Those of us who are South Asian certainly know about the matchmaker auntie or "Rishta Auntie" as is known in some circles. Netflix's recent show "Indian Matchmaking" gave us a glimpse into this world and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Vyasar Ganesan who was one of the main characters from the series. Vyasar is a college counselor and writer based out of Austin, Texas who engages the help of master matchmaker Sima Taparia from Mumbai to find him a spouse. I chop it up with Vyasar about relationships, various angles on matchmaking, some insights on the show, and the stigma of being a 6 foot 7 inch brown guy. You can check out Vyasar's work at and follow him on Twitter at @NotVyasarG "Indian Matchmaking" is currently airing on Netflix and you can view the trailer at Please continue to support Sultans and Sneakers by following me on my various social media channels, leaving a 5 star review and letting your friends know about the show. I have a website now as well and you can access that at: You can also follow the show on our respective social media: IG: Facebook: Twitter: @SultansNSnkrs TikTok: @sultans_and_sneakers YouTube: Mahin's personal social media links: IG: Twitter: @MahinDaPodcastr