Shaykh Ismail Alqadi is a Qari (professional reciter of the Qu'ran) from Amman, Jordan. He learned the various sciences related to the recitation of the Qu'ran from several teachers and has an ijazah and sanad in the ten different narrations of the Qu'ran. He also has a degree in Islamic studies majoring in Fiqh and Usul. In this podcast, Shaykh Ismail introduces the topic of maqamat, which refers to a system of melodic modes used to recite the Qu'ran. He walks us through examples of maqamat and the context that best suits their usage. We also discuss how he developed his own style and his foray into the singing of nasheeds (Islamic songs). For more information on maqamat, Shaykh Ibrahim Bakeer is a great resource. He gives a great overview in this interview with Nouman Ali Khan which can be found at: Resources for "Sultans and Sneakers" Patreon: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: