Ahmed Khan is the host of "The Creative Minority" podcast, which seeks to engage with contemporary intellectual issues ranging from but not included to politics, philosophy, theology, sociology, metaphysics, ethics, history, medicine and others. I recently learned about Ahmed's channel after speaking to Dr. Mohamed Ghilan and he recommended I check it out. What appealed to me is that Ahmed is getting beyond surface level conversations and getting deep with his guests, most of who not all have Ph.D's in their specialty. He does a great job of bringing in subject matter experts. This podcast was recorded primarily for his channel and we agreed to post to both of our platforms as a collaboration. Resources related to Sultans and Sneakers: Patreon: https://patreon.com/sultansandsneakers YouTube: www.youtube.com/sultansandsneakers Instagram: https://instagram.com/sultansandsneakers Twitter: https://twitter.com/SultansNSnkrs Facebook: https://facebook.com/sultansandsneakers