This episode discusses the overall shift of the Sultans and Sneakers podcast platform as I attempt to have more conversations around what author and professor Cal Newport refers to as the "Deep Life". In summary, it's defined as "living a life that has radical alignment with your core values". Getting into that, it's also a life that is very intentional and avoids distractions. Naveed Husain is my guest for this podcast; he is a managing partner at Farooqi and Husain LLC, where he specializes in family law, estate planning and business litigation. He has a YouTube channel that covers marriage and divorce issues for Muslims. My conversation with Naveed enters around different angles where Muslim guys can think about implementing the "Deep Life" for themselves. We discuss Qu'ran memorization, becoming a better reader, social media use, study of the Islamic sciences, tasawwuf (Islamic spirituality) and several other topics. To support the channel please consider becoming a Patron at