Priests for Life’s Fr. Stephen Imbarrato joins Fr. Pavone in Criticizing Bishops. (Update: Fr. Imbarrato feels ‘attacked’.)

Priests for Life’s Fr. Stephen Imbarrato joins Fr. Pavone in Criticizing Bishops. (Update: Fr. Imbarrato feels ‘attacked’.) November 14, 2016

Update: 14 November 2016 at 10:05: Fr. Pavone: ‘I don’t have the baby, don’t know when baby will be buried’ Click here for more.

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Via Father Imbarrato's Facebook Page.
Father Frank Pavone and Father Stephen Imbarrato. Via Father Imbarrato’s Facebook Page. Reporting.

Priests for Life’s Fr. Stephen Imbarrato joins Fr. Pavone in criticizing bishops and those who have disagreed with Father Pavone’s actions, rejects condemnation of Father Pavone’s exploitation of a child’s bodily remains, offending of human dignity, and desecration of an altar.

Update – 14 November 2016 at 10:30 pacific time: Father Imbarrato felt that he was being ‘attacked’ in this article where we discuss his dismissal of Catholic Bishops and their guidance, and his refusal to criticize his colleague’s, Father Pavone, exploitation of a child’s remains in desecrating an altar for Trump. Additionally, Fr. Imbarrato likened criticism and concern related to Fr. Pavone’s exploitation and desecration to Our Lord’s crucifixion. Around 08:00 pacific time on 14 November 2016 he wrote on Facebook:

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 10.13.49 AM
(The update to this post ends here, the rest of the original article follows.)

What kind of organization is Father Pavone operating? According to his Bishop, not a Catholic one.

Father Stephen Imbarrato, Father Frank Pavone’s colleague at Priests for Life, made it clear that the U.S. Bishop’s document on voting Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship is not to be trusted, saying “that with few exceptions, any priest or bishop selectively quoting, paraphrasing, or generally referencing Faithful Citizenship has that heretical view of mortal sin that we have been sensing from many’s reaction to the Synod…”.

Now, this is the link to Father Stephen Imbarrato’s Facebook profile – I cannot see it when I’m logged into Facebook, most likely because Father Imbarrato blocked me. (How sad.)

Here’s a screenshot, however:

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 10.48.32 PM

Father Stephen Imbarrato is a priest associate at Priests for Life; where Father Pavone has faculties (currently) with his Diocese of Amarillo, Texas, while working for the organization, Father Imbarrato currently has (it seems) priestly faculties in his home Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 11.05.10 PM
People of God, June/July 2015, Published on Jun 10, 2015, The official newspaper for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Screen shot from page 6.

After causing an uproar with his exploitation of a child’s bodily remains, offending human dignity, and desecrating an altar on a Facebook video as a sacrifice made for the sake of pushing voters to support Donald Trump, Father Pavone dismissed critics within and outside of the Church – one of those critics was his very own bishop. Indeed, Father Pavone went so far as to say he was not concerned about what action his diocese may take in response to Father’s sacrifice of a child’s bodily remains for Trump. (You can follow our complete coverage on Father Frank Pavone’s exploitation and desecration here.) Several writers on Patheos Catholic have criticized Father Pavone’s actions. In total, Father Pavone uploaded three videos – two with the exploitation of the child’s bodily remains, and one apology video, all three have, since our reporting, been removed. Of course, we learned of suggestions that Father Pavone (Priests for Life) has been storing the remains of children in formaldehyde for years, possibly decades, potentially denying burial, and has used them for political stunts such as these.

NPLM stands for “The New Pro-Life Movement”.

And what does Priests for Life say or do? They’ve been unimpressive when it comes to responding to our questions on these matters and continue to champion Father Pavone’s Trump Crusade. While many have come out against Father Pavone’s actions, we have here Father Imbarrato, instead of encouraging the righting of wrongs, rebuking the guidance of the U.S. Bishops and dismissing the work of those trying to cast light onto this shady situation.

From November 12, 2016.
From November 12, 2016. (NB: I don’t know if Father Imbarrato reads’s “Proper Nomenclature” here on Patheos, but we have not been shy about not supporting either Trump or Clinton this pageant season.)

Without further clarification, it simply seems that some of the main leaders of Priests for Life – USA (not Priests for Life – Canada, a separate organization which has already condemned Father Pavone’s recent action) are leaders who have little public respect for the guidance of the US Bishops, are quick to dismiss or condemn as embracing heretical views those Bishops “generally referencing” their approved voting document, and are unwilling to dialogue with those who disagree – or so it seems, since we’ve not heard back from PFL, Fr. Pavone, and never been in touch with Fr. Imbarrato, all who seem to read what we write and know we’re looking for more information on these ridiculous actions by Priests in the Catholic Church.

Non-Catholic media has had a blast in reporting Father Pavone’s exploitation of a child’s bodily remains, offending of human dignity, and desecration of an altar – including some in non-Catholic Patheos channels (here and here).

While Fathers Pavone and Imbarrato’s preferred candidate’s election has brought even more division to the divided states of America, it is a shame to find further diabolical confusion, disunity, and irreverence in the words and actions of Priests belonging to this Church which ought to be a pillar of truth, unity, universality, and love.

Until next time,

Keith Michael Estrada


I look forward to being able to focus on other areas for my writing. Please, Father Pavone and Father Imbarrato, “Usted[es] tiene[n] que arreglar sus asuntos con la Iglesia”! I know your posse looks at our posts and have at least received our e-mails: answer our questions! Please pray for these and all following or hurt by their actions, and for a mercy that restores in the decisions to be made by their superiors. Also, the US Bishops’ document on faithful citizenship is very decent, I recommend it, of course, over the guides offered by Priests for Life.

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