August 9, 2019

I have refrained from commenting on the mass killings so far because I am trying, like most of us, to make some sense of it all. I do know this…the superficial causes and solutions will get us nowhere. This is not just a case of “If those boys had had a good momma and daddy and gone to a fine Christian school they wouldn’t have done this.” The problem is much, much deeper and goes to the very heart of... Read more

August 6, 2019

The Washington Post reports here that the Twinbrook Baptist Church in Rockville, Maryland is closing its doors, selling their property and giving $1m to worthy causes. The liberal congregation belongs to the Alliance of Baptists–a confederation of progressive Baptist churches. The folks at Twinbrook Baptist noted their congregation was graying not growing. In fact it was shrinking fast, so they faced the reality of their situation and decided to sell up. Interestingly, they have sold the property to a Hispanic... Read more

August 1, 2019

Over at Imaginative Conservative an article of mine surfaced from my pilgrimage to Italy in 2015 to venerate the Shroud of Turin. In the article I outline some of the well known discoveries and some of the more recent, and go on to speculate about how the Shroud of Turin is the evidence that so many atheist demand. How so? Firstly, the forensic and scientific evidence related to the shroud needs to be analyzed. I’m speaking about the weave of... Read more

July 31, 2019

Joseph Pearce has a great article on the erosion of Truth, Beauty and Goodness over at Imaginative Conservative. He winds up with a beautiful quote from Pope Benedict XVI The only really effective apologia for Christianity comes down to two arguments, namely the saints the Church has produced and the art which has grown in her womb. Better witness is borne to the Lord by the splendor of holiness and art which have arisen in the community of believers than... Read more

July 31, 2019

There are many studies that show how religion and spirituality are good for you. Religious people live longer, have better marriages, are more productive, have less stress, cope better and so forth. But is Catholicism top of the list? Are there benefits that Catholicism brings that other religions do not? Yes, I know I’m biased. I’m not only a Catholic, but a Catholic priest. But I think there are objective aspects of Catholicism that are pretty impressive. My blog post... Read more

July 17, 2019

A book that came out in Italian last year has now been translated into English. Antonio Socci is a journalist specializing in Vatican affairs. He’s written a book in three parts. The first examines the details of Benedict XVI’s historic resignation. He speculates about international conspiracies and a plan to oust Benedict for Francis. The second part analyzes the present situation. Is Benedict still pope? The answer is ambiguous but interesting. The third part of the book digs into the... Read more

June 16, 2019

This item pumps a new show on the History Channel about UFOs It’s much the same old story: unidentified flying objects zoom are spotted zooming about in the sky at incomprehensible speeds and performing stunts that are impossible according to known technology and physics. Co incidentally I have been listening to an episode on a podcast during my walk about UFOs, and what interests me about all the discussions is that almost universally, the discussions focus on materialistic answers. They... Read more

June 14, 2019

David Daleiden is a courageous pro life campaigner. For three years he ran an undercover operation to expose Planned Parenthood’s sickening business of selling body parts from aborted babies to research labs. He set up the Center for Medical Progress as a front to infiltrate the Planned Parenthood abortion regime. Posing as a potential buyer, he met with Planned Parenthood executives and dickered with them about prices for livers, hearts, brains and other body parts from aborted babies. He recorded... Read more

May 16, 2019

I’m a pro life priest. We have a strong and active pro life ministry in our parish. Every year we take a bus and March for Life. We pray at the abortion clinic. We support Birthright–our local support group for women in crisis pregnancies. We encourage and support families who foster and adopt. I’m happy about the Alabama vote, and the pray the legislation going through in my own state of South Carolina, in Georgia, Ohio and elsewhere will lead... Read more

May 8, 2019

John Allen Jr. is one of the most experienced, objective and knowledgable journalists on the Vatican scene today. For decades he has been covering the Catholic Church news worldwide and is an invaluable source for news, reflection and comment. Ten years ago John published an important book The Future Church in which he charted ten trends that would change the Catholic Church in the 21st century. We’re now ten years into his future and I’m producing a podcast that discusses his book... Read more

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