers like Rebecca Protten were multicultural as well as international in scope.

  • Brian Curtis

    Evangelicals, fundamentalists, Pentecostals, Catholics… i.e., about 70% of America. But you’re right: that 0.02% of Quakers is really making an impact.

  • Saraquill

    I don’t appreciate the sarcasm.

  • Raging Bee

    Even if we take her list of quotes as THE definitive word on what the Bible says about race-relations (which it isn’t, not by a long shot), those quotes together still don’t support any kind of unequal or discriminatory policy by one race towards another. (They MIGHT support the old Stalinist policy of giving all ethnic groups and subgroups within one’s empire separate “semi-autonomous” “homelands” of their own, if you squint at them right and ignore all the, um, logistical problems of forced-mass-migration.)

    This little bitch can’t even cherry-pick right!

  • Brian Curtis

    And I don’t appreciate Christian bigotry. Now what?

  • Maura Hart

    following that logic, don’t we all have to go back to europe? and then back to africa or the fertile crescent? ain’t none of these hating zombie jeebus followers native americans. or native europeans either. our ancesters all came from elsewhere.

  • Maura Hart

    the bible. so racist, so sexist. jehoobahhhh is always directing the israelites go kill any other ites. and rape is a method of betrothal. and loyalty did not exist amongst even the apooostles. that way peter and paul could take over afterr the death of zombie jeebus!

  • Finding Home

    If you believe the Bible is literally true, I don’t think you can make the argument that God created races. Everyone lived together and spoke the same language until the Tower of Babel incident. I know there are weird beliefs about Noah’s sons, but…
    1.) Even if Noah’s sons were the fathers of three distinct races, they were all brothers and the sons of Noah and his wife.
    2.) Everyone lived together and spoke the same language until the Tower of Babel. There’s no implication they were grouping together by color or marrying by color. So any racial attributes must have happened after everyone began migrating outward.

  • otrame

    I wasn’t talking about reality. I was making fun of a white woman living in the US talking about ethnic groups having a right to their “homeland”. The suggestion was that if that was the case she could go to her homeland, and good riddance.

    As far as I am concerned, if you grew up in a Native American community, you are Native American, no matter what your ancestry is. But of course who the hell cares what I think about the issue? One of my great, great grandfathers was Comanche. I find that interesting but unimportant. I do not consider myself Comanche.

  • Raging Bee

    They may be “multicultural as well as international,” but they’re not exactly relevant in any country’s actual policymaking. So you’ll just have to forgive me for having never heard of her or anyone else in that lot.

  • SAO

    I concluded long ago that most people use religion to support their belief system, which is a product of their culture, rather than using religion to derive their values.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    There are NO natives. There are people who have been here first or longer, but everyone is from somewhere else.

  • bekabot

    We are commanded to love our neighbor, which does not mean the whole world at once, but our literal neighbor whom we share our nation and culture with.

    Sure. That’s why Jesus refused to heal the Roman centurion’s daughter. Oh, wait.

    The rich rules over the poor.

    “The rich rules over the poor; the borrower is a slave to the lender.” IOW, boys and girls, don’t get into a situation where you owe significant money. It’s not like King Solomon (or whomever) is saying that being ruled over by the rich is a good thing. (This must have been before the monetization of debt.)

    So easy it ain’t even fun…

  • AFo

    Surprise, surprise- she’s twisting the meaning of those verses to mean whatever she wants them to so she can justify being a terrible person. The fundies need a new playbook.

  • gimpi1

    My thoughts exactly. I’d pay to get my hands on a sample of Ms. Stewart’s DNA. A little spit, a quick run to “23 and Me” and, well, I’m betting that whole ‘keeping to your own people” concept will just fly away…

    Racism has always been stupid. Today, with our increased knowledge of both the great similarities between all modern humans and the complexity of everyone’s lineage, it’s stupid squared.

  • persephone

    Everyone born here is native.

    The people who arrived first are indigenous.

    My American Indian aunt and cousins prefer to be called Indians because of this.

    If you want to get specific on homelands: Europeans arose from a mix of African ancestry and Neanderthal. Many Asians are a mix of African ancestry and Denisovan. Indigenous Americans originally came over from Asia, although it’s also possible that there is some Ainu ancestry; not enough samples to trace that far back.

    You can plant a flag and proclaim something your homeland, but it doesn’t make it so. There were nations already established in North America for millennia. The Spaniards wiped out 98%-99% of Southern Indians, including the Mound Builders and Cahokia, so we have little knowledge of them. The planned genocide of American Indians existed, and still exists. This is their homeland, not we European-descended mutts.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    She also is claiming that CNN is losing viewers and is about to be ‘Deplatformmed’ (whatever that is) for bullying her by showing her hateful views. She does not understand that media companies exposing humans with vile nasty cockroach-like ideas to viewers is not the same as ‘bullying’.

  • Mel

    You left out the adjective “white” when describing Christians to whom racism is “always” acceptable. It’s rather important since your current statement implies that African-American and Hispanic Christians were totes ok with racism – and that’s not supported by the history of the Civil Rights activities in the US. And I suspect you’ve heard of MLK Jr, Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton….I can make the list longer if needed, but a strong nucleus of Civil Rights activists were trained ministers in Evangelical or Pentecostal churches. Cesar Chavez was pretty solidly Catholic as are a great majority of Hispanic civil rights activists.

    You might have heard of the issues that happened in Central and South America when various Christian leaders decided to support the rights of local people to choose their own governments. The US disagreed and a whole lot of people died. The 30% of Americans who are not Christians may have objected to that – but they couldn’t or didn’t organize any effort to stop the carnage while several Christian churches did.

    It’s a ton of fun to pat yourself on the back by denigrating other groups. It’s a lot more work to organize those 30% of non-Christians who are always completely non-racists to do something to change the status quo. I wish you the best of luck in getting that done.

  • Saraquill

    See Mel’s comment for the reason behind my rebuttal. Furthermore, not having heard of a person doesn’t they weren’t influential. Was Rebecca involved in policy making? No, she was busy creating grassroots change.

  • Saraquill

    “Our ancestors all came from elsewhere” and similar reasoning is used to erase indigenous people, and by extension reasons to not treat us like crap.

  • texassa

    Typical religious idiot. No logic, no reasoning, no independent thought. Just a list of verses from a book that she can tie into her opinions that she no doubt heard from someone else anyway.

  • texassa

    Maybe she should be Mormon. Don’t they think some nonsense about white people being called to their promised land of North America, where Jesus came after his resurrection? Or some noise like that.

  • texassa


  • texassa

    Very well put.

  • Mary Hannah bates

    There are NO natives as in Native American with the concept that is generally held. This is not the homeland of anyone. There are only people who have been here longer. Thats it. Nobody has more claim to the land than others.

  • persephone

    The people who arrive first and establish themselves are the ones who have a right to the land.

    If you’re going to play that game, huge tracts of all the continents would be up for grabs, because people didn’t magically appear all at once in all parts of the world.