Parvez Ahmed is the co-founder and co-host of "DIffused Congruence: The American Muslim Experience" which is to my knowledge the longest running active Muslim podcast. On this show, we discussed ideas around podcasting like the methodology employed to platform guests. This topic was relevant and timely due to the other podcast that I co-host, "The Mad Mamluks" hosting Nouman Ali Khan who was accused of some illicit behavior a few years ago. I also asked Parvez his thoughts on the group that exists in the Muslim community known as the "Akh Right". If you are enjoying the content, please consider becoming a patron at Every dollar helps! In addition to Patreon, please continue to support Sultans and Sneakers by following me on my various social media channels, leaving a 5 star review and letting your friends know about the show. I have a website now as well and you can access that at: You can also follow the show on our respective social media: IG: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: @sultans_and_sneakers YouTube: My personal social media links: IG: Twitter: