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First off, I’m not often described as one of the “decent people.” So, let me welcome you once more to the world Beyond the Pale; it’s been waiting for you. This blog will be our space to explore what it means to be a millenial and a Catholic, carving out a space for ourselves in the tradition and beauty of this ancient Church. It is a space far beyond typical “decent” Catholicism, and strange to usual secularism.

I’ve found that Christ, the Trinity, our God, exist beyond the pale of this incredible, and incredibly limited, created universe. Our Church seems to often have forgotten that fact, in its two-millenia history. But we millennials are known for breaking through those walls and finding the strange, dangerous truths that exist beyond their limits. And that’s the space we here at The Shoeless Banshee will be wandering.



Writers and Artists of The Shoeless Banshee:


Marie Kopp is our foundress. She graduated in May with her bachelor’s degree in English writing and now wanders (a bit lost, usually) around Spain teaching English at a truly lovely Catholic school. She hopes to pursue Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) so that she can continue working with immigrants and refugees as she did two summers ago in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Women Watch the Witch While Kavenaugh is Confirmed


Jennifer Riley is our new co-leader. She’s an emotional writer, engulfing people in her tidal wave of life experiences and interpretations (which she formerly chronicled at “Into the Mysterious Dark”). She’s a bad Catholic, a good sinner, and a pernicious writer who tries to find who she is to herself and to God through her words. We are beyond thrilled to have her as an official member of the editing/writing team.


Elizabeth Beiter is a terrifying Jedi Dragon Warrior Princess. She draws and paints when she isn’t pillaging towns, like this illustration she did of the Banshee:

Confession Line Angst


The Existentialist Chameleon loves puns and songs that soothe her existential angst. She also loves to annoy Marie with them. If you figure out who she is, she needs a hug. So far her contributions include:

A {Recovering} Chronic Chameleon


Elizabeth Kelleher is a rambler and a nature lover.  She currently lives in the deep south, teaches in a Catholic high school, and attempts to find God.

“If you want me, come find me.”

Deconstructing ancient myths: coming forward as a victim is neither fun nor lucrative

(Not) receiving as protest


Maiasson is a fellow writer and old friend of Marie’s. You can find her contributions here:

Spite. And a cat. (Why millennials are leaving the Church—and why we aren’t: Part 2)

Sanctity of Life: Am I my brother’s keeper?

Coming to God like little children

Grace: Consent Required


The Book Dragon doesn’t wanna do the work today and is seriously considering reading science fiction in her lair instead. Except in the unlikely event that the sun comes out, in which case she might go roam a deserted countryside.

I like to think that Jesus was an introvert


Theresa Williams is a graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville where she obtained her BA in Theology, Catechetics/Youth Ministry, and English Writing. Her writing has been featured at Ignitum Today and the National Catholic Register, and she currently contributes weekly at EpicPew. She lives with her husband and two children in Colorado. You can find her on Facebook or on Twitter @TheresaZoe. She has written two lovely pieces for The Shoeless Banshee thus far:

Letting Passion Speak

Musing Musically: Theresa Williams reflects on “August and Everything After”


Joe Dantona is a ’16 Franciscan alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He now lives with his wife and daughter in northeast Ohio.

Alum Joe Dantona on the FUS Title XI Controversy


Brian Donohue is an alumnus of Franciscan University of Steubenville (2012, B.A., summa cum laude, Philosophy and Theology; 2013, M.A., Philosophy), a Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy at the University at Buffalo (SUNY), and an engineer in the field of knowledge representation and artificial intelligence. He lives in Kenmore, NY, with his wife and two children.

Do liberalized views of sexuality cause sexual assault?


Maria Mochow writes for The Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition, a project by Dinah’s voice. She has a BA in English Language and Literature and resides in Virginia.

The Burden of “Traditional Femininity”


Laura Pittenger is a NYC-based writer and director. Her work has been seen at FringeNYC, GI60, Spark and Echo Arts, Project Y and Athena Theater. She has been published by Smith & Kraus and YouthPLAYS. www.laurapittenger.com.

Hey good men. Listen up.


Alexander Pyles holds an MA in Philosophy from Franciscan University and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. When not actively parenting, he writes, reads, watches, and breathes science fiction. He resides in Illinois with his wife and daughter.

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